Dental care for pets

pet dental careDental care for pets may sound like a luxury, but it is actually a very important part of your pet’s health. Dental health has an effect on more than just your pet’s breath. It can impact the health of your pet’s internal organs which means dental care for pets warrants serious consideration. Many people neglect dental care for pets because they don’t realize how quickly plaque and tartar can lead to gum disease.

When it comes to dental care for pets, according to my pediatric dentist, their teeth work much the same as our teeth. They develop plaque which can build up over time. Plaque is a bacterial film that develops over the tooth and hardens into a substance known as tartar. The plaque is easy to remove when it is soft, but becomes more difficult to dislodge once it develops into tartar. If plaque spreads throughout the pet’s teeth, it can lead to the gum disease gingivitis. This leads to inflamed gums that are red and may bleed. If you look at your pet’s teeth and see signs of gingivitis, it means your pet is in serious need of dental care. Gingivitis can be painful for your pet. If it is not treated, it can lead to periodontal disease. The pet’s teeth can become loose and extremely painful.

Most veterinarians recommend a simple dental care plan for pets. Regular examinations by your veterinarian will help you determine the ongoing state of your pet’s dental health. Your veterinarian will also recommend regular cleanings, probably on a yearly or every other year basis for dogs and cats. These regular cleanings ensure good dental care for pets. Tooth brushing is also an important tool in dental care for pets. Chew toys for dogs can also help clean the teeth. There are oral care treats for cats that can help prevent the buildup of plaque.

Custom Cabinetry Can Turn Any Space Into A Home Office

Make your home office functional with custom cabinetry. Organize papers, files, and office electronics with varying sized office cabinetry so that all things have a place. Be much more productive finding what you are looking for rather than searching for that file in stacks of unorganized chaos.

Many times a home office is nestled in an empty space in the corner of a room or a very small area that some would consider a hallway. Or your home office may have a designated room. No matter the size or placement you deserve office cabinetry to make this space as functional as possible. It’s time to design some custom cabinetry to fit your space.

Whether light wood, dark wood, painted or stained your home office cabinetry should take into account what you are using your home office for. Is this area of your home for taking care of the finances of the household, school homework projects, and couponing or is it the corporate offices of your home business in a defined space with four walls and a door? Custom cabinetry can be sized and styled to your needs.

Office cabinetry designed specifically for your available space will make the spaces in your office more useful. With custom cabinetry you will have plenty of space to organize important files, binders, and office equipment by utilizing the available space to its best potential. Consider spaces that are odd shaped to benefit most from custom cabinetry. You will be able to have office cabinetry that fits your function and provides extra storage by taking advantage of extra deep spaces. A tall and skinny normally useless space can be designed to hold your small office supplies simply by adding some shelves and a door. Make your office complete with everything you need for function and style no matter who is using the space or where it is located in the house.

How To Properly Maintain Hot Water Heaters For Maximum Life Expectancy

Hard water damages everything it touches, including your hot water heater. Water purification water treatment that includes water softening equipment will protect the inside tank from the corrosive sediment that eats away at hot water heaters. Settling of the sediment on the bottom of the tank as well as the build-up and scaling on the heating unit itself can cause it to overheat and stop functioning altogether.

Two essential water treatment techniques to maintain the optimum functionality of hot water heaters:

  • Eliminate hard water at the water’s point-of-entry into the house. It is important that your hard water treatment effectively dissolves minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese which are what make the water hard. These minerals produce corrosive sediment that can wreck havoc on the functionality of water heaters. Scaling seriously affects the day-to-day performance of your water heater. Eliminate hard water with a whole home water treatment system that includes a water softener.
  • Drain hot water heaters annually. Start by turning off all power. Attach a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. You will drain out old stagnant sediment as well as water. By releasing the air valve at the top of the water heater the water will drain quicker. If the water tank is not cleaned regularly, the corrosive hard minerals will start eating away at the inside of the tank leading to permanent damage and leaking at the bottom of the tank.

Heavy minerals naturally sink to the bottom of the tank of traditional water heaters. Sediment can build up so thick that it encloses the entire heating element. This causes water heaters to use more energy to operate and sometimes even become non-functional.

By treating hard water and regularly draining and cleaning the unit, the life expectancy of hot water heaters increase exponentially. A home water treatment system designed to soften the household water will break down the corrosive hard minerals making it easier for the hot water heater to function properly.

Where to Find Gold in Arizona

If you have been a recent gold prospector enthusiast, then your research to date may have led you to the viability of striking it rich in Arizona. This of course creates the main question of just where to find gold in Arizona? To find your answer you would have to start some research into what would be the most likely resources for this commodity.

You will most likely find as you begin to search where to find gold in Arizona, that you will be led to the local government of that State offering you the chance to do some gold panning, at what are deemed as public panning sites. For a day’s excitement this is great, but if you serious about finding a substantial amount of gold then you are looking to go beyond some mere gold mining entertainment.

You will find that there are companies that specialize in where to find gold in Arizona by selling maps of locations that are believed to still hold a substantial quantity. Or perhaps of untouched areas, that based on their location could be a viable source. These are areas around old towns within Arizona or even ghost towns. For example there are the Prescott Arizona gold maps that are sold. These focus on areas around Prescott and Wickenberg.

One of the most intriguing areas that will pop up when it comes to where to find gold in Arizona will be Superstition Mountain. It is believed that there are many areas throughout these mountains that still hold a good quantity of gold for the enthusiastic prospector. It is thought that a lot of original mining operations were shut down because of low production. That may have been the case for a big mining operation, but there may be plenty left there for the single prospector who is out to make a small fortune for himself and his family. With Arizona being such a hot spot for gold in the past it makes finding the answers as to where to find gold in Arizona a worthwhile endeavor for the prospector who has determination and enthusiasm.

Renovate Instead of Selling


Do you feel like your house is too small or that it’s out- of-date? Do you think that your home looks unstylish when you compare it with other homes? Are you frustrated with the lack of storage space in your home? Does the clutter that results from a lack of good storage make you feel like the walls are closing in on you?

These are common problems that many families have as they grow into their homes. Often, it’s tempting to look for a new home that will magically solve all the problems that you are experiencing. Finding the right home can be a time-consuming venture. Moving is complicated and expensive. You may find that you trade the problems in your old home for new frustrations in a new home.


Before you made the decision to move, you should consider renovating your current home with custom cabinetry. This can provide advantages to you on a number of levels. First, you may find that by installing new custom cabinetry in your kitchen, bath and bedrooms, you will increase the amount of storage space that you have available. You’ll also update and modernize the look of these rooms through installing custom cabinetry.

You can also take steps to renovate other parts of your home to make it more livable. When you make these investments, you will be increasing the value of your home. If, down the road, you decide to sell, your home’s value will increase significantly. Imagine installing new custom cabinetry that takes advantage of the floor space in your home. This will make storage easier for you and will make your bedrooms and hallways look more stylish. These will also be attractive to buyers who are looking for these very features in a new home. Another improvement you can make is the installment of a media center. People who install these centers and other kinds of custom cabinetry find they enjoy their media more and their home looks more up-to-date.

Hard Water Makes Your Skin Dry And Dyes Clothes Gray

Hard water is such a common household water problem that chances are high that water softeners should be included in your household water treatment expenses. Tell-tale signs of hard water include clothes with a gray tint, worn-out fabric, spots on glasses, shower doors that now permanently look dirty, hot water heaters making unusual noises, brittle hair and itchy, irritated skin.

Water softeners are most effective when utilized as point-of-entry water treatment. Then all water being transported throughout your house is softened before you use it to clean your dishes, your clothes, or yourself.

Hard water has a high concentration of dissolved minerals. The most common and destructive are calcium and magnesium. With excess calcium in the water, there will be hard water deposits on anything that the water touches. Near the opening on a humidifier, dry gritty residue is a symptom of hard water. It can be damaging to clothes and appliances when hard water is not softened with your water treatment solutions.

Water softeners break down the molecules of the hard water so that soap works with the water and creates the reaction that will get your clothes, dishes, and body the cleanest. If your home is not using systemic water softeners as part of the household water treatment system, your detergents are not working effectively and your clothes come out of the washing machine looking dull and gray.

Here is a quick test to see if you have hard water. In a closeable container add soap to water and shake it up. Is it now a cloudy gray liquid with limited suds? That’s a sign of hard water. With hard water you have to use more soap and therefore more water. If you live in an area with high water costs, then the longer you go without a home water treatment system the more ineffective your soaps will be and therefore the more water you will have to use. There are simple and effective water softeners available.

Increase your home’s value by renovating the kitchen

custom kitchen cabinetsMost families spend a lot of their quality time in the kitchen of their home. Even though they may have elaborate recreation rooms or great entertainment centers, everyone seems to gravitate towards the warmth of the kitchen. Home shoppers often look at the kitchen in depth before they make a buying decision because they know it is the center of most of the family life.

A kitchen can show signs of wear and tear that can have a negative effect on the value of your home. Old appliances aren’t as efficient and can make the kitchen look dated. Nothing makes a kitchen look as out of date as old cabinets. Often, cabinets are installed cheaply when the house is first built. They age quickly and can make the kitchen look unstylish and awkward. Older cabinets often do not maximize the storage space available in the kitchen like custom kitchen cabinets can.

New custom kitchen cabinets can immediately add to the value you of your home by significantly improving the look of the kitchen. If you add new custom kitchen cabinets and appliances, you will have made a lasting financial investment in the price of your home. New custom kitchen cabinets add visual appeal that is noticeable immediately. They also help you maximize the space in the kitchen so that you can store your good more effectively. High-end custom kitchen cabinets will make your home look more stylish and up-to-date, which is an advantage when you are thinking about selling your home.

Good custom kitchen cabinets last for many years. The quality of a good, well-made cabinet is immediately obvious in comparison to a cheap, low-budget cabinet. The visual appeal of quality cabinets is very difficult to mimic with cheap materials. When the cabinet is well-made, the doors hang properly, the drawers work and the condition of material stays intact over many years.