More Twitter Marketing Tips

TwitterMarketing Tip # 1

Don’t play the numbers game. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. It is more important to have 50 relevant followers than to have 500 generic followers. Target people that will have interest in your business. For example, if your business is in cosmetics, it makes more sense to target women than men.


Marketing Tip #2

Make every Tweet count. Before you Tweet, take a look at the content and ask yourself, “Would I follow someone based on this Tweet alone?” If your answer is yes, Tweet it immediately. If your answer is no, rethink your Tweet until your answer becomes yes.


Marketing Tip #3

Keep your Tweets human. Make them feel personal and relevant. Even if you are a business, you don’t want to sound like a business. People remember what they feel connected to, so take the time to make a personal connection with your followers.


Marketing Tip #4

Make the most of your Twitter Bio. Provide as much information as possible about your business, so your followers can truly get to know you. Make sure to include your mission statement, as well as a photo. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Marketing Tip #5

Integrate Twitter with other forms of media. Invite your Facebook and Pinterest followers to follow you on Twitter and provide a link to your Twitter on your website, business cards, and email signature.


Marketing Tip #6

Setup alerts to inform you when people tweet about your brand and industry; treating Twitter like a customer care platform. This way, you can respond when appropriate and further engage in the Twitter community. This can also help you find more relevant followers.


Marketing Tip #7

Link to others beside yourself. People will see your tweets as more than just a marketing strategy. Linking to others in the industry can create business partnerships. If you link for them, they will link for you, so it is a win-win situation.


Marketing Tip #8:

Organization is important. Create lists to help you monitor your competitors and customers. This will make it much easier to keep track of what’s going on in your industry.

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Help Your Business Grow

Facebook1. If you haven’t already done so, create a Facebook page for your business

If you do not have a Facebook page and you offer a product, create one immediately. Facebook has more active users than any other social media platform on the web. Facebook has pages specifically designated for businesses, which allow customers to fan follow your business. If you’re fan is active on your page (liking, commenting or sharing your posts), they will see your posts on their newsfeed. You can use these posts to sharing industry related tips and new, and advertise your products and promote any sales you may be having. Many businesses run promotions on Facebook to capture user interest and involvement; they use giveaways and/or contests to attract attention to their page and consequently, their business.


2. Start Tweeting

Does your business tweet? If not, it should, but your business’ personally and expertise should be reflected in the tweets if you hope to have interaction. Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites. It is an excellent way to communicate with your clientele. You’ll want to start by developing a content strategy. Think about your business and your target market. You have plenty of valuable knowledge to share with them. Start with practical solutions to problems they might have. For example, if you are a professional organizer, offer trips for optimizing space in a small closet.


3. Use photos in your posts

Photos are an excellent way to attract attention to your posts, which is why Pinterest has become so popular. Statistics show that people are more likely to read a post with a picture. Images will make your posts more interesting and fun. It is also a great way to communicate your message without making the user read a bunch of text. An infographic is very powerful and communicate more than an paragraph with a singular picture.


4. Don’t forget about Google +

When thinking about social media for business, people tend to forget about Google+. One of the biggest perks of Google+ that people don’t realize is the higher Google ranking their business page will receive. If people type in a keyword for a business, they are more much likely to see a Google+ page than a Facebook or Twitter page. Another great option they offer is linking, which allows you to link your other social media pages to your Google+ page which helps to increase your traffic on all avenues in the land of social media.


7 Twitter Marketing Tips

TwitterMarketing Tip #1: Determine Your Target Market

Spend some time determining just what kind of people you want to target on Twitter. You should target existing clients and business partners as well as potential clients and business partners. A great way to find potential clients and partners is to seek out followers of your competitors.


Marketing Tip #2: Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Website

Post tweets with links to your business blog and website and post them often. If you only tweet links every once and while, then many viewers will miss your posts. By tweeting often, you will reach more viewers.


Marketing Tip #3: Connect Your Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts

By connecting your accounts, you can post to both social media platforms simultaneously. Another advantage to syncing with LinkedIn is to help you keep track of your business connections and follow their tweets as well.


Marketing Tip #4: Tweet with Keywords

Create a list of relevant keywords for your business and use them your tweet content regularly. Keywords remain the best content tools to drive traffic and should not simply be used in blogs and articles, but in social media posts as well. If your keywords are possible topics for discussion you can add a hashtag (#marketing) to have your posted that will link it with other posts about marketing.


Marketing Tip #5: Tweet More Than Just Promotions

If you are constantly tweeting sales promotions, users are less likely to keep following you. They will begin to feel pressured by your advertisements and won’t feel that your tweets are relevant to them. Make sure to create dialogue with your followers to keep them engaged. A good rule of thumb is for no more than 30% of your tweets to contain promotions. This way, users will not feel that you are being too aggressive and they may actually look forward to reading your tweets.


Marketing Tip #6: Tweet Back

Don’t just post tweets, but engage in conversation with your followers on Twitter. Make sure to follow just as much as you are being followed, if not more. Comment on other posts, especially those that may be relevant to your business. Engage in the community, so your presence is known. If you continually communicate with people on Twitter, they will be more likely to remember your business. If you share their Tweets, they are more likely to share yours.


Marketing Tip #7: Have Fun!

Twitter does not have to be so serious, let your personality shine. It can be a fun way to engage with your clients. So remember to take it easy and make the best of it. Now stop reading and get to Tweeting!

Why Your Business Should Use WordPress

Wordpress DesignWordPress is one of the most user friendly platforms available today, even better, this CMS or content management system is free. Just stop by to get your copy, unless of course you are using one of the many hosting services with 1 step install.


Essentially, creating a basic website quickly and affordably has been made possible with this CMS. Those of you seeking advanced functionality, customization, or features may still need to enlist the help of a professional website designer to make your site just perfect. Whichever way you choose to go, WordPress is still a great choice and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Reason #1: WordPress is Simple and User Friendly

WordPress is easy to navigate and those of you with even basic skills should be able to navigate and update your site. Even though you can make a lot of improvements to the site yourself, getting everything setup may be better left to a professional, but once that is done, you can take the reins on your new site.


Reason #2: WordPress is Open Source

WordPress is open source, meaning they allow everyone to participate in its development. The advantage to this is that there are thousands of people working to improve WordPress, rather than just one single company.


Reason #3: WordPress is SEO Friendly

In addition to being user friendly, WordPress is very SEO friendly as well. There are several programs that will help you set up basic SEO without any expertise in the area. WordPress websites tend to do much better with naturalized web placement in search engines than other website development platforms; one of my favorite plugins is Yoast SEO. This is a great tool and with some studying or professional help, can make a big difference in the amount of traffic to your site.


Reason #4: WordPress Has Several Plugin

Plugins are basically add-ons that give your website advanced functionality. This could include adding a store to your site, increasing the ability for social sharing, or even allowing single sign in features. If you are not sure where to start, a professional website designer can get you headed in the right direction. Remember, time is valuable, don’t waste yours guessing while a pro could be fixing.


Reason #5: WordPress Makes it Easy to Update Content

You don’t have to know any complicated HTML formulas to update your website with WordPress. It comes with a simple rich text editor that anyone can use. This means that once your site has been designed, you should be able to login and update content and blogs on your site. If you do need some advanced HTML coding on your site, be sure to consult a professional to avoid costly damages.


Reason #6: WordPress Themes are Aesthetically Pleasing

Sometimes you need a website, but have a very limited budget. Selecting one of the free WordPress themes is a great way to get started. As your budget increases, you can then improve your current theme or even have a custom one made for your site.


Ultimately WordPress has forever changed the way in which many of us will build our website. Rather you try it yourself or enlist professional help, you would be wise to choose WordPress for your personal or business Website.


LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedinMarketing Tip #1: Update Your LinkedIn Headline Often

You should add update your LinkedIn headline every few month to help get more profile views. If you add new keyword phrases and relevant skills, it can help you show up in more relevant LinkedIn searches.


Marketing Tip #2: Connect, Connect and Connect Some More

Connect with everyone on LinkedIn. Accept all requests for connections. The more people you connect with, the larger your expanded network becomes, which will help your business grow in the long run.


Marketing Tip #3: Recommend Others

Don’t be selfish. Helping others will help you. If you recommend others, they are more likely to help you. It is important not to just use LinkedIn to market your own services, but to create valuable business partnerships as well.


Marketing Tip #4: Post at least Once or Twice Daily

If you want to attract attention with your LinkedIn account, you must be visible. The more you post, the more visible you will be.


Marketing Tip #5: Get More Endorsements

Anytime you receive an endorsement, it will show up the newsfeed, which will ultimately give you more views. If you want to increase your endorsements, add more skills and experiences to your profile and be sure to endorse those with similar skills. If you endorse others, they are more likely to endorse you. So share the love.


Marketing Tip #6: Connect LinkedIn with Twitter

You will most likely receive more comments and interaction on LinkedIn if your post simultaneously shows on Twitter. It will save you time by posting to both at once and it will ultimately increase your views on both social media platforms. Remember if you select to post to both sites simultaneously, make sure your content is appropriate for both – meaning if you’re posting as your business on twitter, but yourself on LinkedIn make sure the message being communicated is appropriate for the different personas. Also, even though you are professional on both networks, Twitter is more casual than LinkedIn.


Marketing Tip #7: Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups help you build rapport with other users. Look for relevant groups with active users. Post discussions that will get people engaged and make sure to stay engaged in the conversation yourself. Check the group regularly for new discussions and post comments to increase your visibility.


Marketing Tip #8: Customize your LinkedIn URL to Make It Seem More Interesting and Compelling

This is something that everyone on LinkedIn can do, but many people tend to forget about this feature. It is simple and will surely attract more attention that the generic website description. To do this, go to the Profile > Edit profile from the main navigation bar and click the blue pencil icons in each section and modify the content. While in edit mode, you have the option to move your heading containers; click and hold the upper/down arrow on the right side of the box and reorder the boxes. Make sure to put important information closer to the top. Next just below your profile photo is your public URL, click edit and create a custom link specific to you.


Marketing your business with Twitter

TwitterSocial media can be used for marketing your business to interested consumers cost effectively. Although several options exist, we are going to discuss Twitter since it will require less time to use. As a business owner you are often pressed for time and creating long posts for sites like Facebook require a little more time than you can spare. Twitter only requires you to use 140 characters to communicate your message, which will literally take you seconds once you get the hang of it. Using Twitter and using Twitter for marketing are two different animals, but below we are going to cover how you can make the most of Twitter for marketing your business.


Creating a Twitter Account


Joining Twitter is a piece of cake. All you will need to do is visit and follow the onscreen instructions; you will be done in no time.


The first thing you will have to do after you create your account is make a Twitter profile. As with the tweet system, the profile is a short process as well. Upon creating your account, you will be taken to a screen, in which you can fill in your profile, this is very important! When other users are looking for people of follow, they will often refer to the profile to see if you are worth following. The key is to make is short and create a hook. One of my personal favorites is @catfoodbreath. They have a short, catchy profile and over 30,000 followers because of it. As you can see, there is room for humor on Twitter and if that does not fit your business, expertise is also prevalent on the site.


Building Twitter Followers


Regardless of how great your profile is or how informative, funny, or awesome your tweets are, if you do not have followers; who will see them? There are several techniques that can be used to build a following on Twitter. One of the best ways to get started is by following and interacting with others. You should also be sure to make frequent posts that are interesting; one great way to do this is infographics, which are extremely popular. Aside from that, you should mention your Twitter account in all marketing, including business cards, commercials, etc.


Twitter is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly; you can start slowly and continually build your presence. Consistency is key so post early and often and you will have thousands (or hundreds) of followers before you know it. If you want to build your Twitter profile even faster and reach followers more quickly, it would be worthwhile for you to look into getting help from a social media marketing professional. Either way, we wish you the best of luck on your journey into social media.

How to Stop Scale From Building Up on Your Plumbing Pipes

water softenersHere’s an interesting statistic: Only 1% of the water that comes into your home actually ends up in your body. So why focus so much on what you’re drinking? Because it’s important to your health. The rest of the water or “working water” can have an effect on the life of your plumbing and appliances so the quality of water in your home is important.

Hard water is usually the worst offender and homeowners who suspect they have a problem may need a water softener. It’s not too hard to tell if your water needs attention: If your soap fails to lather, or you notice water stains on your shower doors or fixtures, it may be time to get your water tested.

Testing is the only sure fire way to determine if your water is hard enough to be causing damage to your indoor plumbing. If the presence of excessive levels of calcium and magnesium are detected, it may be time to look for a water softener.

Why It’s Important

Hard water can cause all kinds of problems in a home. Some of the problems are superficial, such as hard water stains on your shower door or bathroom surfaces. But the real damage occurs from the build-up of scale—a chalky-like substance that clogs your pipes and drains. The scale builds slowly at first, but can eventually cause drains and pipes to clog. It can also create real problems in hot water heaters and water-using appliances.

A water softener typically uses salt to remove minerals and then replaces them with softer minerals like sodium and potassium, improving the life span of your indoor pipes and appliances.

Do Your Homework

You can buy a water softener outright or rent one by the month, but be sure to investigate the product and the company you’re buying from. You’re looking for a reputable company that offers the homeowner a guarantee.

Study the various water softeners on the market, and consider the size of your home, your family and your typical water usage. It’s important to calculate how much water you’ll need to purify. Since the average person uses 80 gallons of water per day, multiply .80 by the number of people living in your home and then multiply that number by 10 to represent the grains of hardness you’ll need in your supply. A family of 4 typically needs a 32000 grain water softener.

There are several different types of water softeners and it will take some research to choose the one that works best for your household and lifestyle. Some models add the minerals manually based on water usage while others are time based. You can also choose between models that are salt-based or use other technology to soften the water.