Where to Put the Towels

IMG_2738The age old problem in a bathroom seems to be where to put the extra towels. You could hang some on the towel on the back of the door or on the towel racks, but what about the remaining ones. Too, since towels do seem to take up a lot of space, you don’t want all you storage area going to the towels either. Well, below are some ideas on what to do for your towel overflow:

  • You can have a custom cubby made for your bathroom. If you have two made, you can run a towel bar from the end of one cubby to the other. With all these cubicles for storage, you’ll have more than enough room for all your bath towels, face cloths and hand towels then. Plus; when the towels are rolled up nicely and placed in a cubby, this can add color and a sense of warmth to your bathroom.
  • If you have space on your bathroom vanity or the back of your commode, in an attractive bathroom these places can be the perfect place to corral your bath towels.
  • Another option is having a towel storage space built in next to the bathtub. If it’s placed along the side, then the bather can easily access to clean towels.
  • If you have radiators in your bathroom, install a marble ledge above it and place your towels on there. You will not only have space for your towels; they’ll be warmed up and waiting to be used.
  • Another solution is to have a shelves made for towel rolls like a wine rack. The shelves are hung on the wall, and the rolled towels inserted in the slots.

There are ways to make room for your towels; sometimes the answer is a unique one.

Ideas for Storage in a Small Bathroom

bathroom-displayA small bathroom has its own space issues for storage areas and in dealing with bathroom cabinets. So, finding a place to put your extra towels, makeup and personal items can be frustrating; not to mention almost impossible. But there are ways to add to the storage space in your tiny bathroom.

  • You can add a shelf above your sink for things you use every day or decoration.
  • Above your toilet is the perfect place for a cabinet and even some shelves. But if the space is still too small for those items, baskets can be used for storing toiletries or even extra towels.
  • Speaking of towels, if you don’t have the room on your walls for a towel rack, using the back of your bathroom door is an option. You can then hang items on the back of the door with an over the door towel rack or by using pegs, whichever will work for you.
  • What about mounting a shelf above your door? You can use this for the storage of items used less frequently, but they will still be within reach when needed.
  • Even if you do have a cabinet in your bathroom, you can hang your hairdryer on a peg on the inside of the door to free up cabinet space. Then it’s still easily accessible; or better yet you can buy an organizer which will hold styling products and your hairbrush.
  • If you buy cabinets with drawers inside the cabinet, it will maximize your storage space; plus you’ll be able to find things faster.
  • Another thought is to have a custom cabinet made for a narrow space. The cabinet can also have shelves and drawers. The shelves could be used for towels and the drawers for other items which need to be stored.
  • Something else in line with a custom cabinet is to have a built-in storage tower installed. Open shelving can be used to add splashes of color by placing your clean rolled towels in them.

In the end what may be best is having cabinets made to fit your small bathroom to give you the storage space you need.

Are Rolling Shutters a Good Investment?

Roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. This is because they offer the option of security, but they are more attractive than other options along this line. So below is some information about rolling shutters.

Advantages of rolling shutters

One of the advantages of rolling shutters are that they offer protection from both the weather as well as burglars. With weather, they are both a barrier and a deterrent against rain, wind, hail and storms as well as brushfire embers. With burglars, they make entry through them very difficult.

These shutters also come in an array of colors, as well as materials, designs and textures. They are practical too because they are easy to open and shut so you can decide how much light to let into your home. Some of these shutters are also electrical also so you just push a button and they go up and down easily.

In addition, these shutters are simple to install along with the ease of use. There aren’t any dangling cords to entangle a child or pet. Plus because of the many styles, these shutters can be used with curtains, drapes or by themselves. Then you can customize your look however you choose.

Disadvantages of rolling shutters

If you have a Victorian house, these shutters may not be a good idea. Since the shutters have a contemporary look, they wouldn’t be suitable for a house that has a historical look to it.

The mechanism that moves them up and down could fail and would need to be fixed, a warranty may be a good idea. The alternative is though is to have the shutters which shut manually.

When weighing the pros and cons, it’s a great method of security when you want to feel safe at home.

Storage in the Bathroom

family-bathStorage in the bathroom is a common problem most homeowners face. Believe it or not, there are actually hidden storage spaces in your bathroom though that you may not have even thought of.

  1. A pedestal sink is lovely to look out, but there’s not much storage space. One suggestion; however, is to use a round towel bar which is designed just for pedestal sinks. It fits around the sink and can hold up to six towels at a time. In addition, an under-sink organizer will wrap around the sink and will give you more storage space. This can be used to store the smaller toiletries and keep clutter under control. Another thought; if you love pedestal sinks, is to choose one which has extra surface space along its side. This can be used for your toothbrush holder and soap.
  2. You can also install spice racks for your small storage items as well as shallow caddies for more storage on the back of your bathroom doors; or inside on the door of your sink cabinet.
  3. If you’re having custom cabinets installed, think about having rollout shelving installed to double your existing storage space. Also, the sliding drawers will offer an easier access to the spaces which are hidden in your cabinets.
  4. You always have a mirror in your bathroom, but what about instead having a mirrored medicine cabinet for storage of everyday items such as cosmetics. Plus; with a recessed cabinet, it makes the bathroom feel more spacious.
  5. If you don’t like your towel hanging next to someone else’s towel, think about installing a wall coat rack with four to six hooks. This way you can hang each towel separately, keeping everyone’s towel germ free.
  6. How about a installing a shelf above the bathroom door. It’s the perfect place to put chemicals and other items children shouldn’t get into. This also frees up the space under your sink where you would normally put the chemicals.

Just by looking around your bathroom, you may be surprised where extra storage space shows up.

Are Custom Cabinets for You?

When choosing new kitchen cabinets, don’t overlook the thought of buying custom cabinets. This is because your cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen and represent your personality and taste. Yes, cabinets from a big box store may be cheaper, but they are just like the ones everyone else has. Custom made cabinets though are made to your tastes and designed especially for your kitchen. So what does this include?

white-kitchenFirst of all, custom cabinets are built to last by a skilled cabinet maker. Since a cabinet maker takes pride in what is built from his or her hands, the cabinets are well made. So; therefore, quality material is used and the construction is built to last with a product that, when completed, is a work of art.

Also, the wood that is used in making your kitchen cabinets can come from a local source if desired. You then still have a large choice of the wood that can be used for the cabinets, but by using domestic or local hardwoods, you know the wood used isn’t coming from an endangered area.

Additionally you get a voice in the design elements wanted and not wanted. So if your kitchen has unusual dimensions, a custom cabinet maker can work around that. Additionally, you can select cabinet and drawer combinations too that fit in with your way of cooking in your kitchen, and not by how someone else thinks this should be done. So you can create a more efficient kitchen that will suit your cooking needs.

Too, a big box store may have all kinds of combinations of cabinets, but you still can only buy what the store has. But a custom cabinet is personalized with your choice of wood, hardware and finish; and done in the style which suits your needs to the last detail. Therefore; everything will match and be made to your specifications.

Lastly, the cabinets are built to fit your actual kitchen. With a stock kitchen, if there is a problem area, a filler cabinet is used. With custom cabinets though, all your space is filled with specially designed, usable cabinets.

So if you’re looking for kitchen cabinets, consider custom made.

Keeping Your Pool Toys Safe

19773831_sPool toys can add to your summer swimming fun. Whether it’s floating on a raft in your swimming pool or watching your kids playing “battle of the noodle,” a fun time can be had by everyone. But something to keep in mind is that your pool toys need regular inspecting and cleaning too so they are safe to use.

Inspecting your pool toys
The first thing you want to do is to inspect each and every pool toy for signs of wear. So make sure that the plugs on the inflatable toys can be fastened securely, and there aren’t any holes ready to happen or happening already. Now you could patch any holes, but sometimes it’s better to replace the toy just to be on the safe side. So if you have any concern about a pool toy, it’s better to just toss it in the trash and replace it rather than having an accident happen.

Cleaning your pool toys
The chlorine in your pool usually does a good job of keeping the pool toys clean if you are up on your pool maintenance. However; sometimes the toys may still get a slippery slimy feeling to the touch. The slippery slimy sensation is usually caused by some type of mold or algae. When the toys are dirty and your family members play with them all the time, the bacteria can cause an earache; or lung or skin infection. So the toys need to be cleaned regularly.

The easiest ways to clean the pool toys is with a solution of water and bleach. Also when you are getting ready to clean the toys with this solution, wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear. It’s not a bad idea either to wear protective eyewear when you make the solution. Now to make the solution, put a gallon of water in a bucket and add 16 ounces of household bleach. To clean, take a scrub brush then, dip it in the bucket and scrub the offending toy until clean. The best place to do this procedure in on concrete or on a gravel surface because the bleach solution will kill the grass. Rinse everything with a garden hose thoroughly when done scrubbing including cleaning utensils.

Always keep in mind that clean inspected pool toys are safe pool toys.

Giving a Facelift to Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets get opened and shut many times during the day. So before you know it, they’re looking a little dingy and tired. So what’s an easy solution to spruce them up that’s kind to your budget?

1193862_03Well, if your cabinets are stained and the surfaces look worn; you can apply new stain to freshen them up. First of all clean your cabinets with soap and water. When they’re dry, then lightly sand the cabinets using a rag to remove the dust. To stain, use a polyurethane varnish which can be tinted to match your cabinets. Because it’s a varnish-stain combination, one coat will most likely do the job.

However; if you want your cabinets a lighter shade than what they already are, there’s a bit more work involved. You will need to remove as much of the old stain as you can. You can remove it with paint remover, a stripper or even chlorine bleach. If your cabinets have any crevices or designs, you’ll have to use elbow grease here and a scraper to remove the old stain. Now if the cabinet has any dents, scratches or cracks; you can apply wood filler and then sand them. Afterwards, apply the stain of your choice, let it dry thoroughly and then apply a coat of protective wood sealer. You will then need to rub the dry surfaces with 000 steel wool though, and gently clean with a tack cloth.

If your cabinets are painted, they can be restored too. First, take off all the finish you can with a paint stripper. If needed use a sharp scraper to help remove any leftover finish. Then fill in with wood filler any scratches, dents or cracks. When the filler is dry, sand with 100 grit sandpaper first, then 180 grit and finish with 220-grit. Afterwards, paint the cabinets the color of your choice, let them dry and then clean the surface with a tack cloth. Finally apply the sealer and let it dry, then rub with 000 steel wool and remove the dust with tack cloth.

With a little elbow grease, you can have cabinets that look as good as new.

Advantages of Security Storm Doors

18630722_sThere are many advantages to having a security screen door. One advantage is that storm doors provide extra insulation for front doors. This is good because a front door has cracks that run along the bottom and top as well as the sides of the entry. This is usually the main source of an air leakage in your home. A security door which is installed properly though will make a seal that will keep the warm air in and protect against ice, snow, rain and wind from causing damage to your front door while insulating it from these outside elements.

Another advantage of a security storm door is that it will increase natural light in the summer months if the front door is left open, but you will still have security. Also, it lets you see who is at your front door safely when you open it. Too it allows you a full view of the outside which can come in handy if you’re monitoring children or outside activities. Then you can leave your front door open, lock your security door and see what’s going on outside with your air conditioning or heating system running.

Additionally, which is what makes this door better than just a regular storm door, a security screen door has a secure locking device that is another barrier to unwanted entry or unwanted visitors. So you can open your door safely and screen your visitors before allowing them to come into your home. This is also ideal for unwanted solicitation; then you can refuse what is being offered and still shut your front door without getting the classic foot stuck in the opening.

Too, a security screen door can be installed quickly and easily. These doors can be installed in any number of doorframe materials also. These storm doors are designed to hold in place securely and fit into any frame surrounding your door. So whether your door frame is brick, wood, or vinyl; there’s a security storm door that will fit it.
As you can see, there are many benefits to installing a security storm door.

Making that Difficult Cabinet Space Work

In every kitchen there is the one difficult kitchen cabinet that makes you crazy. You know the one; the famous deep corner cabinet which you can’t see into, and you have to almost crawl into it to see what’s in there. It’s the cabinet of no return, the black hole in your kitchen universe. So what can be done with this no man’s land of a kitchen cabinet?

Well, you can always put in that cupboard the tray which you only use once a year; or the special Christmas bakeware for the gingerbread men. So then, you would put into it things that usually only see the light of day once or twice a year. Storage space for the forgotten.

Or, you can place in it a Lazy Susan to help you find things with just a turn. A half-moon Lazy Susan would make a big difference in using the dead space in the cabinet too. Or you can install a pull-out Lazy Susan which lets you turn the entire unit around for accessibility. You can also stack items which you use a bit more often, and with the unit being able to be pulled out, you can see what you’re searching for.

Another thought is to use the deep corner cabinet for pot and pan storage by installing hooks on the inside and hanging the pans up by their handles in a way that makes sense for easy remembering. This would free up the space you normally would have used for your pots and pans to be used for something else also.

Too, this annoying cabinet could be used as a wine rack. You want wine in a dark place anyway so if you install the wine bottle rack, then wine could be safely stored out of the way, but in reach to get to when needed. The cabinet door would shut so it would stay dark.

Or, if all else fails, install a light in the corner cabinet so that you can at least see what you have hidden when you’re reaching around in there.

So there you have it; some ways to make the corner cabinet useful.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Sometimes all your kitchen needs for a new look is to replace the hardware on the kitchen cupboards. When you remove the hardware you have, your kitchen will be like a blank canvas, and you can let loose with your imagination. So say you like flowers and already have flower themed wallpaper in place. By using knobs and drawer pulls which are designed in a flower motif, you can then incorporate the flower theme into your cabinets as well. Or perhaps your kitchen is designed with antiques, you can add handles and drawer pulls made from buttons found at an antique shop or flea market.

new-knobsIn addition, installing the new hardware isn’t that difficult. You just need to count how many pulls and knobs you need. You may want to do a recount to make sure you haven’t missed any the first time around though. Then you will need to determine where on the cupboard you’re going to place them. The general rule is that if your cabinet door is on top, then the hardware is placed on the lower inward corner. If it’s a bottom door cupboard, the hardware is placed on the upper inward corner. If you’re replacing hardware on drawers though, then everything is centered. For the holes left behind, you can use wood putty that you gently sand and finish.

Also, make sure you place your hardware correctly so you don’t end up with uneven knobs and pulls. If you’re unsure of the placement, have someone else hold them where you want them so you can see how the knobs look to you. You can also make replica knobs out of tape and line them up on the door. Using your eyes then, as well as measuring, this will ensure where the hardware will end up. Just measuring alone isn’t always a good idea though in case a door is off or one cabinet is higher than the other.

Next, you want to remove all the glassware and items from the cupboard so everything isn’t covered in sawdust. Then carefully mark where the hole is going to be drilled. Drill the holes very carefully and slowly. After the hole is drilled, then insert the screw and attach the knob or pull. Then test it by opening and closing the cabinet door.

As you can see, just by doing something as simple as changing the hardware on your cabinet doors can give your kitchen a new look.