What to Look for in Custom Cabinet Design

When having your custom kitchen cabinets designed, there are some things that you should ask your kitchen designer. After all, good custom designed cabinets will last a long time before you’ll need new ones, and quality is a big investment. So to make sure that you get what you want, below are some questions to ask your kitchen designer; or the cabinetmaker if you can:

  • What type of wood will the cabinets be made from? You want a good solid wood core and for the face frames, a solid hardwood. This combination will make for longevity of product.
  • What type of finishes will be used? A shop sprayed pre-catalyzed lacquer will give the best finish. Also, find out if the kitchen cabinets will be sprayed in shop or on site because you don’t want to be around the fumes, and on site means fumes in your home. If you have cabinets with glass doors or no doors at all also, the inside of the cabinets should be finished so they match the outside of the cabinets too. Additionally then, the shelves should be stained to match as well.
  • What type of hardware will be used on the cabinets and kitchen drawers? If good hardware is used, then opening and closing the doors and drawers will be easier, and the hardware will last longer. Under mount soft-close is the best option and soft-close features will keep drawers from banging shut. Ask if the hardware is made from cold rolled steel or the more cheaply cast pewter also.
  • How long will the custom designed cabinets take to make and then install? The time frame on this can affect how soon your kitchen will be ready to use. Have the designer make a note additionally that if any delays happen that you want to be notified.
  • Is installation included? This is important because the cabinetmaker knows his or her own work, and the cabinet maker has seen your kitchen layout. So if the cabinetmaker installs the cabinets, then any adjustments that need to be made can be completed best by the person who built them.

It’s exciting to have custom designed cabinets in your kitchen. By asking the right questions, you’ll have peace of mind when ordering your new kitchen cabinets.

When is It Time for New Kitchen Cabinets?

A high quality custom kitchen cabinet may last up to 50 years, if taken care of properly. But if you’ve moved into a home which already has cabinets, you really don’t necessarily know how long they’ve been there. Plus; depending upon the wear and tear of the kitchen cabinets, they may not be old, but worn out. So what are some signs that your kitchen cabinets may need to be replaced?

  • If your cabinets are damaged by water: If your cabinets have dark spots, the doors are shutting with difficulty; or the cabinets are swollen, you have water damage. Water damage occurs because most cabinets are made from wood, and woods is damaged by water easily. Since there is a lot of moisture in a kitchen, this is a common problem.
  • You find your cabinets frustrating to use: If you find it difficult to find things in your cabinetry and you have to move one thing to find another, you may need to replace your cabinets. Or if two doors bang into each other when you open two at once. Or if your drawers make a weird sound when opening; or get stuck, new custom designed cabinets may be needed.
  • If your cabinets are soft: If you push on the sides of your cabinets and they give, that’s not a good sign. This means your cabinets are damaged and may soon fall apart. They need replaced as soon as possible.
  • If your cabinets are moldy: Mold can grow anywhere, and that includes inside your kitchen cabinets. If it’s found out early enough, it can be cleaned off and the growth of mold stopped. However; if it isn’t found out in time, then it can develop into something severe. This can be a health problem for you and your family. So you’ll need to find the source of the mold and then replace your cabinets.

Replacing your cabinet when it’s time is a good thing to do.

Why Choose a Custom Built Hideaway Bed?

Sometimes you need to use an extra room for a home office or craft room, but you also need it as a bedroom for unexpected company or overnight guests, but where is the available space for both? You can’t have your guests sleep on an office desk or sewing machine table. So what’s an alternate solution besides a blowup mattress that the cat always destroys? Why not have a custom designed hideaway bed built into a room wall so that you have a work or fun room and a guestroom too? This bed can be the answer to this kind of a problem and here’s why.

  • Hideaway beds are designed to add as much space as they take away. When the bed isn’t in use, it folds up into the wall and the wall blends into the décor then. So you can have both style and multi-functionality here.
  • It can be used in a teenager’s bedroom to give more space in the day while having a sleep area at night. It also takes care of that “hiding dirty clothes under the bed” issue.
  • It can be used in a craft room during the day with the bed being pulled down for company in the evening. Your company won’t be sleeping on the couch anymore.
  • These beds can be custom designed with increased storage in mind. Some beds can be hidden behind shelves which then rotate to either side out of the way. The bed comes down, and the shelves are still intact. Storage space and comfort all in one.
  • You can have a single hideaway bed designed so that it looks like a storage cabinet with matching custom shelves on either side. The bed pulls down between the shelves. In the day, the bed is folded back into the wall again.

Another thought too, is to have built in hideaway cabinets. These shelves can be used additionally for files and other things which may clutter up a small room. When someone walks into your room, all they see is a nice neat and clutter free room then.

There are ways to have overnight guests without a big fuss which still gives them somewhere comfortable to sleep.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Kitchen Designer

white-kitchenA kitchen designer is a thorough professional that specializes in the design of kitchens. If you’re considering redoing your kitchen beyond replacing the tiles, you may want to consider hiring one. This is because having things like custom designed cabinets in your kitchen made to your specifications may take some input from a professional who’s used to dealing with this type of work. So just what questions should you ask your potential kitchen designer before doing the hiring if you’re going with custom designed cabinets?

What qualifications do you have? A good designer has spent time honing his or her craft. So the kitchen designer should know for example what type of kitchen cabinets will fit and look good in the space that you have. The person should have certificates and references as well as books and magazines on the latest trends and fashions in custom design also.

Will what I want fit within my budget? A good designer should be able to tell you if that perfect handcrafted custom designed cabinet is going to fit in your budget. Or if not, have another choice available that will. Be honest with yourself too about how much money you want to put into your kitchen remodeling and have the designer give you ideas that will work within it.

How much input will I be able to put in? It is your kitchen. The designer should work with you to create the design that works for you and your family within the space and budget you will have. The designer needs to take the time also to talk over the ideas that you have for replacing that corner cupboard, for instance, and the dead space that you dislike so much.

How long will the remodeling job take? A professional should be able to accurately figure out how long the job will take. The designer should consider the design time for the custom made cabinets and the time it takes to create them too. Also, you want to let the person know that you want to be informed of any delays that would hold up your kitchen’s completion.

Using a good kitchen designer can make your dream kitchen come true.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets for People Who Have Kids

When remodeling your kitchen and redoing cabinets you have to keep the children in mind. As examples, do they use the kitchen to prepare snacks or meals? Do the kids feed the pets? How many children do you have and what are their ages. So you want kitchen changes that will work for the kids now and as they get older, but that also work for you once they’re out of the house and gone.

One good idea for a kitchen with kids then is to have a custom designed accessible pantry. The pantry could have cabinets with drawers that are made to extend out when opened so that kids can reach food and snacks easily. You could designate which drawers are theirs then and put “parent approved” food in them. If you make it easy for the kids to get something healthy to eat also, they will tend to eat healthier.

Another idea is to have an island built that will have a multi-tasked function. So this could serve as a place for the kids to eat snacks and do homework. You can even designate custom cabinet drawers or shelves for the kids to store homework in and needed items to do homework with.

If your children have pet feeding as one of their chores, then here’s a solution for that by using a custom designed pantry. You can have storage bins for pet food built into the custom cabinetry. This way you can keep tabs on whether the pet supplies are getting low, and the kids will be able to reach the pet food easily too.

Additionally, for family organization, an organization center can be contained in a customized cabinet space. This space can be behind a cabinet door and have a calendar in it to jot down family appointments. It can also have a bulletin board and other items in it to keep your family well on track.

Too, the good thing is that cabinets that are accessible for younger children at a responsible age are accessible for seniors when they can’t reach high up anymore because of health or strength problems

When redoing your kitchen, the above ideas will make for a better organized kitchen when you have children at home.

Ideas for Custom Kitchen Cupboards for Seniors

As seniors age, it can become more difficult for them to pull open the doors on cupboards or reach up to high shelves. There are ways to make kitchen access easier for seniors though. Here, custom kitchen cabinets can be used to once again make cooking in a kitchen for a senior a pleasant experience. These cabinets are not only functional, but look good too. So below are some ideas on how to make a kitchen more senior friendly with custom kitchen cabinets:

Roll out tray storage: This type of shelf rolls out to the person who’s opening the kitchen cabinet. These shelves can be custom made in a wide assortment of traditional materials, or other materials which can be used. Usually it’s the base cabinet with three shelves that’s custom designed for a roll out tray.

The new corner cabinet: Corner cabinets have a blind corner that was almost unusable. These cabinets are deep too and only having one door also so that you couldn’t reach things. So it wastes valuable storage space because so little of the space is used compared to size, and it’s difficult to get into. But, with a custom designed corner cabinet there can be trays installed which slide out. Nonslip mats can also be used to keep items from rolling or falling out. So the items come to you, not you to the deep item that you can never reach.

Tandem system: For those seniors who have an issue with reaching in and pulling items out of cupboards, a tandem system is perfect. A tandem swivel is installed in a custom cabinet which pulls the cabinet out to the person. It also helps to maximize the space as it helps with the accessibility problem.

Cabinet pulls: Another thing to keep in mind for a person with a dexterity problem or arthritis is that cabinet pulls instead of knobs can be installed. By using pulls on custom built cabinets, it allows easier grasping than by using knobs.

These are just a few ideas to help make cooking in the kitchen easier for seniors. Also as seniors maximize kitchen space then, they don’t have to store things high anymore.

Converting A Little Used Room into a Pantry

Turn an unused or little used room into a pantry isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. Having a custom designed pantry for your needs can even save you money in the long run also because of being able to buy food in bulk. Custom designed cabinets can make sure you have a place for everything, and easy access too. So what makes the “perfect” pantry?

Where it’s located is the most important part of a pantry’s design. So be sure to try to locate the pantry as near as you can to the food preparation area. Four feet away is the ideal distance, but you also have to go with what works in your kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to have enough room for two pantries though, then only one needs to be near the preparation area.

If your pantry is more than 16 inches deep, then having custom cabinets designed with pullout trays, turntables or drawers makes reaching items easier. This way items which are stored behind other ones can be brought to the front easier.

The shelves which are above eye level should be have an open grid, or a coated wire grid so that you can see items from below.

If your pantry is the pull out type, then normal kitchen lighting is sufficient to see what’s on the shelves and in the bins. However; if the pantry is the type which is recessed, then it’s going to need its own lighting source. This could be an overhead light or custom LED light strips which could be placed where they would be the most use. In addition, if open grid shelving is used, then light will reach items easier.

Making an unused or little used room into a pantry can pay for itself.