How to Avoid Common Online Media Mistakes

online mediaSocial media is a part of modern business. It’s rewarding when it’s done correctly. When it’s not, it can thwart future business. You can build a good marketing plan by avoiding common online media mistakes.

Sub-standard graphic design

Good graphic design serves many purposes. It helps viewers understand where they should focus their attention. The design naturally guides readers to the information they need. It dramatically improves the visual appeal of marketing materials. Graphic design is also an important part of organizing information. Tables, charts, stylish headings help users get a coherent picture of the information you are offering. Graphics sometimes explain information better than pages of text.

Professional graphic design helps you brand your website and other marketing materials. Branding is essential because it helps customers recognize your company and products. Think of many of the brands you use on a daily basis. You recognize them because of the consistency of their branding. You pick out products based on familiar logos, graphics and color themes. Your marketing materials should speak to your company, its products and mission. The branding should be consistent throughout your online presence including sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Bad graphic design has a wide-ranging effect on your marketing efforts. It looks unprofessional which may cause viewers to develop negative attitudes about your company. They may consider the company out-of-date or out-of-touch with modern concerns. Readers may see your marketing efforts as sloppy or childish which will affect their opinion of your abilities. Customers want to see company marketing materials that look modern and reflect the organization’s competency. Graphic design is a critical part of this process. Badly designed visuals are frustrating. They confuse readers and may distract from people’s ability to pay attention to your marketing information. Well-designed marketing materials are pleasing whether they are in print or website form. Readers are naturally attracted to visually pleasing information. It catches their attention and doesn’t irritate or frustrate them.

Bad grammar

Many readers are instantly turned off by bad grammar. They view this as a reflection on the company. Bad grammar in marketing materials can hamper your sales efforts. Writers often confuse terms like “it’s” versus “its”. Other common mistakes include using “their” and “they’re” incorrectly. Other marketing materials are plagued with typographical errors. Some readers may make fun of poorly executed marketing materials and share your mistakes with other readers. This can negatively affect your company’s reputation.

Poorly written text

It can be worth the expense to hire a writer and/or an editor. Nothing turns off readers faster than bad writing. They get confused and have to reread text to try to figure out information. Think about all the times you’ve had to read unclear product installation instructions. You’d never read the information if you didn’t have to. All readers feel the same way. If the articles on your site are unreadable, they will never share the information on social media. They may not even finish reading the text. This is a waste of your time and marketing efforts. It also gives the reader a negative impression of your company.

Broken links

Readers get irritated when they click on a link on your website or blog and it doesn’t work. This can happen for a number of reasons. The original article you’ve linked to may have expired. Websites may be taken down or renamed. Sometimes, companies go out of business and, consequently, the link doesn’t work. In other cases, the original writer entered the link information incorrectly so the link never worked at all. You should always carefully check links to make sure that they function correctly. You will need to review older posts on a regular basis to ensure that the links are still valid. If a blog post has become irrelevant due to broken links, you should remove it. This will keep your readers from getting annoyed and will make your online marketing materials appear professional.

Neglecting naturalized web placement

There are a lot of irritating marketing practices on the internet. Email spam, unnecessary links and blog spamming are epidemic on the internet. Some websites redirect users to irrelevant sites or Tweet useless information. Their Facebook pages are blatant sales platforms and provide no benefit to customers. Your company does not need to resort to these behaviors to have successful marketing efforts.

Naturalized web placement involves a complex understanding of how Google and other search engines rank websites. Search engines change these algorithms on a regular basis to thwart unethical marketing approaches. This is why many businesses turn to marketing professionals and consultants to help them create organic search engine placement (SEO).

Good marketing strategies integrate information about your company and its services with material that interests customers. A marketing professional with in-depth organic SEO knowledge can help you identify the keyword terms that will lead users to your website. Then, they will help you integrate these keywords naturally into your materials. You will avoid creating awkward text that is created merely to increase SEO rankings.

Attracting the wrong traffic

A good website does more than generate traffic. It attracts the right traffic. Your site should contain information that is useful for potential customers. If you integrate blog articles, they should have information that customers need. Content shouldn’t be limited to your company and its products. You can provide problem-solving articles, relevant research and resources that users may not be able to find elsewhere.

If you use substandard marketing practices, you may attract viewers to your site. However, if they aren’t the right viewers, the traffic is useless. Viewers won’t stay on your site to learn more about your products and services. They’ll leave the site quickly to look for what they really want. You only need traffic that consists of potential customers. You need to use the right keywords and SEO strategy to attract these people. Otherwise, you are wasting your marketing efforts.

Search engines evaluate the content of your site to determine what kind of information it contains. SEO best practices change constantly, which is something marketing professionals understand. They can help you develop a naturalized web placement strategy that will attract the right users to your site. Marketing professionals can help you navigate the constantly changing field of organic SEO so that you have a strategy that is current. Some businesses think that SEO marketing is too complicated and frustrating to pursue. Without an SEO strategy, you could be missing out on a lot of future business. It’s actually expensive to not have online marketing plan.

Getting Your Horse Ready for Competition

horse trainingThe Western Pleasure competition is one of many Western competitions.  This particular challenge entails many horses and riders competing simultaneously in one arena.  The contestants stay along the edge of the arena.  The judges will pay close attention to the horse’s pace – which is either a walk, jog, or lope – depending on the pace that the announcer has called out at the time.  The judges will also determine whether the horse changes from one pace to the next smoothly and judge the horse’s attention and focus on the challenge.

A professional trainer can best help you and your horse prepare for a Western Pleasure competition.  You want to make sure you are training your horse properly for when he gets into the arena so that he is well prepared.  One of the most important factors the judges will notice is whether your horse is comfortable, relaxed and void of any nervousness or spookiness during the competition.

There is no particular breed that is more highly recommended than another for Western Pleasure.  All breeds can be trained to do participate excellently in the competition.

To get ready for the Western Pleasure, your horse needs to be able to keep the same gait for a while and heed your commands immediately.  Also, you need to prepare your horse to switch from one gait to another without getting confused.  Most horses lose points in Western Pleasure competitions because they cannot transition from one pace to another smoothly.

Again, the three paces/gaits needed for this competition are as follows:

  • Walk.  When your horse is asked to “walk,” he should do so energetically and not lazily.  Each step should have a rhythm and be the same distance apart.

  • Jog.  Again, the jog needs to be energetic but not overly so.  There should be no jerky movements.  The whole jog needs to flow.

  • Lope.  This is a quicker gait that should have the rhythm of three beats.  The horse should show purposeful movement while loping.

Remember that there will be plenty of other horses and riders in the arena and your horse can get lost in the crowd.  Do not let that happen because the judges will not notice you.  You and your horse both have to appear that you are enthusiastic and having a great time.

Stay away from other horses that look like they could be problematic.  When you first get in the arena, avoid those horses when choosing your spot.  Also, find a location where it appears you and your horse will have the most room away from all other competitors.

If the other horses get too close during the competition, ride close to the edge along the entire corner of the arena.  The other riders will tend to cut the corner.  This gives you the opportunity to create more space between you and the others.

Western competitions can be a lot of fun and a great way to bond with your horse.  If you are interested in training for a Western Pleasure challenge, contact a trainer today to get started.

Creative Master Closet Designs

custom master closetMaster closets are a great way to update your home and make the most of your space. Master closets add storage space and can be both attractive and functional. Many people dream of upgraded spaces such as walk-in closets, drawers, additional shelving and other features. If you work with a custom cabinetry company, you can get your dream closet with all the features you want.

There are many design options for a custom closet. You can add dressers to the master closets. Your designer can create custom cubbies to hold a variety of items such as ties, purses, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. You can create a closet in an odd-shaped space or transform an existing, smaller bedroom into a closet. These are options you won’t find if you purchase pre-fabricated closets from a manufacturer. Another disadvantage of pre-fabricated furniture is that you often have to assemble it yourself. This is often time-consuming and frustrating.

Your custom cabinetry designer can do more than create a standard closet. If you want to maximize your space, designer can add floor to ceiling closets in your master closets. You can create spaces that accommodate rugs, mirrors, rotating doors, hooks and custom shoe racks. Your options are limitless. Your closets can be as attractive as they are useful. When you work with a designer, you can select the type of woods, finishes and colors you’d like in the space. You can add custom woodworking that reflects your taste. Your custom master closets can take advantage of all the odd angles, nooks and crannies in your home to add storage options. Pre-fabricated closets or wardrobes can’t do this for you.

Master closets can significantly add to the value of your home. If you want to put your home on the market, potential buyers will notice your closets immediately. Think back to when you were purchasing a home. Closet space was probably one of your major concerns. If you create a useful and adequate space, your home will stand out from others on the market. Buyers will take note of the storage efficiency and ease of your master closets if you do the project right. A custom cabinetry company can help you make the most of your space.

What Should You Do If Your Pet’s Skin Seems Irritated?

CharlieYour beloved family pet is scratching (all the time) or you’ve noticed red bumps on him, what do you do? You should seek care from a veterinarian that has experience in pet dermatology. Why? Pets can develop a number of conditions that are could be extremely irritating. A pet skin problem can also be more than just an annoying itch or bump. It could be a sign of something more serious.

You should not ignore a skin sore or other problem skin on a cat or dogs. Pet dermatology is an important, but often neglected part of an animal’s health. A vet with a pet dermatology background treats more than just skin. The doctor will also treat your pet’s nails, hair and ears. Pet dermatology can help improve the quality of your pet’s life in a number of ways.

Allergies are a common source of skin irritation. The animal could be allergic to fleas, food, shampoos, grass or chemicals. Some allergens are airborne like dust, bird feathers or pesticides. These allergens can cause serious skin irritations. The animal may react by scratching vigorously which can cause sores and bleeding. In time, this can lead to an infection. If you notice your cat or dog scratching more than usual, call a veterinarian who has a strong background in pet dermatology. The veterinarian will help you identify the source of the problem and take steps to treat it.

Some animals need allergy shots or medication to reduce skin irritation. Other times, they need topical medications. If an infection has set in, your pet will need antibiotics to cure the infection and prevent it from spreading. Your veterinarian can help you learn more about your pet’s problems and what you can do to help. You may need to apply medication on a regular basis. Some allergies require that the animal avoids irritants like fleas or grains.

If you notice bumps or sore spots on your pet’s skin, it is critical to contact your veterinarian immediately. Bumps and sores can be a treatable if they are caught early. The bump may be caused by a harmless cyst. A sore spot may merely be an infection. Pet bumps can also be tumors. If these are treated early by an experienced vet, it can save your pet’s life. Don’t ignore problem skin because it can be a sign of a life-threatening issue.

How to Write Quality Content for Social Media

quality contentIf you’re reaching out to clients through social media, you need to be conscious of the message you are sending at all times. These means caring about the complete images your customers receive. Your social media strategy should align with your business goals. The content of your communications, blogs, postings and Tweets is important. You want to send rich, interesting information. However, it’s also important that you pay attention to the details. Don’t be so focused on speed that you neglect the quality of the writing in your communications.

Why does quality matter?

Why does the quality of writing matter so much? Isn’t the information the most important thing? It’s easy to think of social media as a place where normal writing and grammar rules don’t apply. Some writers use abbreviations and don’t capitalize letters or check their spelling. Just because it is common doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. Customers notice the quality of your writing and make judgments based on what they read. They will see carelessness as an indication of a bad attitude and low commitment to quality. If you don’t care enough about the quality of a simple message, will you really care about your customers’ needs? Will you take the time to do your work properly if you can’t even communicate clearly?

Clean copy

The copy in your messages needs to be easy to read and free of errors .Typographical errors are signs of carelessness. Your messages send a lot of information about your business. Potential customers may be exposed to your company for the first time through social media. The first message they read can make or break their impression of you and your services. You may never have a chance to undo a bad impression you’ve made through social media. That’s why it’s so important to get it right the first time. .


You should use an informal, but professional style when writing online. You don’t want the sentence structure to be extremely formal because it will alienate readers. It’s fine to use first and second person terms like “you” and “I”. You can do this and still maintain a professional tone. You want to avoid social media traps that make you sound unprofessional.

  1. The first is using common but inaccurate word spelling. Don’t make words plural using a “z” instead of an “s”. You’ve probably seen text like “good eatz” or “winterz new style!” These spellings might be common on social media but they’re not business-like and you should avoid them.
  2. Another common trap is “capslacking”. This means that the writer doesn’t properly capitalize words in a sentence. It’s a sloppy habit that reflects poorly on the writer.

Confusing terms

Be careful to avoid abbreviations and insider terms. If you use an abbreviation, make sure it is a commonly understood one that the average reader will understand. Don’t use terms that are exclusive to your industry. They may confuse new readers. If you must use an industry term, take the time to explain it. This will minimize frustration for the reader. Some writers include glossaries when they need to use a lot of industry terms. It’s easy to create hyperlinks to definitions in blogging engines like WordPress. This simplifies things for the reader. Don’t talk over the reader’s head. It won’t impress anyone and it will turn readers off. Social media is a way to connect with your readers through easy to understand material.

Grammar guidance

There are a wide variety of grammar sites that can give you guidance on good grammar. It’s a good idea to ask a colleague to read through anything you’ve written. Often, when you’ve worked hard writing something, you don’t notice errors because you’ve read the text so many times. A second pair of eyes will help you spot errors. You can also hire editors on a per-project basis at a low cost. Even professional writers need editing support on a regular basis.

Breaking up text

You can make text easier to read by breaking it up with subheadings or bullet points, like what we’re doing in this article. You can often prepare a post ahead of time by outlining some bullet points and then filling in text on each point. It will be easy to pick out subheadings and keep yourself organized if you outline a post ahead of time. Bullet points are popular on social media because they are easy and quick to read. Subheadings are also popular because readers can scan the heading and decide what parts of the text they want to read.

Simplicity is key

Keep in mind that well-written text is important because it is easy to read. Good writing simplifies material and helps readers gather information quickly. People often turn to social media to help them understand complex topics. Try dividing information into easy to read capsules, such as simple steps and easy categories. You can also do question and answer formats in your blog post. These work well if customers have common questions about your business or related issues. Think about common questions and concerns that your customers have and address them in your blog. If you can simplify issues and information for people through social media, they will come to rely on you in the future.

How can you tell if your text is easy to read? Try reading it out loud to yourself. If it’s difficult or awkward out loud, readers will have problems with it as well. Have someone outside your company read it quickly and ask them a few questions to make all the information is clear to the reader. Always ask someone who is willing to give an honest opinion. Remember, you can’t undo a first impression so you should edit your work carefully.

If you write interesting posts that are relevant to readers, your blog will boost the traffic to your website. Try to provide them with information they can’t find anywhere else. Explain complex information to them in simple terms. Consolidate a difficult process into simple-to-follow steps. Help them find additional information. Following these simple steps will help you get results with your social media efforts.

How Foreclosure Affects Renters

rental foreclosureHow will a foreclosure affect your income property? How do real estate laws affect the foreclosure process? These are common questions for property owners who are facing difficult financial situations. Real estate law and foreclosure processes can vary depending on the situation and state. It’s a good idea to work with an attorney that thoroughly understands real estate law and foreclosure issues to help you navigate the process. It can be confusing and frustrating. An attorney can help you sort through the complex issues and recommend the best strategies for your situation.

Tenants are often just as affected by the foreclosure as the property owners. They face losing their homes which can cause difficult financial and logistical problems. If your property is in foreclosure and you cannot stop the process, you can make life easier for renters by advising them of their rights in the situation. If you consult with an experienced attorney, you can be honest with your tenants about the future.

Real estate law addresses some issues that tenants face during a foreclosure. In some cases, tenants are allowed to stay in the property until the end of their lease. In other cases, real estate law requires that the tenants receive at least 90 days of notice before they have to vacate the property. The “Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009” is the real estate law that provides this protection to tenants during the foreclosure process. If you own an income property and are concerned about your tenants, you should consult with an attorney that understands real estate law and foreclosures. This way, you can advise your tenants of their rights and what to expect during the foreclosure process.

You may be able to find out who the future landlords may be. Renters can sometimes arrange new rental terms with the future owner of the property. Sometimes, the foreclosure process is transparent to renters. A new landlord simply acquires the income property without making changes. However, if the buyer of the rental property intends to live in the building can terminate the lease within 90 days. The renters will appreciate any information you can give them about the foreclosure process so that they can understand the issues they will face.

Preparing Your Puppy for His First Dog Grooming Appointment

puppy groomerIf your puppy or young dog has never been groomed by a professional groomer, then you may want to train him a bit to get him familiar with what will be required of him on the groomer’s table. This preparation for his first appointment will help to quell any nervousness he may have at the actual appointment.

First appointments with a professional dog groomer can be stressful and frightening to a young dog. A puppy is used to being handled by his human family pack and not by strangers. If he is already a bit traumatized by visits to the veterinarian, he may associate the grooming table with the examination table used during vet visits and grow nervous. A dog groomer will touch him in some of the same ways that a veterinarian would, e.g., inspecting his ears and paws for mites and long nails. Your puppy may not understand that these actions are taken for the purpose of grooming only and may believe that he is going to receive a shot or some other uncomfortable procedure before the end of the appointment.

To get your puppy ready for the groomer, have him practice lying still for short periods of time in the weeks leading up to his grooming appointment. While he is laying down, touch his ears and his paws and any other areas you feel the groomer will focus on. Instruct him to lie still as you are doing so and soothe him with kind words. Give him rewards after he satisfactorily complies with your commands.

Nail clipping can also be a big cause for anxiety at a dog grooming appointment. Prepare your dog beforehand by holding his paws for short periods of time. Hold a real nail clipper in your hand while doing this. After your dog becomes comfortable with letting you hold his paws in the air, click the nail clipper as if you are actually using it. Meanwhile, hold the dog’s paws in the air, one at a time. This exercise gets the dog used to the sound of the clipper, and he will be less likely to jump or growl when hearing this sharp sound at his actual appointment.

A professional groomer with plenty of experience will be sure to make your puppy feel comfortable during his first grooming experience. Ask your groomer if he or she can suggest anything that can help your dog prepare for his first appointment.