Encouraging Users to Visit Your Sites Regularly

The goal for business social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter is to build customer awareness. These sites are an important part of any modern marketing campaign. These tools help you increase your website placement in natural ways. You’ve probably noticed websites that rank at the very top of website searches for certain terms and are labeled sponsored or have a different background color. Often, these sites pay search engines for high placement through pay-per-click (PPC) services. You don’t have to pay to get good results, if you are patient and willing to put in the work to gain placement organically. You need to build an organic enhancement strategy that incorporates a social media presence that supports your overall marketing strategy.


pinterestIf you visit department stores, boutiques and other fashion websites, you may notice that they have a “Pin It” option. This means users can click the button and pin items they like to their Pinterest accounts. Pinning your product allows the user to return later to buy the products. Customer pinning also helps in your marketing efforts giving your product a chance to go viral. Once pinned, other pinners will see your product on the person’s Pinterest page, and they may decide to pin the item to their boards. More and more people see your product as it is pinned to pages. People tend to follow other Pinterest users with similar interests. This increases the likelihood that your product will be seen by potential customers.

You can create a Pinterest account for your company in under 5 minutes and start pinning, but beware “pinning” can be so much fun it may not feel like work! Creating a Pinterest account is a creative process so be sure someone with the right skills is in charge. The page needs to be appealing and interesting without being self-serving. Don’t pin every item in your catalog to your page. Instead, create themes and pin items within the themes.

pinterestEngage your customers by repinning items from follower’s accounts; this will make them feel included in your efforts. Pin items often and include a wide variety of items on your page. Don’t use straight marketing materials. Instead, use items that are visually interesting and that will inspire consumers. Create boards that relate to your business in a creative and interesting way. For example if you’re a travel agent, create a “Bucklist” board and pin the activities people should do in their lifetime – visit Paris, see the Parthenon in Greece and Nashville, TN, cruise to Alaska. Employ the tool called “WiseStamp” which enables you to display recent pins in email newsletters, capturing your audience’s attention.

Always add a “follow” button on your web site and install the Pinterest app on your business Facebook page. This will make it possible for people to keep up with your pinning on regular basis. Remember that Pinterest is a primarily visual tool –beautiful and interesting images are how you capture attention. If you are unsure how to create a Pinterest page that engages customers, work with a marketing consultant or designer. They can help you understand how to use the platform in an engaging way and show you examples of successful pages.


There are many ways to optimize your use of Facebook. It’s a popular social media tool with over a billion accounts, but companies often don’t make the most of it. You can use Facebook as a key part of your marketing efforts, especially if you are willing to sponsor your posts.

facebookGive users the option to share posts with friends and tag themselves in your photos. This will increase your visibility among your potential target audience. Many companies effectively attract interest by running promotions through Facebook like Soma with their “This” or “That” contest where a commenter can win an item. Consumers like looking for deals, so posting coupons that customers can print or redeem electronically is sure to draw more fans. Also, the deal encourages users to share the coupons to build interest among other potential customers. Contests are another great marketing strategy. You can run contests that reward users when you gain a certain number of “likes” or followers. You can start a seasonal contest to promote new products by giving away prizes. Some companies offer samples to a certain number of users through their Facebook accounts. These are all effective marketing strategies for this social media platform.

The one potential marketing hazard with Facebook is showing up in your fans newsfeed. Often times when fans become inactive and are no longer liking, commenting or sharing a business page’s posts, the posts stop showing organically in the user’s wall fed. If your page has been inactive for a while, the same will happen; your fans will be blind to your new posts. To combat this, Facebook offers sponsored posts. For as little as $5 you can market your post, encouraging those non-active fans to become active again. You already got them to like your page through paid or organic marketing efforts, now you need to engage them.


Twitter allows you to send out short messages to people who follow your account. You can create a free Twitter account or you can purchase paid Twitter advertisements. If you use a good marketing strategy, there is no need for a paid account. You can accomplish your goals by working with the tool in a well-thought-out way.

When you create a Twitter profile, you will be able to select an avatar and complete a profile about your company. It is critical that this profile is consistent with the marketing messages you send about your company in all media. That includes print advertising, websites and other social media platforms. Ensure that your logo is visible and properly displayed. A graphic designer can help you properly resize or adjust your logo so that it fits your avatar. The avatar is the graphic that is displayed every time you send a tweet so it needs to be familiar to your customers.

You will also need a large photo for the background on your profile. Text will display over your background so the photo shouldn’t make the profile text difficult to read. You can also customize your Twitter background. This is something else a graphic designer can help with. The visuals on your Twitter account should fit in with the rest of your marketing materials. You’ll also need to have a brief description of your company on the profile. This should be carefully worded so that it fits in with your marketing strategy.

One of the advantages of Twitter is that every tweet will arrive in your follower’s feed. This is a marketing advantage because your messages won’t be filtered out the way Facebook posts are. You can use Twitter to send photographs, videos and article links. You can also link to specific webpages. You need to follow the same strategies on Twitter that you do on other social media. Present useful information that engages readers. Don’t simply use Twitter to blatantly promote your company.

twitterMention other users in your tweets by tagging them with the “@” before their Twitter handle. You can do this without replying to a particular tweet. This will engage the person you mention and other readers. This is a good way to thank a customer or colleague. It’s also an effective strategy for linking your company with community events and charities by mentioning the names in your Tweet.

Entice readers to view your blog articles or web pages with questions or teaser statements. Follow the statements with a link to useful article. Here are some examples of teasers:

  • Learn more about new tax structures for small businesses
  • Here are some tips for entertaining children on snowy days
  • Try these tasty cocktails to cool down on hot days

These teaser statements will entice users to click on the link and read the article. If it interests them, they are likely to retweet the message to their followers. This can dramatically increase the reach of your message because now you have the opportunity to engage all of their followers too, resulting in more fans and readers.

It’s key to use social media carefully as a part of your marketing strategy. Your goal should always be to interest and engage readers – focusing on their needs and interests, not just pushing your product or service. Engaged readers will help you naturally grow your social media presences because as they repin, like and retweet your posts, they open your company up to a new audience. Social media sharing is the new viral marketing – make sure your company’s marketing strategy is incorporating this valuable resource.

Investing in Custom Cabinetry

custom cabinetsWhen you moved into your current home, you were probably thrilled with it. As the years have gone by, you’ve probably outgrown some facets of your home. This is a common problem. You could always move, but that is a costly and frustrating step. In most cases, you can solve some of the problems in your home while increasing the value of your residence.

Custom cabinetry is a well-established way to increase your home’s worth. When cabinetry is created by skilled and experienced woodworkers, the results are beautiful and timeless. Most people think of kitchens and bathrooms when it comes to cabinetry, but there are other options. Consider a custom office or a custom media center to update the look of your home and make it more functional.

An increasing number of people are working from home offices. Many people don’t take the time to set up a functional home office. A custom office can help you in a number of ways. First, a custom office that is well-designed can make it easier for you to get your work done. You’ll have the organization and storage tools you need. The custom office will be designed with the flexibility you need. You can accommodate multiple users, different types of equipment and the types of tasks you need to perform. A custom office is much more attractive than a room that is thrown together with pre-fabricated furniture that won’t last over time. High-end woodwork is an investment for the long term. You’ll have the pieces for years, probably longer than you own your home.

A media center is another investment that will help you enjoy your home more. Most homes, especially older models, aren’t set up for modern media equipment. An inexpensive media center won’t last long and it won’t make your home more attractive. You can work with a custom woodworking company that will help create a functional and attractive media center that enhances your home. You can work with the designer from start to finish picking out the wood, finish and details that will make your media center stand out from cheaper pieces of furniture. You’ll find that this type of media center will make your home look attractive and modern. If you decide to sell later on, your media center and custom office will be extremely attractive to buyers.

A Comfortable Vacation for Your Feline Pet

It’s common to board dogs but have you ever thought about cat boarding? If you’re going to be traveling frequently, or for an extensive period of time, cat boarding may be the best way to help reduce your kitty’s stress. It’s common to think of cats as loners but they tend to strongly bond with their owners. They like their routine and want to feel safe and secure.

cat boardingCat boarding facilities are very different from shelters. They are more like pet hotels than storage areas. They do not place cats in small cages and force them to use the litter box near their feeding area. Cats in good cat boarding facilities do not have to share litter boxes or sleeping areas. Instead, cats usually reside in a small “condominium” that provides a comfortable, safe environment.

If you put your cat in a discount kennel, the cats may experience stress because of their proximity to dogs or other felines. The barking and smells will make the cat feel unsafe. Tour the facility before you make a commitment. Make sure the cats are away from any dogs. Also, ensure that the cats are not kept too closely together. Cats don’t always get along, especially when they are new to each another.

Some cat boarding facilities have kitty condos that have two rooms. This gives the cat a separate sleeping and litter box area. Condos may have internal air systems that make sure that every animal has fresh air at a comfortable temperature. You should ask to tour the cat boarding area at a pet hotel when you visit. Make sure that your pet will have plenty of room to move around and sleep.

The cat boarding facility should feed the cats at scheduled times. Routine is critical to helping cats adjust to a new environment. There should be an area for cats to play and exercise. They should have interaction with people who are experienced at dealing with cats. Ask questions about how the staff will deal with your cat if it experiences excessive stress or behaves oddly. Find out how the cat boarding staff will handle any emergency situations so you know what to expect.


The History of the Crowned King Mine

Gold mining history is rich with mines that are now abandoned ghost towns. The community of Crown King, Arizona is the site of a former gold mining community. The Crowned King Mine was the largest mine in the Bradshaw Mountains. The first claim made in the area was in 1875. More than 15 additional claims were made in the area over a span of about 40 years.

crown king mineThe Crowned King Mine was one of the most productive gold mining areas of its time. There are reports that $2,000,000 in gold was taken from the mine. That is $2,000,000 in 1899 gold prices which were around $20.67 an ounce. Today, gold is closer to $1700 per ounce, so The Crowned King Mine would have yielded an amazing amount of money at today’s prices.

The first claim in the Crown King group of mines was the Buckeye claim, which was established by Rod McKinnon in July of 1875. The Crowned King Mining Group was formed in January, 1888 by George P. Harrington, Noah Shekels and O.F. Place. Shekels went on to erect a saw mill in May of 1888 to support the gold mining operation.

The town of Crown King sprang up on the road that connected the mine to the saw mill. Railroad service came to the town in 1904 through the Bradshaw Mountain Railroad. At one time, the town had 500 buildings that included company stores, restaurants, a post office and boarding houses. Electricity reached the town in 1897.

The gold mining operations in the area were compromised by disagreements among the original mine developers. The Crowned King Mine was closed down by litigation in January, 1893. The gold mining operation opened again October, 1893 with a limited crew. In 1894, the mine began operating with a full crew. The gold mining operation was successful again but the legal feuds led to the gold mining operation being shut down again in 1899.

There are some buildings that are still in use near The Crowned King Mine. Tourists can visit the Crown King Saloon near the famous mine. The saloon was originally built in a nearby gold mining town called Oro Belle, which is now a ghost town.

How Does Alimony Work in Arizona?

Alimony is the money one ex-spouse pays the other during the process of a divorce or after the divorce. It is referred to as “spousal maintenance” in Arizona. There is more than one kind of spousal maintenance. A family law attorney can explain the details of each type to you and help you understand which kind applies to your situation.

new careerPermanent spousal maintenance means one party pays the other a set amount for a long period of time. If the divorce is causing financial hardship for one spouse, temporary spousal maintenance is usually awarded until the person has time to recover. Your family attorney may encourage you to file for temporary spousal maintenance if you are suffering from the immediate effects of separation.

Permanent spousal maintenance is becoming unusual. Even if the couple is married for a long period of time, a judge is unlikely to award permanent spousal maintenance. However, if you provided substantial family and life support for your ex-spouse over a long period of time, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Your family law attorney can help you understand how your contributions as a homemaker and primary parent factor into spousal maintenance awards.

It’s common for courts to recommend rehabilitative spousal maintenance for a limited period of time. This type of spousal maintenance is designed to help the person receive job training or a college education so that he or she can find sustainable employment. A family law attorney can help you determine if you are eligible for this type of support. It is especially helpful if you have been out of the workforce for a long period of time.

If you are considering asking for spousal maintenance, you should consult with your attorney to help formulate the right approach. You will need to clearly explain the reasons you are entitled to spousal maintenance and how you plan to achieve financial independence in the future. If you are being asked to pay spousal maintenance, your family law attorney can help you evaluate your options. It may be easier to agree to a temporary spousal maintenance agreement than to fight it. In other cases, your best option is to contest a spousal maintenance agreement.

Your Dog’s Emotional Well-Being

Dogs love their owners. Your dog is probably very excited every evening when you return home from work. However, if you work long hours or your dog has a sensitive personality, the situation can become stressful for your pooch. Many people use dog boarding facilities (aka doggie day care) to help their animals deal with the effects of long work hours.

pet careLonely animals can act out in a variety of ways. Some become depressed. Dogs are descended from pack animals so they naturally prefer to be around people and other animals. Some dogs get separation anxiety which can lead them to act out in unexpected ways. All dogs destroy something once in a while, but dogs with separation anxiety can become overly destructive. They may tear up furniture, chew on possessions like your favorite pair of shoes or bark excessively. Instead of viewing your dog as a nuisance, you should consider the dog’s emotional needs which are probably causing the issues.

If you can’t be home more often, consider doggie daycare for the times when you can’t be around. These facilities are designed to help keep animals entertained while their families are busy. Instead of sitting around the house feeling lonely and looking for trouble, your animal will get fresh air and exercise. At a dog boarding facility, the dog will interact with compatible animals and get a chance to feel like part of the pack for a while.

You can visit a dog boarding facility to see if it will be a good fit for your canine. Ask to see the play area and check to see if there are toys for animals to play with. Ask questions about how often the dog boarding staff takes the dogs out for walks. If your dog will interact with a lot of other animals, how will the staff prevent fighting? What are the credentials of the dog boarding company’s team? Are they trained to deal with different animal personalities? Do they know what to do in case of an emergency?

Even if you don’t use a dog boarding facility full-time, you may find that part-time use helps your dog cope with loneliness. Doggie daycares help provide the socialization that is so critical to a dog’s emotional well-being. They also help the pet get an appropriate amount of exercise which will keep your pet healthy and happy.


Constructing a Custom Office

If you’ve recently started working at home, you may find that your home isn’t designed to accommodate a home office. Some people consider moving because they don’t have the right kind of space to work. Moving is a huge ordeal and the market conditions aren’t always right for selling or buying a home. Instead of embarking on the ordeal of a move, you should consider creating a custom office.

custom cabinetsYou can work with a high-end custom wood crafter to create a custom office in your home. Many people buy pre-fabricated furniture at big box stores or yard sales to equip their home office. They often find that their purchases don’t really meet their needs. A good home office makes life easier for the worker. There should be ample storage. The user should be able to set up all the equipment he or she needs easily. The workspace may need to be flexible to accommodate more than one user at a time. These needs are very difficult to meet with prefabricated furniture.

Custom-designed furniture has a number of benefits. First, it is much more attractive than the particle board or plastic furniture that is sold at many retailers. Next, the custom cabinetry can be created to be a permanent fixture in your home which will increase the value of the property. It will look more attractive and you can create a custom office which is unique to your style preferences.

An experienced and skilled woodworker can help you create a custom office that fits in perfectly with the space you’ve allotted. The custom cabinetry can integrate all the features you need to get your work done efficiently. You can also add custom details that make your furniture more visually appealing than the average office furniture.

Any investment that you make in high-end custom cabinetry will pay off when it comes to your home. First, it will make it easier to use the space you have more efficiently. If, down the road, you decide to sell your home, potential buyers will be impressed by the quality of the cabinetry in your home. A custom office will appeal to a wide variety of people, especially those who are planning on working from home regularly. Your home will have sales appeal that other residences won’t have.