How to Get Your Horse to Work with Cattle

cattle workHorses do not naturally work with cattle. Some horses may even shy away from cattle on their own. You may need to get some training for your horse if you want it to work well with cattle. The trainer will begin a few simple exercises with your horse to train it to be good with cattle.

Before even introducing your horse to cattle, he needs to be broken in a bit, but not necessarily completely. You want him to focus on the cattle, not his training, so you need him just broken in enough to obey your commands.

Begin your horse’s initial experience with cattle by introducing him to some slow, amiable cows. If you begin by introducing your horse to a violent bull, he is not going to have good responses to any cattle.

Introduce the horse to one cow, then when he gets more comfortable, ride along with some other horses in a field of cows. The calmer your horse becomes in the field of cattle, the closer to the cattle you can take him.

Next, in an arena, teach your horse to follow a single cow around. This is called “tracking.” You will need to show your horse how to stand at certain distances and directions from the cow to put pressure on it to move in the direction you want.

After that, teach the horse to “hold” the cow. This means the horse will stop at a comfortable distance from the cow, lessening the anxiety on her, and letting her know it is alright to stop.

Lastly, your horse will learn to “work” a herd of cows. Take your horse back to the cattle pasture. Slowly, get him used to the herd by making him walk circles around it. Then, as he gets more comfortable, get him to circle the cattle closer and closer. At some point, make him cut through the center of the herd. This is how he will learn to divide the herd in half.

Have the horse circle the herd again to draw the herd back together into one unit. Then, have him cut it in half again. Have your horse practice this repeatedly.

Next, you will want to teach your horse to use his tracking and holding skills to cut a single cow out of the herd.

During the time the horse works the herd, make sure he stays focused on the cattle. If he is cutting a single cow from the herd, keep him focused on that single cow. A horse that remains focused on the cattle, and not you or its training, will be great at cattle work.

Save Money by Renovating Your Master Bathroom

bathroom renovationAre the bathrooms in your home old-fashioned and uncomfortable? Many people believe they must sell their home and buy a newer one to have a bathroom with amenities such as modern fixtures and beautiful custom cabinetry. However, you can make the bathroom in your current home reflect the luxurious indulgence of a spa retreat. You will spend less time and money by remodeling than you will by selling your current home and buying another. Renovation only adds value to your current home! All you need is a good contractor.

An expert contractor can assist you in developing your vision for a redesigned master bath. This contractor must be skilled at high-end, custom craftsmanship. An important part of renovating your bathroom will be the woodworking details. You will want to install custom cabinetry to provide more storage space so that your bathroom feels spacious and airy.

Many homeowners are getting rid of large, old bathtubs and replacing them with smaller tubs or custom showers to provide more room for storage. An additional way to provide more room in your bathroom is to have custom cabinets and shelving installed over the toilet in space that was not being used previously. Your contractor will know how to design the shelving and cabinets so that they are aesthetically pleasing and feel as if they were always a natural part of your bathroom.

There are many modern and convenient details that can be added to your custom cabinetry to make your bathroom feel even more lux. For example, you can have warming drawers added for your towels. Multiple towel bars can keep wet towels off the floor and make the entire room look neater. A lavish custom vanity with lights and make-up drawers can be built and installed to your specifications.

Your contractor and you can work together to determine a style and finish for your custom cabinetry that will stunningly compliment your tile and paint color choices. Many durable materials and finishes are available today that can hold up well under the high humidity conditions that can develop in a bathroom.

Your master bath can be the most spectacular feature of your home. Contact a specialized contractor today to help you design your dream bathroom.

How to Dissolve a Business Partnership

business-partnershipPeople dissolve business partnerships for many reasons. Sometimes, one party wants to retire or move on to other opportunities. All parties may wish to close down the business or sell it. In some cases, the business partners may have difficulty working together and decide to go their separate ways.

Dissolving a business partnership is complex. Ideally, at the time you formed the partnership, you created a partnership agreement. These agreements typically have a dissolution strategy that will guide you through the process. Whether or not a business partnership is in place, it’s important to contact an attorney well versed in business law. He can ensure that your interests are protected throughout the dissolution.

A business law attorney can help you draft a dissolution agreement. This agreement will address a variety of issues. You will need to have a third party valuation to determine the value of the business. After the business is dissolved, each partner will assume different liabilities and assets based on their percentages of ownership.

You will need to address some business law issues when dissolving the partnership.

  1. You probably have business licenses and permits in place. These will need to be discontinued or changed depending on the circumstances.
  2. You may need to terminate employees and ensure that they receive their final paychecks.
  3. Then, there will be other steps such as notifying customers and suppliers about changes in the business’ status.
  4. All parties will need to have a firm understanding of their tax liabilities concerning the company.

If you are continuing the business after the dissolution of the partnership, you will need guidance on restructuring. It may be in your best interests to form a limited liability corporation (LLC) to protect you in case of lawsuits or other financial crises. You may need to change policies within the company. It is a good time to create or revise employee handbooks. These help structure the relationship between the company and workers. A business law attorney can help you resolve the issues related to dissolution. He can also help you plan a strategy for the future that will ensure the company’s success.

Why Does My Dog Smell Bad?

pet groomingOne of the biggest reasons that some dogs smell bad, and need grooming often, is that the dog’s anal glands are not expressing properly.

Animals have anal glands to mark their territory. Dogs use the smell of anal secretions to determine important facts about other dogs such as age and sex. This explains why dogs sniff each other so frequently. With domesticated dogs, the existence of the anal glands usually goes unnoticed by humans until they stop emptying properly. Suddenly, a most beloved dog is a stinky, itchy mess and the owner discovers for the first time that these glands are causing the problem.

Normally, the anal glands are naturally expressed when a dog has a bowel movement. However, frequently, the natural expression will not function properly. The area becomes itchy and uncomfortable and you will see the dog do embarrassing things to get relief such as scoot his rear end across your beautiful carpet or rug, sometimes leaving a brown streak behind.

If the dog’s glands are not regularly emptied for him, they can become impacted and infected. This can eventually lead to abscess or rupture and bleeding.

The most recommended method to take care of this is to schedule regular appointments with your groomer to express the anal glands manually. A groomer has the experience and training to know when the anal sacks are full just by feeling them. Wearing rubber gloves, he will gently squeeze the anal glands to remove the very stinky fluid. After that, he will bathe the dog to remove the offensive smell.

Most dogs having anal gland issues will only need this manual expression done once per month. However, with some dogs, the problem is so severe that it needs to be scheduled weekly. Although you may hesitate at the cost of taking your dog to the groomer weekly, in the long run, it will pay off. Your dog will be more comfortable and will not smell objectionable. You will enjoy spending time with him if he smells fresh and clean all the time; and you won’t worry when friends come over thinking that they are in a smelly house. More importantly, having his glands emptied regularly ensures that he will stay healthy and is less likely to develop infections or other problems.

Master Bath Renovation – Adding a Custom-Made Vanity

master bath custom cabinetsSo you are remodeling your master bathroom and have added some great luxury items such as a whirl-pool tub and towel-warming drawers. Why not add a custom-made vanity to make every visit to your bathroom feel even more like an indulgent spa retreat?

A skilled contractor, preferably one that specializes in custom cabinetry, can remove the plain sink and mirror from your old bathroom, and replace them with a specialized, molded vanity that is a work of art. A stunning vanity cannot be bought premade from a store. It must be constructed precisely for your bathroom space and according to your individual desires and needs.

Contemporary bathrooms need a custom vanity table. Current trends are to build the vanity so that is looks like a separate piece of furniture sitting in your bathroom, not a fixture attached to the wall. Choose a quality wood and finish. Talk to your contractor about the types of wood that survive best under the humid conditions in a bathroom. Match the color of the wood and finish to the tile and paint or wallpaper that you will use when remodeling the room.

One great woodworking detail that can be added to your vanity is carved legs. Carved legs will make the vanity look expensive and sophisticated and add to the feel that it is a separate piece of furniture in the room.

Adding drawers and shelves to the vanity is also a good move. The shelves will add extra storage space and enable you to access toiletries and cosmetics nearby. You may also want to store hand towels and wash cloths in the vanity for quick access. Open shelves are great to display any valued items or to set frequently used items that you want to grab quickly.

Recently, a lot of vanities are created to resemble pieces of furniture from the dining room or bedroom. For example, contractors will make the vanity look like a sideboard or credenza from the dining room or an antique dresser from the bedroom. Sometimes, contractors will even begin their project with these old pieces of furniture, sand them down and refinish them, cut out an area to install the sink bowl and piping, and create a vanity from them. The result is a beautiful vintage piece in your bathroom that looks amazing and becomes the focal point of the room.

Talk to your contractor about constructing a vanity as part of your master bathroom renovation project. This striking piece will add to beauty and value to your new master bath.

What to Expect When You Bring a New Kitten Home

kitten careBringing a new kitten home is an exciting time. It’s fun to add a new animal to your family and kittens can be the source of a lot of amusement. A kitten needs time and care to adjust to a new home. If you take steps to care for your kitten properly, you will have a loving pet for years to come.

It’s important to schedule a veterinarian visit right away. You should set something up within the first few days of the kitten’s arrival. New pets need protection against diseases and health problems. A veterinarian can advise you on steps that will keep your pet healthy for a lifetime.

You should talk to your veterinarian about spaying or neutering your pet. There are large numbers of homeless cats and dogs and you don’t want your pet to contribute to the problem. Cats breed quickly and often so spaying or neutering is essential. Spaying also helps prevent certain kinds of cancer in female cats, so you’ll want to protect your animal as much as possible. Neutering will prevent your male cat from spraying. The operations are simple procedures that your veterinarian can perform on an outpatient basis. Kittens can be spayed or neutered at an early age, but your veterinarian can recommend the best time based on your kitten’s health and history.

Another important part of a veterinarian visit is vaccinations. Your veterinarian will recommend several vaccinations that are done on a schedule. You’ll need to visit the veterinarian so that your kitten gets all the shots it needs to stay healthy. Vaccinations prevent many common diseases that can make animals seriously ill.

Introduce your kitten to your home slowly. If you have a large home it’s a good idea to confine the kitten to one room and then slowly allow it to roam through additional rooms. This way, the kitten won’t get overwhelmed or frightened. The kitten will be very playful so get some simple toys for the kitten to bat or chase. Most pet stores have inexpensive kitten toys that will keep your new pet busy.

The Importance of Claim Resellers

claim stakerGold mining claim resellers play an important role in the mining process. Many potential gold mining owners can be overwhelmed by the prospect of finding and staking a claim. Claim resellers do much of the upfront work that is involved in establishing a mine. They look for land that has a high potential for producing gold. Then, they prospect the land to ensure that gold is present in the dirt or sand.

There are many Arizona gold mining claims available. Good claim companies explore and document many mines, then resell only the best claims. If you are exploring an Arizona gold mining claim, you want to work with a reseller that has done the upfront work to ensure the viability of the mine. Most Arizona gold mining resellers have a constantly revolving inventory. If you do not see a claim you are immediately interested in, you should check back regularly. It may take some time to find the right Arizona gold mining claim for your operation.

Some Arizona gold mining claim resellers attempt to sell claims that they have not properly investigated or prospected. They will try to get you to buy a claim sight unseen. You should never agree to this kind of buying arrangement – the one exception maybe if the company has an outstanding reputation. When you invest money in an Arizona gold mining claim, you should feel confident that your claim reseller knows their business thoroughly. The Arizona gold mining claim company should encourage you to prospect your land before making a purchase. Take the time to investigate the land and check for the presence of gold. This will reassure you that you are making a good purchase.

One of the most important roles an Arizona gold mining claim reseller can play is helping you with the paperwork. Before they resell the claim, the company will have filed paperwork to stake the claim. When you purchase the claim, you will need to have the deed to the claim transferred to your name. The Arizona gold mining claim must be filed in the county in which it is located. The reseller can help you with this paperwork. They’ll ensure that you have filled it out correctly and can tell you where to take your paperwork.