Going the Extra Mile for Your Large Dog

There are lots of reasons to have your dog professionally groomed. This is especially true if you have a large dog. The animal won’t fit in your bathtub and it’s difficult to bathe a dog outside during the winter months. It’s very uncomfortable for the dog to be wet in freezing weather. That’s why many people turn to dog grooming services to help with large dog care.

large dog groomingFind a dog salon that has hydraulic tables. These lower to a comfortable level to help large dogs get on the table. This is especially important as the dog ages. Baths can be a special challenge for large dogs because they don’t fit in standard sized tubs. They may also have trouble climbing in and out of larger tubs. Stainless steel tubs with a ramp to help load and unload dogs are another great tool to make your large dog more comfortable when it’s time for dog grooming.

Large dogs, especially those with thick fur, can take a long time to dry. A good dog grooming company will have hand-held force dryers. The best dryers feature warm, moist air which will keep the dog safer and more comfortable during the drying process.

A professional dog grooming service will help you do more for your large dog. They can carefully trim the dog’s nails so they are manageable but not so short that they are painful. A good grooming opertaion typically has a stable staff with little turnover. This means the groomers will form a relationship with your pet over time. This will make grooming more relaxing and pleasant for your pet.

Professional dog grooming services can make recommendations for caring for your large dog between appointments. They will probably recommend that you brush your dog at least every few days. The groomer can help you pick out a brush that is effective and comfortable at the same time. The groomer may also notice health problems. Large dogs are more susceptible to issues like hip dysplasia and the groomer will likely notice stiffness. The groomer may recommend that you discuss the dog’s diet and exercise plan with your veterinarian.

The Importance of Mineral Rich Black Sands

rich black sandsThere are many factors to consider when looking for promising gold mining claims. Gold prospecting is complicated but can be very rewarding if a good claim is identified. One of the most important factors in gold prospecting is finding a mineral rich area. These areas are much more likely to have high gold content. High gold content is often related to the presence of mineral rich black sands. These sands can contain gold and particles of other minerals. Some minerals in black sand include hematite and magnetite. Black sand is heavier that white sand due to its mineral content.

During gold prospecting, experts often recommend that prospectors look for the presence of mineral rich black sands. These sands are common in many creeks, but they don’t guarantee the presence of gold. Gold prospecting is a complex process and no one piece of information will lead you to a rich gold sources. In some areas of the country, finding black sands can lead you to a rich source of gold. Dig deeply in the area because as you go deeper, you will get more information about the soil. If the black sand is present in large quantities deeper in the ground, this is a good indication that you are near a good source of gold. When you’re gold prospecting, look for black mineral sands where they’re most often found; common locations include the area around boulders and creek bends.

Don’t merely rely on black sand. It’s necessary to follow other guidelines during gold prospecting. While looking for gold mining claims, prospectors should perform other tasks. To find mineral rich areas, prospectors should also examine the rocks that are exposed by the stream’s erosion. Rocks with a non-sedimentary layering are good gold prospecting indicators. The prospector should also examine the formation of stream paths and rock formations. Pay streaks, or rich gold sources, are often located in areas where the water flows downward. There are many other considerations when it comes to gold prospecting, but finding mineral rich black sands is a good factor to consider.

The Benefits of Adding a Second Bathroom Sink

Because bathroom renovation is such a significant undertaking, it’s worth the time and money to do the project right. If you scrimp on details, you’ll end up frustrated with the results. Your bathroom renovation investment also won’t reap as many financial benefits when it comes time to sell your home. If multiple people live in a home, they often use the bathroom sink at the same time to brush their teeth, dry hair, put on makeup and perform other activities. A second sink can make the room more functional and convenient by making space for multiple users.

custom bathroom sinkThe cabinets that hold double sinks are significantly longer than those that hold a single sink. This type of bathroom renovation provides a great deal more counter space for users. There are more places for storing materials on the sink. A custom cabinet can be created to fit underneath the double sink. The cabinet can be created in any style that you choose. Some customers request sliding drawers in a variety of styles. Large sliding drawers can be used to store towels and clothing. Smaller drawers can be created to hold toiletries and other supplies. You can request drawers in the width, length and depth that correspond to how you’ll use the space. You won’t have to cram things in where they fit. Instead, you’ll create spaces for the items you use in the way that you use them.

If you take advantage of the space underneath the double sink, you will get more functionality from your bathroom renovation. If you buy pre-made cabinets, you may have to compromise on the functionality or size. A custom cabinet can be built to any specifications you like. Custom cabinets will also fit exactly into the space you want. You can combine the area underneath both sinks to create a large shared space or divide it into separate spaces to create a private space for two users.

During a bathroom renovation, some homeowners choose to put mirrors directly over the double sink. Simple mirrors can be attractive but may not add enough functionality on their own. A designer can create cabinets or shelves that coordinate with mirrors. You can request shelves around the mirrors. The mirrors can also be built directly into cabinets that will provide valuable storage space as a part of your bathroom renovation.

How Do I Protect My Interests as a Franchisor?

A franchise can be an extremely rewarding enterprise for both the franchisor and the franchisee. However, both parties have separate interests to protect so it’s important that all agreements are clear before any permanent commitments are made. Although the franchise is a joint venture in some ways, both the franchisor and the franchisee have some separate goals and concerns that can conflict. It’s a good idea for everyone involved to work with a business law attorney to make sure the agreements are mutually beneficial.

There are a large number of business law regulations that protect franchisors. When you want to enter into an agreement with a potential franchisee, you will need to create a document called a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC). This is an extensive document that outlines the obligations that both you and the franchisee agree to.

It’s important that every part of the UFOC is written carefully to protect your interests. You have many concerns to address such as trademarks, copyrights and the territory limitations that apply to the franchise. A qualified business attorney can help you complete a UFOC or review the document before you make a commitment.

franchisorWhen you are creating the UFOC, you will need to consult with your account to help you prepare the financial statements necessary. This is a helpful practice because it gives you an extensive picture of the health of your company. You are required by business law to disclose complete financial information to potential franchisees. This practice is required because it gives the franchisee information about your company.

Your UFOC should contain specific details about the financial arrangements between you and the franchisee. A well-constructed UFOC will prevent misunderstanding between you and your business partners. Strong, up-front agreements prevent expensive lawsuits. Your business law attorney can advise you about common problems that franchisors experience. Then, you can work with the attorney to construct contracts that are designed to avoid these common issues.

Business law protects franchisees in some ways, but they don’t protect them in every situation. There are issues to consider such as bankruptcy, operating agreements and initial investments. An experienced business attorney can help you avoid these situations by constructing the franchise agreement properly.

How to Make Your Master Bath More Functional

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. The more functional the bathroom is, the happier homeowners are. Bathrooms need to fill several functions in addition to plumbing. People often use bathroom space to store a wide variety of items. Sometimes, multiple people need to move in and out of the bathroom at the same time so there should be plenty of floor space. The cabinets should be set up so that users can quickly find and use what they need without constantly moving around the room.

You can make your bathroom more functional through a master bath remodeling project. If it’s done correctly, you’ll find that you enjoy your master bath significantly more. If, down the road, you decide to sell the home, your master bath remodeling efforts will give you significant advantages. Most home shoppers look at bathrooms carefully to ensure that they are modern and convenient. They will notice the difference between a functional room and an out-of-date room that is difficult to use.

custom master bath remodelCustom cabinets can be a great way to make your bath more functional. During the process of creating custom cabinets for master bath remodeling, you’ll work with an experienced designer. Your designer will have a variety of ideas about how you can take advantage of the space through master bath remodeling. Custom cabinets may be an option for small, cramped places. The cabinets can also be tailored to fit into unusual spaces. They can be made at a variety of heights. Custom cabinets are great for master bath remodeling projects because they can incorporate many different features like drawers, shelves and doors that fit your needs.

Custom cabinets can make your master bath remodeling project unique because you will choose many different features of the cabinets. You can discuss your goals in detail with your designer. If you share the bathroom with more than one person, the designer may recommend a cabinet that holds double sinks. If there is a lot of wall space and you have significant storage needs, the designer may recommend a combination of custom cabinets that look both attractive and functional.

How Many Mines are in Jermone’s Verde District?

The Jerome Verde District owes its notoriety to gold prospecting in the late 19th century. Jerome is located in the Black Hills of Yavapai County in Arizona. It was originally a popular area for copper mining. It started as a small mining community of tents and then quickly grew into a vibrant mining community. At one time, Jerome produced three million pounds of copper each month.

jerome miningOne famous Jerome Verde District mine is the Gold King Mine. This mine was not originally a gold prospecting site. The original miners were looking for copper. Instead, the miners found a rich source of gold in the mountains. Jerome is a popular area for gold prospecting due to the potential for gold. It is also interesting to geologists because of the rich copper deposits in the area.

There is a long standing legend that Spanish Conquistadors found a rich source of gold in Sycamore Canyon in the 16th century. They were the first group of Europeans to explore the area and they were shown an area on Cleopatra Hill by the local Yavapai tribe. At first, the Europeans mined copper for jewelry but eventually began gold prospecting.

In the late 19th century, a gold prospecting project by an ex-cavalry scout led him to the mines in the Cleopatra Hill area. He staked a claim and it wasn’t long before gold prospecting increased in the area. Some prominent mine owners over time have include United Verde Mine, Grand Island Mine, Cleopatra Copper Company, Verde Central Mine, the Gold King Mine and the United Verde Extension Mine Company (UVX). Other owners include Reed Mining Company, Green Monster Mining Company, Venture Hill Mining Company, Fryer and Cummings and many other owners. The United Verde Mine and UVX went out of business in the 1930s. Approximately 28 individual mines exist in the area.

Mining decreased in the area due to a number of factors. Two miner’s strikes in 1917 had a serious effect on operations. There was a downturn in mining activity after the First World War. Mining increased in the 1920s but several mines closed during the Great Depression. A massive mine fire in 1918 caused significant financial and social issues in the area.

Preparing Your Pool for a Vacation

pool treatmentIf you’re leaving town for several days, you should prepare your pool for the vacation. Even though no one will be swimming in the water, appropriate swimming pool treatment is important. The better you prepare the better condition your pool water will be in when you return. First, it’s important that your pool water is in excellent shape before you leave. Any water problems you currently have will only get worse while you are out of town so focus on swimming pool treatment before you leave.

You should use your standard swimming pool treatment regimen if your water is already clear. Carefully check the chemical balance of the water and add any chemicals if necessary. Many experts recommend setting the chemical levels slightly high and allowing them to reduce over time when you are away.

A pool cover will help protect your pool while you are gone. It will keep out the leaves and other debris that can degrade the water. It’s important to keep the filter running so that the water doesn’t become stagnant. This can serve as a perfect breeding grown for mosquitoes and algae. Most experts recommend running the pump seven to eight hours a day. There are timers on many models of pumps which make it simple to keep the water circulating. You could also add a floater with extra chlorine tablets during the time you are gone. The floater will allow the chlorine to slowly dissolve which protects the water quality.

It’s important to use the right swimming pool treatment to get your water in shape before you leave. Consider using a non-chlorine shock product like Attack Non-Chlorine Shock to make sure your water is clear. The shock will help your current sanitizer work more effectively. This swimming pool treatment destroys the organic containments in your pool that will lead to problems over time.

If you are going to be out of town for a significant amount of time, more than a week, consider asking or hiring someone to monitor the pool every few days. Hiring someone may save you money in the long run because you won’t have to buy as many chemicals to get the water back in shape when you return. The person can do basic swimming pool treatment tasks such as adding chlorine and removing major debris.