Steps to Order Custom Cabinetry for Your Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is the most important room in your entire home. You make your meals there, socialize with your family and entertain friends. If you hate your kitchen, you do not have sell your home to be able to have the kitchen of your dreams. Professional remodeling with custom cabinetry can provide you with a comfortable, functional, and beautifully designed kitchen. What steps must you take to find a capable contractor to create and new custom cabinets?

contemporary custom kitchenThe first step towards getting custom cabinetry is determining the scope of your budget. Typically, new kitchen cabinets will cost half of your kitchen renovation budget. You will want to get several quotes from woodworking professionals before you sign a contract with one to do the work. The cheapest contractor will not necessarily be the best contractor, so do your homework! Be certain that the contractor you choose has the skill and expertise to create functional, durable and beautiful cabinetry.

To find a good contractor that specializes in custom cabinetry, you can search the internet and ask friends and family for referrals. Look at the work these contractors have done in other homes and choose a contractor who has done work with a quality and style that you admire. Take pictures of cabinets that you like so that you can use them to show the contractor examples of styles and finishes that you prefer.

In order to provide you with an accurate quote, each contractor will have to visit your home and take some measurements from your kitchen. The contractor will have to determine how best to utilize the space and angles in the room to maximize the storage space yet create a set of cabinets that is aesthetically pleasing. Then, you and the contractor will need to discuss your storage needs, styles, types of wood, stains, etc. that you want for your custom cabinets. You will also want to mention any special extras you wish to add to add character to your kitchen – such as wine racks, glass doors, lights, apothecary drawers, or specialized moldings and trim. After you and the contractor have come up with a plan for your kitchen cabinets, the contractor should be able to provide you with some rudimentary drawings depicting his plan for your new cabinets.

Installing new custom cabinetry is the most important decision you will make in adding value and beauty to your new kitchen. Take the time to find a qualified contractor so that you are happy with your cabinets for years to come.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Business

buying a businessBuying an established business is often less risky and more rewarding than starting a business from scratch. However, when you purchase a business, there are several things that you need to know before you make a commitment.

There are many types of business law that affect an acquisition. First, you may need to secure the licenses and permits that you need to operate. These will vary depending on the type of business that you are operating. There are also zoning laws that you may need to comply with. The specifics of business law can vary widely by state.

Many business owners choose to protect themselves by working with a qualified attorney who specializes in acquiring or starting businesses. Although hiring a business law attorney involves upfront costs, most people find that it is worth the investment. The lawyer can guide you through the acquisition process and ensure that your interests are thoroughly protected.

There are many aspects of business law that prospective owners aren’t aware of. They can easily make mistakes during the acquisition process. A letter of intent must be written up front. It includes several details such as the proposed purchase price, the terms of the agreement and the conditions of the sale.

The transaction will also involve other legal documents that an attorney will fully understand and help you understand. These include confidentiality agreements, contracts and leases. A buyer should examine the existing business’ financial statements to ensure that the company is viable. In some cases, a lawyer will recommend that you request an audit letter from a reputable CPA firm.

An attorney experienced in business law should help you review the documents required for the sale. In addition to the previously mentioned documents, you will also have to investigate tax returns, property documents, customer records, advertising materials and the company’s past sales records. You should also examine information on contracts that involve employees and managers.

You can investigate many of the necessary documents on your own but unless you have a thorough understanding of business law, you could easily overlook important details. This could cause significant problems down the road. Investing in a good business law attorney will likely save you money and headaches in the long run.

Dog Walkers Versus Doggie Daycare

dog boardingA dog owner who works long hours and who live in a small apartment may need the aid of a third party to make sure that her dog is getting the exercise he needs.

There are two great options. First, the dog owner can hire a dog walker. A dog walker will pick up the dog from the owner’s apartment and take him outside for exercise. A dog walker can be one individual who physically walks the dogs and holds the leash himself or a person drives a van to residences and picks up the dogs and then takes them all to a dog park to run and play together.

Because the dog walker will be accessing the owner’s home, and will probably have a key, references should be required. In addition, a dog owner should ask to see the walker’s insurance documents to verify he or she has liability coverage. Criminal background checks from Triton Canada are recommended, but not necessary especially if the walker has provided excellent references. Hiring a dog walker who is a staff member or associated with a well-known dog boarding facility is another method to establish that the dog walker is trustworthy and professional.

Here’s some advice from a friend who happens to be a dog walker in Atlanta: A good way to find out if a dog walker is a good fit is to go along on a test walk where the walker takes your dog out. The owner will have a better understanding on the dynamics between your dog and this person if you observe them walking together.

The second option and best option in most areas is to get some necessary exercise for an apartment-bound dog is a doggie daycare. These are short-term dog boarding facilities for dog owners that do not want third-parties coming into their home to pick up their dog.

Doggie daycares are excellent for over energetic dogs who tend to tear up stuff around the house in frustration when left alone for long hours. The dog is dropped off in the morning and picked up each evening, just like a child in a kid’s daycare.

In a doggie daycare, the dog gets to play with lots of other dogs. He is rarely alone because there is staff present. He gets much-needed supervision, and his owner gets the peace of mind of knowing he is happy and surrounded by friends and dog care professionals.

What is a Good Content Management System?

wordpress themeThe Content Management System or CMS that you choose should be intuitive to use. Once your marketing team has you up and running, you should feel comfortable taking over at least some of the tasks associated with managing your website. That’s where a good content management system can make the difference.


What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is a web application used in the creating, managing, storing and deploying of website content. A good content management system focuses on allowing the non-programmer to write, edit and post content and photos using a simple to navigate web interface, which is why WordPress is considered one of the best CMS tools available.


When WordPress was first released it was best known for its ease of use by bloggers, but over the years, the platform has morphed into much more. WordPress is completely customizable, allowing small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to work with their design and development teams to create a custom them specific to their brand that is also search engine friendly, while having the ability manage their content.



Make sure you choose a CMS that doesn’t just focus on those that are highly tech savvy. Website frameworks comes with endless bells and whistles that you can take advantage of, but you aren’t going to use these if you need an IT degree to be able to make them work. Instead choose a CMS that’s designed for your level of understanding, your marketing consultant can help you pick a winner. WordPress CMS frameworks offer you an easy way to take advantage of what a CMS has to offer.


Easy to Create and Edit

Make your business task simpler and hire a marketing team to design your custom website –branded just for you, help you select a reliable hosting provider with the proper CMS security in place, and get your initial website up and then, you can take it over the content and photo additions. Keeping your site’s content up-to-date is key to gaining placement on the web. Good and frequently added web copy drives traffic to your company’s website. If you want to easily update your content without having a webmaster on retainer, an HTML program or FTP software, then you need WordPress as your platform.


There are four popular Content Management Systems: Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine and WordPress. However, WordPress is the most popular of all and the most recommended by marketing specialists. WordPress is an open source framework that has thousands of developers working on it – creating new plug-ins, identifying and fixing security risks, and improving both user and admin interface experiences. With WordPress you have a team of developers and teachers world-wide. Talk to your marketing team to find out why WordPress is the most recommended CMS.

Prospecting in the Bradshaw Mountain Range

gold miningThe Bradshaw Mountain Range is located in central Arizona. The range can be found in the Sonora Desert. Many modern gold prospectors have found this area to be ideal for an Arizona gold mine. This is because there is a rich history of gold discovery in the area. Geological uplift has brought gold to the surface in this area. Gold was initially found in the region in 1863 but there are still many pockets of gold throughout the area.

Gold is located throughout the Bradshaw Mountain Range, which makes it a good location for an Arizona gold mine. There a number of placer claims located throughout the region. These kinds of claims are made on sand or gravel that is gold-bearing. These claims give the person who discovers valuable minerals in gravel or sand the right to mine on public land. Although there is a long history of mining in this area, most experts agree that there is still much gold remaining in the area. It is still a viable location for an Arizona gold mine.

Gold prospectors have found that the best place for an Arizona gold mine in the summertime is located in the Bradshaw Mountain Range. A variety of mineral patents have been granted in the area of Lynx Creek in the range. A large number of these patents are now open to claims and prospecting as part of the Prospect National Forest. Although prospectors may not be able to establish a large scale Arizona gold mine in these areas, it is still a good location for a smaller mining operation. Many promising prospecting areas can still be claimed or purchased.

When you buy a claim, you are buying rights to the mineral deposits in the ground. You will not actually be purchasing the land or water itself. When someone wants to establish an Arizona gold mine, they must first stake or purchase a claim. When you want to establish an Arizona gold mine, you should first prospect the area before you buy a claim. You can buy a claim from a company that will help you with the paperwork that is involved in registering a claim. This will help make the process of establishing an Arizona gold mine much simpler.

How to Be Good at Ranch Roping

ranch ropingEveryone who has ever seen a rodeo is familiar with calf roping, also known as “tie-down roping.” It is a popular, timed rodeo competition where a mounted rider chases, lassos, and then ties down a calf, trying to do it in the shortest amount of time as possible.

The horses used in roping competitions must be specifically trained to aid the rider in roping and tying the calf. Most calf roping horses are American Quarter Horses. This breed is chosen because of its strength.

During a calf-roping competition, the following takes place. The calf is released from a chute, given a head start, and then the rider on the horse takes off after it. When the lasso touches the calf, the horse stops, and the rider dismounts. After the rider dismounts, the horse begins moving backwards, to put some tautness in the lasso rope that is around the calf. Meanwhile, the rider holds the calf down and quickly ties three of its legs together with a short rope that he most likely has been holding in his teeth the entire time (this rope is known as a “tie-down rope” or “piggin’ string”). After that, the rider gets back on the horse and loosens the lasso rope. If the rope on the calf’s legs holds the calf for at least six seconds, then the rider is still in the competition.

Calf roping cannot be done without the horse. He is the major actor. As stated before, it is necessary that the horse is strong, but the horse also needs to be calm, responsive, and gentle. A calf-roping horse will obey commands to move, stop, and back up quickly. He will be trained to respond to pressure cues on his legs and neck.

Teaching a horse to calf rope may take years. You or a professional at the stables should spend at least 30 minutes a day training the horse.

The first step in training a calf-roping horse is to get him jaded to having ropes flying all around him. A good way to do this is to trail a rope after him while he walks or gallops around a round pen. Then, practice throwing a rope out in front of the horse while riding him around the pen.

The second step is training the horse to stop and back up. You can either use a dummy cow or a log to do this. Lasso the dummy or the log and teach the horse to stop when the lasso hits the target and then to start backing up to make the rope taut as soon as you dismount. Teach him to back up slowly, so as not to pull the calf off its feet when you begin roping real calves.

After he gets good at stopping and backing up, put a few old, slow cows in the pen to get the horse used to following them. Use just your hands and legs to direct the horse as he follows the cows. After the horse is following your hand and leg cues correctly, start lassoing the cows and teach the horse to react the same as he did with the dummy or the log.

Once the horse is doing well with the old, slow cows, do the same exercises using younger, faster cows. Your horse should now be ready to help you rope some calves.

In any kind of training or work involving cattle, such as ranch roping, always remember to refrain from training your horse to be aggressive in any way to the cattle. A horse that can get along well with cattle will serve you better in competitions and in handling livestock.

What Services Do I Charge Sales Tax For?

sales taxSales tax laws can be difficult to understand. They can also vary widely depending on your location. Many products and services are taxed differently. For example, prescription drugs and food items are sometimes exempt from sales tax. Personal and professional services may be eligible for exemptions in some locations. There are tax issues that apply when you sell products to buyers in other states. Local, state and federal regulations can combine to create extremely confusing business law situations.

A business law attorney can explain in detail the sales tax structures for your area. Sales tax structures are different in every state. For example, if you operate in Arizona, there are several sales tax exemptions that you should be aware of. Professional personal services are exempt from sales tax if they are not purchased as part of the sale of a tangible product. Personal property that is bought for resale is also exempt from sales tax. There are many other exemptions in Arizona. It’s critical to comply with tax laws. If you don’t, you could be subject to severe fines that could cripple your business. A business law attorney can help you navigate your business’ tax situation to ensure that you comply with all laws.

It’s a good idea to consider a business law attorney as one of the critical costs involved in a running a business. You can research many tax and business law situations through books and the internet, but you could spend a lot of time and energy and not clearly understand what you need to do. It may actually be more cost effective to hire a business law attorney that can give you advice quickly and accurately. You can then spend your efforts on your business and customers, leaving the legal matters to the professional.

If you neglect to hire an attorney, you will quickly discover that you have serious gaps in your business law expertise. You could make costly mistakes that lead to crippling tax bills and other problems. Many business owners have tried to handle these issues on their own only to make mistakes that result in long term consequences. You turn to a medical professional for consultation on personal health issues, right? You should take the same approach when it comes to the health of your business, seek out the legal professional.