The Best Built-In Storage Ideas

When you’re short of storage space, you need to look around and discover the possibilities. Because there are many “dead zones” in a home that with custom designed cabinets could be made into useful spaces. Dead zones are places where space isn’t properly used, but could be designed to be with the right contractor. Think about under your stairs to give an example. By installing shelves of descending heights, it would make a great bookcase and not take up any room otherwise being used. Or how about that little niche beside your fireplace? You can have shelves installed for extra storage or as display cabinets.

Also, areas below the windows are often ignored. By installing a custom-built cabinet under a window though, this takes dead space and makes it into something useful. So if the window is in a hallway outside the bathroom, the cabinet built can be used for storing the family’s linens and towels. If the window is off the dining room, the cabinet could be used to store china and good silverware. If you would decide not to put doors on the cabinet, it could be used for displaying treasured items.

Another idea is for a concealed workstation. The built-in area can be concealed by doors which blend into the décor of the room. Open the doors and you have a workstation with everything at your fingertips. Close the doors and you have a concealed area when not in use.

For a built-in pantry in your kitchen, here’s another idea in line with these ideas. Pick the area that you want to have built-in by the kitchen. It can be the end of a porch, a rarely used closet or a kitchen alcove. Have a qualified contractor then go over the ideas that you have thought about for your new pantry including shelves, cabinets and counters. Then have the design made. What’s nice too is that when it’s finally built, you can have doors on the front of it so that it blends into the wall while not taking up any kitchen floor room.

You can use dead space to make the most out of storage.

Cabinet Ideas for the Laundry Room

When you do laundry, there isn’t anything worse than a disorganized laundry room or laundry area. Because not having a place to hang clothes which are dry and need to stay wrinkle free; or need to air dry, can be frustrating. But by having custom built cabinets, counters and shelves installed, doing laundry can made be so much easier. So below are some suggestions on how to better organize your laundry room:

  • In the laundry room: If you have counters of different heights installed, each one can be designated for a different job. For example, a counter above a front loader is the perfect place to fold clothes, while a 36-inch height for a counter is good for sorting and treating laundry. Too, a well-designed cabinet can hide your cleaning supplies as well as detergent, an ironing board and hampers. If you have open storage above a counter, extra folded linens and blankets can be stored for use in the future additionally.
  • In the kitchen: If your washer and dryer are in the kitchen, it can be concealed by a custom designed cabinet which can be designed look like a sideboard. The doors can be made to open out into the room and then slide back on tracks to reveal the washer and dryer when it needs to be used. These doors won’t be in the way or eat up floor space either, and the upper cabinets have shelves which can be used for washing supplies or as a linen storage area. Also, when the surface above the washer and dryer isn’t being used to fold laundry, this neat feature can be used as a sideboard or extra counter space.
  • The extras: If you are short on space to store an ironing board or sewing items, going custom made is a great solution. So, behind a false drawer front, you can have a folding ironing board installed. Below the ironing board a canvas hamper can be installed which holds the clothes which need pressing. In addition, an in-drawer organizer can be installed to keep scissors, buttons, thread and needles for clothing repairs. Then when you need to do ironing or repair clothing, everything is right at your fingertips.

Your laundry room can be organized, neat and well kept.

Cabinet Ideas for a Newly Built Home

When building a new home, you want your kitchen to be warm and welcoming. Custom cabinets can help with this. Kitchen cabinets aren’t just places to put dishes in anymore either. The uses for cabinets now has expanded to entertainment centers, pantries, home offices, bars and even laundry rooms. The new look is much cleaner and simpler, not a minimalist look, but more along the lines of contemporary style. So, gone are the moldings, accents and corbels. It gives the cabinets a frameless look that is called “soft modern.” Plus, the rustic look is also in fashion now. This uses rough-sawn veneers which look as if they’ve been pulled off barns or out of old fashioned lumber yards for an appealing rustic style.

In addition, the new neutral color is gray. Maple is still being used for cabinets, but there is a lean towards the more rustic tree species which are richer and darker such as birch. However, you do have to be careful using gray with white which can make a room appear cold. Here, gray works best when used with floors in warm tones and gold accents.

Another point is that everything no longer has to match. This is a dated concept and now two different colored finishes are being used as well as mixes of stained and painted finishes when installing cabinets in homes. Inserts are being used as well. Painted panels, glass textured and laminated panels are also being used as well as opaque or clear glass. Too, accent cabinet doors can have stainless steel frames or aluminum banding, reed covered inserts and fabric that’s embedded in resin to give a unique look.

Cabinet doors also can lift, bi-fold, retract into a side pocket or go full scale as a full-height tambour; which resembles a garage door.  Plus, there are interior cabinet drawers choices as well, from apothecary and spice drawers, to silverware and pan dividers.

There are many different options to choose from when designing cabinets for your home. Just be sure to pick a style that fits your home and is also functional.

Remodeling Mistakes Which May Cost You Money

When you are remodeling your kitchen even if you’re just adding new kitchen cabinets, there are some mistakes which could cost you money. Since remodeling a kitchen isn’t a cheap investment to begin with, below are some mistakes that are made and how you can avoid them:

  • Not doing a background check: When you hire a contractor, you need to do a background check. A reliable contractor won’t mind giving you the needed information. The contractor should have a state license and insurance too. You may also want to check references to see how satisfied past clients were.
  • Changing your mind: Before you start the project, be sure everything you want is in the budget. Because changing your mind halfway through about the color of the custom designed cabinets as an example can cost you an average of 10 percent or more. So decide on the design, take as long as you need to make that choice and then stick with it.
  • Having an open-ended contract: This can be a disaster because the project can take much longer than anticipated if the contractor gets another job. Be sure beforehand then that you have a start and end date as well as a penalty if the project goes over its scheduled time.
  • Only having a rough sketch: You need a three-dimensional drawing to be able to visualize what the new kitchen space is going to look like. If your contractor has virtual reality software too, this is even better because you can really see the new kitchen. You can fully understand your new kitchen design then before anything is started. It helps you to see the space better than a rough sketch or two -dimensional drawing.
  • Not being functional: A kitchen do over should last between 12-15 years. If you go with what’s trendy or the latest funky color though, ignoring your actual needs or expected needs, then your kitchen can become dated quickly. So, go with what looks good with the house and works, not what is pretty by itself and nonfunctional.

Investing in a kitchen remodeling project is expensive. So make sure you know what you want before you have the first nail removed.

How to Get More Storage Out of a Tiny Kitchen

A tiny kitchen can appear to be messy even when it’s clean because if there isn’t enough cupboard space, then clutter will soon take over. But there is a solution for this with custom made cabinets and shelves. For instance, if your store-bought kitchen cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, the space above them isn’t being used effectively. But by having a shelf installed above the cabinet, items which aren’t used daily can be stored and hidden. This in turn will open up space in your remaining cabinets for items which are used all the time, without a cluttered look

In addition, look at your kitchen wall space. This is unused territory which can be made into viable storage space. By having shelves installed, you’ll have places to store items though. Or you could think about having a fold down table installed on the wall. This not only saves on floor space, but it’s out of your way when not being used. The table is handy when you do need it additionally.

Also, if there is space in your tiny kitchen for an island, you can have one installed. An island then will give you work and family space when needed. Plus, an island with stools does away with the need for chairs. You can just tuck the stools underneath then when they’re not being used as an added benefit. Another thought is to have a warming drawer on the side of the island to keep things steaming while you’re preparing the rest of the meal.

Or what about the backsplash behind the stove being used for storage space because this space is often overlooked for this kind of thing. By installing a shelf or shelves above the stove on the backsplash though, you can have the perfect storage place for items which are needed for cooking and have room made for other items in your cupboards too that are now on the stove top.

You can get a lot more storage out of a tiny kitchen with a little planning.

Ideas for Custom Built Cabinets for a Small Bathroom

It’s not impossible to have storage space in a small bathroom with custom cabinets designed to fit the needs of your bathroom. With these you can have extra storage space and style too. As an example, here you can have cabinets for a bathroom corner, and when custom designed; this can make the most of a corner in your bathroom while saving space. You can have your sink designed to fit a corner of your bathroom also. A custom designed vanity additionally under the sink with roll out shelves can double the storage space. It will then utilize a hidden space so you don’t have to reach back for the things that normally get pushed back in a small storage space bathroom to the back of a shelf.

Also, another place for storage is over the toilet. So, a bathroom cabinet designed to fit over the toilet with shelves can keep your small bathroom neat and tidy. Then, makeup and personal items will be out of sight, but still handy when needed.

So when you have cabinets for your bathroom custom designed, this makes the most work with the least amount of space. To use another example, perhaps you have towels which don’t have a home at the present time. You can have a cabinet designed for your towels though, as well for toilet paper and other articles which are necessary.

In addition, don’t forget about the space under your bathtub. Here, hideaway shelves can be built for bathtubs with doors which open for access. In here you can store items which would clutter up your bathroom, but are necessary for bathroom use. These shelves will give your small bathroom a sleek look then, and you will still have everything you need in tidy spaces.

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered, untidy or look like a cubby hole. With the proper cabinetry, you bathroom can have a look that you enjoy.

What to Look for in Custom Cabinet Design

When having your custom kitchen cabinets designed, there are some things that you should ask your kitchen designer. After all, good custom designed cabinets will last a long time before you’ll need new ones, and quality is a big investment. So to make sure that you get what you want, below are some questions to ask your kitchen designer; or the cabinetmaker if you can:

  • What type of wood will the cabinets be made from? You want a good solid wood core and for the face frames, a solid hardwood. This combination will make for longevity of product.
  • What type of finishes will be used? A shop sprayed pre-catalyzed lacquer will give the best finish. Also, find out if the kitchen cabinets will be sprayed in shop or on site because you don’t want to be around the fumes, and on site means fumes in your home. If you have cabinets with glass doors or no doors at all also, the inside of the cabinets should be finished so they match the outside of the cabinets too. Additionally then, the shelves should be stained to match as well.
  • What type of hardware will be used on the cabinets and kitchen drawers? If good hardware is used, then opening and closing the doors and drawers will be easier, and the hardware will last longer. Under mount soft-close is the best option and soft-close features will keep drawers from banging shut. Ask if the hardware is made from cold rolled steel or the more cheaply cast pewter also.
  • How long will the custom designed cabinets take to make and then install? The time frame on this can affect how soon your kitchen will be ready to use. Have the designer make a note additionally that if any delays happen that you want to be notified.
  • Is installation included? This is important because the cabinetmaker knows his or her own work, and the cabinet maker has seen your kitchen layout. So if the cabinetmaker installs the cabinets, then any adjustments that need to be made can be completed best by the person who built them.

It’s exciting to have custom designed cabinets in your kitchen. By asking the right questions, you’ll have peace of mind when ordering your new kitchen cabinets.