The Expense of Owning a Swimming Pool

Once your swimming pool is installed you may think that the expensive part is over, right? Well, now you have the maintenance and upkeep so the costs are not over. Also, if you want pool accessories such as a diving board, lighting for the pool or maybe an added pool slide later; it all adds up. So what is the average pool maintenance cost? It will depend on the quality of your pool, how large it is and what type it is.

What is the maintenance cost of a standard pool?

swimmingYou will need to keep the pH balance of the water by using chemicals. By using sodium hypochlorite is will raise the pH; and granular acid will lower it. The pH needs to be tested at least once a week to keep it at 7 which is what the pH of water is. You may also have to add additional chemicals if you see algae growing; if it has been extremely hot or there has been a storm.

You will also need to add additional chemical to keep the water clean. Chlorine is often used, and it comes in a powder, liquid and tablet form. So an average cost for chemicals for a standard pool will cost around $180 a year depending on how large your pool is and how long it is open.

If your liner becomes ripped from kids, pets or rough housing; sometimes it can’t be repaired. A new liner will cost about $700 with the labor costing the most. The liner itself is only about $200, but most people can’t replace it themselves so the labor is needed.

Pool covers are another item that really should be in your budget to help prevent evaporation. A low-end pool cover will cost about $140, but if you want to have a higher-end one installed professionally, it may cost around $1300.

What extra costs are there with an in ground pool?

Besides the cost of chemicals to keep your pool clear, pH level correct and algae free, you may need to resurface a fiberglass pool. If your pool is gouged, chipped of cracked, not only does it look terrible but children won’t be safe using it. The cost for resurfacing can average between $650 and $750.

To close, in order to keep your maintenance costs down, monitoring the day to day behavior of family and guests in your pool can affect the costs positively. Everything does experience wear and tear, but keeping your pool maintained and also not damaged by carelessness is one of the best ways to keep ahead of them.

Custody Rights Under Family Law

One of the main issues during a divorce is usually who the children will live with under the divorce decree. If an agreement can’t be worked out, then it’s left to the courts to decide what is in the child or children’s best interest as far which parent has custodial rights.

custody-battleThe types of custodial rights
There are several different types of custodial rights which can be awarded through the courts.

  • Physical and legal custody: The parent who is awarded both of these has the sole right to make decisions which deal with the wellbeing of the child or children. That parent is also the person who the child or children will live with the majority of the time. If the legal custodial participation is shared between the two parents; however, the non-custodial parent too has the legal right to makes decisions about what affects the child or children’s welfare.
  • Joint custody: In this arrangement, the child or children spend the same amount of time with both parents. This is worked out by the child going back and forth from one household to the other. The parents have to be in total cooperation dealing with the child’s or children’s best interests in order for this method to be successful though.
  • Split custody: This option is less favored by the courts because it splits up the children where one or more children live with one parent and then the remaining child or children live with the other parent.
  • Unmarried parents: Most states will award sole custodial rights of the child or children, if the parents are unmarried, to the mother. The father can sue for custodial rights, but if the mother is a good parent, it’s rare that he wins this type of suit.

What factors do the courts consider when making the custodial decisions?

The courts take many factors into consideration when making this decision. The child’s best interest is always put first. Plus one of the other main factors here is who is the child or children’s primary caretaker. Also if the child is of an age to make his or her wishes known, the court will take that into consideration.

Although some parents can settle custodial issues without an attorney, to make sure your rights as a parent are handled properly, hiring a family law attorney is really the best choice.

Why Window Security is Important

Preventing break-ins is on every home-owners mind. Home invasions are frightening for everyone involved. Some home invasions involve robberies which can lead to significant property loss. Other times, home invasions can lead to violence if someone is in the house. There are many factors involved in home security but one of the most important is window security.

midwest-homeWhy is window security so important? Many home invasions take place through windows. Windows provide easy, quick access for thieves. They can pry the window off through its frame or simply break the window if no one is nearby. People often think about securing their doors properly but they often forget about the importance of window security.

In some neighborhoods, you’ll notice bars on the windows to prevent break-ins. While these bars provide security, they are unattractive and can have a detrimental effect on your property value. They give the impression that your neighborhood is unsafe. There are other ways to protect your windows without make them unattractive.

Rolling security shutters are a great way to protect your windows. They are attractive and very difficult for home invaders to breach. How do the shutters work? The shutters are attached to boxes that are placed on the exterior of your home. The boxes are attractive and attractive. The shutters allow light into your home so you don’t have to worry about a drab and dark interior.

The shutters are available in a range of colors that will complement the exterior of your home. You can also choose from several different operating systems such as manual controls, strap cranks, pole cranks and manual push up and down. Electrical systems are also available. These are the easiest operating system because they allow you to simply flick a switch or push a button to open or close the shades.

When the shutters are pulled down and locked into place, they make it virtually impossible for someone to compromise your windows. The shutters also offer advantages in addition to security. They protect your home against weather damage. They also reduce outside noise and protect the interior of your home from extreme heat or cold temperatures. The shutters can also prevent sun fading on carpets and furniture.

Divorce: Under Family Law Who Gets What?

divorceWhen two people divorce, dividing up the community property can become a very touchy issue. Everything that’s owned together in the marriage is considered community property. This includes any money that’s earned by either of them from the beginning date of the marriage regardless of whose account it is in. Also, it can include any property jointly owned that was bought with “community” money such as the home.

Too, the debts incurred together throughout the marriage until the separation date are community debts. This means that each spouse is liable for these kinds of debts such as the home mortgage, joint car loans and joint credit cards; for example. In this line then, it’s very important to close bank accounts to avoid cash issues; any joint accounts and joint credit cards as soon as filing for divorce has been decided upon. Also, just removing the names from the joint accounts doesn’t relieve a spouse from liability either.

However, property which is separately owned is another issue entirely. Anything which is owned separately by a spouse belongs to the spouse whose name it’s in. This would cover any property or belongings which were owned before the marriage. Also, if there was an inheritance or a gift received during the marriage, it belongs to the person it was presented to. Keep in mind too; any monies earned after the date of separation belong to the spouse who earned it.

Sometimes community property can get mixed in with separate property though, and a family law attorney is needed to straighten out the legalities. As an example, a car’s down payment may be made with community money, but the car is owned by only one spouse. Too, if a debt was acquired before the marriage by one spouse, then that debt belongs to that person in the divorce.

Now when there’s no intention on either party’s side to stay together as a husband and wife, then that date is the date of “separation.” This is important because it’s that date that’s used to determine the end of the community property. Proof of moving out of the home or another form of proof may be asked by the court to affirm the final breakup of the marriage though.

In the end, to make sure that assets are divided fairly, it’s always best to have an attorney to help with the legal issues.

How to Build the Deluxe Man Cave

If you’ve always fantasized about having the ultimate man cave, you should seriously consider building it. A deluxe man cave is a great investment because it will bring you hours of enjoyment. Your friends and family will also enjoy it. Think about how fun it will be during the Super Bowl, March Madness and other sports events. You can also watch movies and listen to music. A man cave is also a great place to host parties if you build it with entertainment in mind.

mancave-barWhat are the essential items for the ultimate man cave? Much of this will have to do with your personal preferences. One element is often an entertainment center. Typically, it includes a large screen television, outstanding sound system with speakers and storage. Another popular part of a deluxe man cave is a bar that is suitable for guests to sit around when drinks and food are served. The bar can easily be the focal point of the design. The bar may include a variety of features such as a sink, storage for glasses, a toaster oven and a wine cooler. Other amenities may include a refrigerator, a built-in wine opener, an ice maker, pull-out drawers that store mixers and liqueur and countertop spaces that are convenient for mixing and pouring.

Many of the features of the ultimate man cave include cabinetry like the entertainment center and the bar area. If you are investing in the man cave of your dreams, custom cabinetry is a good choice for helping you find what you’re looking for. When it comes to your bar area, you can work with a designer to help you customize your bar in a way that works for you. For example, the designer will help you select wood that works with your décor but is also functional. You don’t want countertops that will stain or warp over time.

Your designer will also help you figure out what types of cabinetry you want for storage in your bar and how the bar should be designed for your needs. You will also receive assistance in configuring cabinetry around your entertainment center for storage. You can create the man cave of your dreams by working with the right custom cabinet designer.

How to Avoid Paying Bogus Invoices

When you are operating a business, cost control is essential. It’s important to keep a detailed record of all the costs going in and out. Usually, payments are tied to invoices. You send customers invoices and your contractors and suppliers send you invoices. Sometimes, these invoices are part of previously negotiated business law contacts.

Some business relationships are better than others. If you work with an unethical contractor or supplier, they may break the terms of the contract or simply start billing you for costs that you didn’t incur. It’s important to have an accountant or other dedicated employee that keeps track of expenses and invoices so that bogus invoices can be quickly detected. It’s common for bogus invoices to go undetected when a company doesn’t have a strict system in place to keep tract of accounts payable and accounts receivable. Simply implementing this system will save you a great deal of money.

If you find one, keep in mind, it may be a mistake. Try contacting the company to see if they unintentionally sent you the invoice. If so, the problem is easy to correct. However, if the company insists the charges must be paid, you may have entered a business law contract dispute situation.

If the company takes legal action to insist that you pay the bogus charges, you may need to consult with a business law attorney, especially if the charges are large. You may end up in a contract dispute which could lead to court action. Hopefully, though, if you have a good attorney, you can settle the matter quickly.

There are cases of actual fraud when unscrupulous companies send bogus invoices to companies. The invoices look real but they are actually for goods and services that you’ve never ordered. In other cases, they are real invoices but false charges have been added. Why are these scams popular? They are popular because many companies don’t check invoices closely enough. They assume that all invoices are real and pay them without further investigation. This is another reason that it’s important to have a dedicated accounts person at your business. This is the best way to prevent this type of fraud.

Custom Bar for Your Man Cave

Are you thinking about building a man cave? Do you want a place that you can relax and play movies and music you enjoy? Would you like a place to invite your friends over to enjoy sports games and other events without people in the other part of the house?

One of the key parts of a great man cave is a bar. It’s a great place to store glassware, bottles of liquor and beer. Many people like to have a wet bar so that they can mix drinks and clean up after gatherings easily. A refrigerator is also a great addition. That way, you can chill beer and other beverages.

The best way to get the bar you want for your man cave is to create the bar you want from scratch. There are some pre-fabricated bars, but they may not meet your needs for your man cave. Compromise means you have to give up features like refrigerators, storage space, sinks or bar space.

Consider working with a custom cabinet maker to create the man cave bar that you really want. A custom cabinet designer can help you decide on the features you want to include and provide suggestions on features that will help you enjoy your bar more. You may want to configure the bar to include seating for several people for parties. The designer can help you decide on the bar height and bar stools for optimal seating.

The wood you choose for your cabinetry and surfaces in your man cave bar will have a significant impact on the style of the room. It’s also important that the surfaces are appropriate for handling liquid and clean up easily. You don’t want wood that buckles or stains easily.

Another important feature of your man cave bar is storage. You can discuss your ideal storage needs with your designer. The designer may recommend storage in a number of configurations. You will probably have cabinetry under the bar. Your designer may also recommend cabinets on the wall above and around the bar so that you have plenty of storage space, depending on your needs.

The Difference between an Arbitrator and a Judge

If you are involved in a lawsuit or contract dispute, you’ll find that things may function differently in some situations. Business law works in other ways when you have agreed to arbitration versus court litigation. You may run into both in the course of your career. It’s important to understand the difference.

in-courtBusiness law disputes can be addressed in a court of law overseen by a judge. The rules of evidence apply and the courts appoint the judge. The opposing parties have no control of the choice of judge. It’s a formal process and involves business law attorneys. Judges evaluate the evidence and make a final ruling on the evidence.

Taking a case to court can be a long and expensive process. Arbitration cases are scheduled quickly. There is typically a long wait for a court case to be scheduled. There are many costs involved including attorney fees and court fees. However, the decision can be appealed which is not the case in arbitration cases. Arbitration is an informal proceeding similar to a conventional trial, but much similar. A person called an arbitrator takes the evidence in question and makes a decision for both parties involved.

There are some basics to arbitration that differentiate it from a court case. Many people confuse mediation with arbitration but they are different. Arbitration, like court cases, involves a third party Arbitrators are not necessarily business law lawyers. The parties involved make agreements about the finality of the arbitration when they agree to arbitrate. Mandatory court-annexed arbitration for smaller civil cases as part of courthouse litigation procedural rules allow for appeal.

Judges are paid by taxes. Business law arbitrators are paid by the involved parties and are typically paid an hourly rate. If you and another party are working with an arbitrator, be sure to ask about costs up front. The length of arbitration varies depending on the complexity of the case. Simple business law cases can take less than a day while others may last for weeks; however, they are generally much shorter than the time involved in filing a court complaint to a final ruling.

Man Cave on a Budget

Many men dream about building a man cave for parties, entertainment or for a place to escape and relax. You might be thinking about building a man cave but are worried that you can’t afford the expenses involved. You don’t need to abandon your dream of having a man cave. The truth is that you can build this kind of space on a budget.

The entertainment portion of your man cave can easily be built over time. Your first priority will probably be a large television set and comfortable seating. Large screen television sets that are perfect for the room are frequently on sale, especially around the holiday season. You may even be able to purchase a floor model at a significant discount at big box store.

budget-mancaveAnother essential for a man cave is comfortable seating. This may include recliners and couches. There are many ways you can find the essentials at reduced prices. Furniture stores often have major sales around holidays such as President’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Check their clearance items for man cave furniture. Another option to consider is second-hand furniture stores. They offer clean and low-priced furniture that may work for you.

You can purchase other items for your man cave other time as you can afford them. You can set aside a budget for items like poker table, pool table, speakers, music equipment, a custom bar, bar stools, rugs and wall decorations. You don’t have to buy everything all at once. You can buy the essentials first and then add items a few at a time.

You should consider custom cabinetry for your man cave. You will be surprised at how affordable this kind of cabinetry can be. It is much higher in quality than the prefabricated cabinets you may be tempted to buy. Custom cabinetry is a sound investment because it will last over the years whereas prefabricated products typically only last a few years. You can speak with a custom cabinetry designer about your budget and the designer will let you know what can be accomplished within this budget. This may include entertainment center cabinetry, storage cabinets and bar storage.


Hard Surface Options that Work Great Around Pools

Do you have a deck around your swimming pool or are you thinking about building one? Many people have a deck around their swimming pools. Decks are a great way to expand the usable space in your yard because you can use them to hold furniture, chairs, outdoor bars and other furnishings. They expand the usable space in your yard. Outdoor decks are vulnerable to a variety of issues due to their exposure to the elements. Over time, the deck can become less attractive due to weather and use. Decks are very vulnerable to some soils that degrade the deck over time. It can look shabby and make the area around your swimming pool look sloppy. When your deck gets less attractive, you’ll be much less likely to use it or your pool. To preserve your investment, you should treat your deck regularly with a quality to protect the wood and preserve its attractiveness over time.

private-spaThe good news is that there are a wide variety of deck cleaners on the market. Some are very high quality and provide you with advantages that you won’t find in cheaper products. First of all, look for a product that is simple and easy to use. There are some cleaners that allow you to simply mix the hard surface cleaner with water and apply it to the deck. After a specified amount of time, you can simply hose the deck and cleaner off. If they deck is heavily soiled, you may need to repeat the application. You can also add additional cleaner to the water and cleaning mixture for heavier cleaning.

Do you have a garden or grass around your deck? How about pets in your yard? You need to be careful because if you buy a toxic or non-biodegradable product, you can damage the animals, plants, flowers and grass around your swimming pool and deck. Your best bet is to find a cleaner that is completely safe for the environment. This means the cleaner is still tough but it is biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and safe for the areas surrounding your swimming pool and deck. Once you’ve treated your deck, you’ll find that you get more out of your pool. You’ll be proud of the appearance of your deck and will invite more people over and take advantage of the summer months.