How Rolling Shutters Save Money and Add Security

Roll down shutters can save you money; plus give you added security for your home or business. Because when these types of shutters are rolled down, they stay in place so that no one can see into your home or business which is a deterrent to crime. Also, during bad weather, since the shutters are strong and roll down; this prevents damage to windows which can keep you and your family safe from harm.

security-shuttersAdditionally, roll down shutters can also be used on entry doors, sliding doors, patio doors and skylights. They can be installed on screened in porches, pool houses and even storefronts for extra protection and security too. Too, a person looking to enter a home for a home invasion will be likely to pass your home by because of the difficulty of entering. Burglars want easy access as a common element to their thinking.

In addition, rolling shutters can save you money by giving you extra insulation against both cold and heat. So in the winter months the shutters help to reduce heat loss which in turn reduces energy consumption. In the summer, they block out the heat and glare and keep the inside cool. The shutters work because there is dead air space between the glass of the window and the shutter which adds to the insulation factor. So this will help both with heat loss and heat gain, thus cutting your heating and cooling bill up to 63%. This means by saving money on your heating and cooling bill, it will pay for the shutters over time with the money you’re saving.

Plus, if you need to sleep in the daytime because of your work schedule, the shutters will block out sunlight so that you can sleep peacefully in a darkened room. Small vents can be installed to allow a small amount of light and air in if you prefer this too. Also, the rolling shutters help to decrease distracting outside noise such as shouting kids and noise from traffic. As an additional bonus, rolling shutters also help to protect the interior of your home from UV damage, heat damage and other damage caused by sunlight.
So rolling shutters are a great investment for both security and saving money.

In-law Suite’s and Adding a Small Kitchen

inlaw-kitchenWhen considering a multi-general household, there are some important factors to consider. One of the easiest way to make changes is to add an in-law suite on to the house you’re already living in. You can have a professional contractor to help you plan to make a separate living area that will easily accommodate one or two people. When considering the plans for the in-law suite, you may want to consider a separate bathroom, bedroom, a living area and a separate entrance. Where the problem may lie though is if you install a separate full kitchen.

Because in some states, if you install a full kitchen, it may cause a zoning problem issue. Some zoning codes consider an addition with a full kitchen as a rental. If your neighborhood isn’t zoned for rentals and just for single family residence, this could pose a major problem. However, there are ways to get around that particular problem and still be able to have your parent or parents cook.

The idea is to actually install a kitchenette if your area is zoned residential. A kitchenette is everything but a cook top-oven. It would include having a dishwasher, refrigerator, a sink and a microwave. You can have table and chairs and countertops and cabinets for storage. The kitchenette would be very functional except for items needing baked in an oven. For that, you can always have your parent or parents use your oven and then, their microwave for reheating the food item when necessary.

Another option is not to include a kitchenette but to have your parent or parents use your kitchen when needed. However, the convenience of this suffers on both sides. You may want to cook when your parents do or they may want to use the kitchen when you’re using it. Plus, it isn’t convenient for late night snacks or for entertaining if they have guests.

You can make an in-law suite work for both you and your parents, all it takes is some construction and decisions.

An In-law Suite with a Separate Entrance

separate-entranceOne of the things you should think about when installing an in-law suite is in having a separate entrance installed if possible. When talking with your professional contractor, get his or her opinion on where the best place to install a separate door would be. Now your in-laws may be in your part of the house often, but it’s important that they have their own privacy too. So it may be good to have a door to close off their section of the house as well as a separate door for their comings and goings.

Adding an in-law suite, if it’s done correctly then, won’t mean a loss of privacy. If you have enough room, you can have a separate bedroom, sitting room/living room area, private bathroom and a kitchen or kitchenette area added. Also by adding a separate entrance, your in-laws won’t feel as if they are invading your privacy every time they have to go in and out of the front door. So by having a separate door to the outside, it can give them independence and freedom.

Another thought too is to have a separate door that can be closed by your in-laws to separate their section of the house from yours. This gives your in-laws, as well as you, privacy so each family can go about their own lives independently and follow their own schedule. It’s important also that your in-laws have a way to shut off the rest of the house if possible; especially if you have children and the grandparents need a break from the noise and confusion.

In addition, with a separate entrance, your in-laws will have more freedom to entertain guests without interfering with your schedule or interrupting whatever you have going on. Plus; with a separate entrance, both on inside and the outside, the grandkids will have a place to visit their grandparents and be able to do so with all the joyful shouting being away from you. Then you have quiet time as you can see, this privacy works both ways.
Installing private entrances can give privacy to both parties involved and make for a better relationship.

Rolling Shutters for Security

Protecting your home from a home invasion is a number one priority on your list. Windows can be one way that a burglar can gain access to your home. However; if you install rolling security shutters, you’ve cut off an access for a home invasion. Now rollaway shutters can protect a large window, your porch and openings to your patio as well as sliding glass doors. Rolling security shutters can even protect your home while you’re away so that you can leave and enjoy yourself with better peace of mind.

Why rolling shutters

rolling-shutterRolling shutters don’t have bolts to remove, screws to strip or locks to pick so access is better denied. The shutters can also be opened and closed from the inside of your home with installed opening devices. As another plus, these shutters act as noise filters by minimizing the outside noises of sirens, barking dogs and loud traffic. They create a barrier for a peaceful home environment from the noisy world outside.

Another added bonus is added energy savings. The shutter creates a dead air space that is between your glass window or door and the shutter. This will help to insulate your home from the heat of the day and the coolness of the night. These shutters can make for then a significant reduction on your heating and cooling bill, which over time, will pay for your shutters in savings.

Weather protection

Another added asset of the rolling security shutters is the protection they offer from violent weather. With the weather being so unpredictable and storms appearing out of nowhere, these shutter will give you a wall of protection against the elements. Blizzards, hail, high wind; whatever nature throws at your home, the rolling shutters will add security and safety. Intense rain which can beat against your windows, seep through window seals and cause interior damage, but with the rolling shutters, these can seal out rain, snow and hail and give you maximum protection against nature’s threats.

Rollaway security shutters have many uses from protecting against security breaches, to weathering bad weather to decreasing your utility bill. That’s why rollaway shutters are a very good choice.

Organizing Your Home Office

When you have a home office, trying to find a place for everything can be frustrating. Sometimes though you need to go beyond putting stuff in drawers and file cabinets and go vertical instead. Also, by going vertical you can find the space you need so that your office is more efficient and practical. So, listed below are some ideas to make your office a more manageable space:

home-office• Cabinets: You can have custom made cabinets designed to fit your office and your needs. Also when you have a cabinet custom designed, you can tell the designer where you want the shelves, how many drawers you need and how large you want everything to be. This is a very practical vertical way to get exactly what you want.

• Custom design: Another option is to have your office custom designed from the desk down to the trash can. Everything will be built to your specifications then and will suit both your space and the needs of your work.

• Wall shelves: By going vertical you can fill up a wall with functional shelving. Just make sure that whatever shelving you select will be able to handle to weight of what you’re going to put on it though.

• Custom drawers, shelving and compartments for storage: You can have custom drawers, shelving and compartments designed for your needs. You can also go vertical as you like and use wall space which would otherwise go to waste.

• Cord management system: This is a system to manage your cords so that they aren’t in a jumbled pile in the corner and a trip hazard. You can buy custom-cut grommets which will keep your cords tangled free and accessible for this.

• Wall mounted storage: This can be wall mounted file sorters or even magazine racks to keep papers from covering up your desk. Making more room to work isn’t just vertical; it’s also more efficient.

• Furniture with height: Using tall furniture such as bookcases or cabinets can make unused wall spaces into functional areas. If the bookcases have adjustable shelves, they will be even more handy and accessible too.

It isn’t difficult to organize your home office in an eye pleasing way if you smartly make use of every available nook and cranny.

How to Design an In-law Suite

Your mother is getting older, and you want her to come and live with you. She prefers her own space; however, even though she is having difficulty keeping up with her household cleaning, reaching cabinets and keeping up with the maintenance of her home now. So the answer may be to add a mother-in-law suite, also called a secondary suite to your home so that she will move in with you. So what is required to add a mother-in-law suite to your home?

  1. You will need to check the building codes in your area. Some building codes may limit what you can add to your home. You can usually add a bedroom, bath and a sitting area; but if you add a kitchen, then it’s considered a rental. To get around this, you can add a wet bar with custom cabinets and a small refrigerator. Also, adding a microwave for heating leftovers is a good idea.
  2. If you have a septic tank, you should check your permit. Most septic tanks will only allow for three bathrooms. You may have to increase your system though if you have more bathrooms than that after an addition.
  3. Look around your property for the best location to add on. You may be able to convert a garage or porch which is already there here. If not, look for an area of space on the first floor next to a room which is used rarely such as that holiday dining room. By combining this room with a built on room then, you can make a suite which will work nicely.
  4. You may want to have separate power lines for the addition. One reason is that if it isn’t used in the future, you can shut the suite down when it doesn’t have an occupant. The other reason is that the person living there may want to pay for his or her own utility usage.
  5. When building the suite, keep who is going to live in it in mind. So if the person is in a wheelchair, will the hallway need to be wider to accommodate it? What about the shower? Should non-slip floors and easy access showers be installed? What about guardrails? Also, keep in mind how much privacy your occupant may want.

Being able to take care of the parent who used to take care of you can be a blessing.

Best Lighting for In Ground Pools

Lighting in an in ground pool will allow you pleasurable swimming both in the daytime and at night. Lighting your swimming pool will not only give you ambiance, but will help with safety concerns when the little ones are in the pool too because pool lights will let you have better visibility throughout your entire pool. So, what kind of pool lights are best for an in ground pool? Read on.

led-pool-lightLEDS: This abbreviation stands for Light Emitting Diodes. Now these lights don’t have any filaments so they don’t put out any heat. The other nice thing about these lights is that LEDS can change colors. This allows you to have light shows to awe your friends and family. Too, LED bulbs life spans are 30,000 hours. This is compared to the 5,000 hours for incandescent and 6,000 for fiber optic lights.

FIBER OPTICS: Fiber optics were used heavily in the early 2000’s. However; with the LED explosion, they are being used less and less. With this type, the light bulb of a fiber optic pool light is found in a dry box located on top of the pool patio. The light then travels through the cable to the portal where the light comes out into the pool. This is done because the fiber optic cables have special fittings in the pool wall that allows for this. The problem with these lights is that they are the least bright of all the available lighting and expensive. However; because the box is on dry land it is easy to have a large variety of colors. Also, you can have light emitting optic cables in the pool walls here where the entire cable glows which gives you a large variety too in that you can have lights along the pool walls or on the pool floor in solid lines or in shapes and in different colors.

INCANDESCENTS: These lights work by current passing through the filament. Then the filament glows which produces the light in the incandescent bulb. Now with this type of light, if you want a different color of bulb, you have to place a colored lens over the pool light inside the pool. Also since the lights have filaments they are hot.

There you have some choices for pool lights just in time for the swimming season.