The Difference between a Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is very common in the world of family law. Many people create these agreements to protect their assets in the case of a divorce. Postnuptial agreements are also common, but people are often not familiar with the difference between the two types of agreements.

prenuptial agreementA prenuptial agreement is created with a family law attorney before a marriage or civil union takes place. The agreement is actually a contract and covers many different family law issues. Prenuptial agreements can contain a variety of terms depending on the situation. The document details how the couple will divide their assets if they decide to divorce in the future. Some agreements have specific stipulations, such as forfeiture of certain assets in the case of adultery.

Both parties involved should have their own family law attorney during the creation of the prenuptial agreement. There are many issues to consider and individuals who complete these agreements without assistance can overlook serious concerns. These can include spousal support and what happens to individual assets if one of the parties dies after the divorce. Prenuptial agreements must be entered into voluntarily and the family law attorneys can ensure that this is clear before the documents are signed.

Postnuptial agreements are created after the two parties have already been married or entered into a civil union. The postnuptial agreement is a contract that specifies how assets will be handled if the couple divorces or separates. These types of family law contracts have only been popular for a few decades, but people find them very helpful in the case of a separation.

There are a few common types of postnuptial agreements. One type deals with assets if one person dies. In these cases, the other partner waives the right to property or assets that he or she would normally be entitled to under inheritance laws. Some agreements address the issue of alimony. Typically, the parties waive the right to alimony. The contract may also address the division of property that was acquired before or after the marriage or civil union. It’s important for both parties to work with a family law while creating postnuptial agreements so that the interests of both people are protected.

The Three Key Elements of a Successful Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is a complicated project. Many people upgrade their bathroom to make it more modern. They want to improve its appearance and get rid of unstylish and out-of-date fixtures. In other cases, people are focused on making the bathroom more comfortable and inviting.

bathroom renovationWhether you are renovating a master bathroom or family bathroom, you’ll want to focus on the three key elements of successful bathroom renovations. The improvements should make the bathroom modern, attractive and functional. These upgrades make the bathroom more pleasant and can be attractive to potential buyers.

Bathrooms in older homes are often far out of date. The fixtures may not function properly anymore. There are many bathtub and shower options available today than there were 30 years ago. Homeowners often add modern features like steam showers or large bathtubs. They also typically modernize the colors in the room so it does not appear out-of-date. Older bathrooms often don’t provide appropriate amount of cabinet space. Today, users expect to be able to store towels, toiletries and many other items in their bathroom. Even if the bathroom is awkwardly shaped, custom cabinetry can create space throughout the room. Cabinets can be built around bath fixtures and in corners.

The attractiveness of the room is very important in a bathroom renovation, especially if you are considering selling the home. Your bathroom should have a pleasing color scheme and fashionable features. Bathroom cabinets can add to the attractiveness of the room. Cabinets make space for storage which makes the room appear less cluttered. There are many styles of bathroom cabinets, some with custom woodwork, that can help you add a unique touch to your bathroom renovation.

Functionality is another key to a successful bathroom renovation. Bathrooms should be easy and convenient to use. One thing many homeowners struggle with is storage space. They put racks over toilets or try to cram towels into tiny cabinets. They may have a cluttered counter space because they simply don’t have enough cabinetry. Standard cabinets from home improvement stores don’t fit well into many bathroom shapes, but custom cabinetry can be created in any size, style or shape to help improve the functionality of a bathroom.

The Advantages of Indoor Dog Parks

Indoor dog parks are fast become a popular trend. They provide a great advantage when it’s cold, rainy, snowy or hot. Some indoor parks offer off-leash areas that allow pets to stretch their legs. Dogs need regular exercise regardless of weather conditions. Without regular exertion, dogs can get depressed. Other dogs have behavior problems when they don’t have a chance to play and socialize. Indoor parks give owners options when it comes to exercise and play.

indoor dog parkA good indoor environment mimics an outdoor park in many ways. There’s lots of room to run. Some have features to attract pets and owners alike. Dog amenities may include tunnels, jungle gyms, balls and other toys. Parks may feature agility courses. Some locations offer private sessions for dog that are aggressive or have trouble interacting with other animals. Many parks set aside separate areas for large and small dogs. If the company offers dog boarding, the indoor environment is an added bonus. A tired, well-exercised dog is more likely to relax and sleep well even in an unfamiliar environment.

Some dog boarding facilities offer indoor exercise areas as a part of the boarding package. These give animals a structured and fun area to play. Dog boarding staff may play games with the dogs to keep them engaged. If you are considering a dog boarding facility with an indoor exercise space, ask to see the environment. It should be clean and inviting. Make sure the area has plenty of room for your dog to run. Ask about the exercise schedule. How many dogs are in the area at the same time? Your dog may enjoy interacting with other animals, but the play area shouldn’t be overcrowded.

Ask questions about how the dog boarding process works. Are the animals kept in cages? If so, are the cages large enough to allow your pet to move freely? Can you send special items with your dog such as blankets, toys, bed or other comforting items? Dog boarding facilities and indoor parks will require current vaccinations before your dog can join in the fun.

What is Fire Agate?

here is a long list of terms a gold miner needs to know. One of the less commonly known terms is fire agate, but it is an important term for a gold miner. Fire agate has rainbow colors, much like the gem opal. It is a semi-precious gemstone that formed naturally during volcanic activity in the earth’s tertiary periods. Fire agate can be found in limited areas, specifically in the southwestern United States and Mexico.

fire agateFire agate can range in value depending on the brightness of the stone and the amount of rare fire which is colored purple, green or blue. Less valuable fire agate has a duller fire and green or golden fire. To be considered high value, the fire has to be visible throughout the stone. Fire agate is often mistaken for opal. It has had a variety of names throughout history including Cinnamon Opal, Precious Peacock Stone and Opalescent Agate. Occasionally, fire agate and opal are found attached together.

A gold miner in the southwestern United States may also mine for fire agate at the same time. The gem can be found in the same areas that gold miners frequent in the Sonoma Desert region which is located in Arizona and California. One of the best sources for fire agate in Arizona is in the Little Horn Mountains which are near Quartzite and Oatman, Arizona. Gold miners and other gemstone miners frequent these areas because the fire agate found in the southwestern United States is more valuable due to the quality of its color and fire.

The Cuesta Fire Agate mine is located in Oatman, Arizona. This mine was founded in 1928 near an active area for gold miners. The public can pay a fee to mine for gold agate. Often, fire agate mines are located near the areas where gold miners are active or were active in the past. When gold miners are prospecting land, they are often on the lookout for semiprecious stones because these can be an additional source of profit. Fire agate is one such stone and is worth understanding because it can be a significant source of profit.

How Paternity Suits Work

Paternity suits are initiated for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the father denies paternity and the mother pursues a paternity case to prove parenthood. In other cases, the father may file the paternity suit. He may wish to establish paternity to gain certain rights such as visitation or custody. The child’s rights are also considered during paternity cases. If the father is identified, the child has rights to medical benefits, life insurance policies and inheritances. The child may also be eligible to receive veteran’s and social security benefits.

paternityFamily law attorneys are often hired by both parties during the course of a paternity suit. The mother may hire the attorney to help her gain child support after paternity is established. The father may employ a family law attorney to gain access to the child or to protest a paternity suit brought by the mother.

If a paternity suit is contested, the matter is generally resolved in court based on the evidence available. The father participates in genetic testing to determine the likelihood of paternity. These tests, often DNA tests, are advanced and can generally provide the court with enough information to make a paternity ruling. The State of Arizona initially pays for the testing and the potential father signs an agreement to pay for the testing after the fact if he proves to be the father. Genetic testing can provide the parties with a probability of paternity which can establish the legal presumption of paternity. The threshold in Arizona is 95 percent likelihood.

The mother can employ a family law attorney to establish paternity even if the father does not live in the same geographic area. If the paternity is established in another state, it is considered in effect in Arizona. If the mother is not sure who the father is, the family law attorney can assist her in identifying the parent. First, the mother identifies the most likely father and the man is tested. If he does not prove to be the child’s father, then the mother works with her family law attorney to identify other potential candidates for testing.

How to Make the Most out of a Small Master Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be frustrating. The lack of space, especially storage space can make life in small bathroom seem difficult. The average bathroom in a home older than 30 years is about half the size of a modern bathroom. However, a bathroom renovation can help you take advantage of the space you have so that your bathroom feels larger.

When you undertake a bathroom renovation on a small room, think carefully about the amount of light in the room. Some smaller spaces don’t have windows. If this is the case, you should use light paint colors to keep the room from looking dark. Consider incorporating a large mirror and plenty of lighting during your bathroom renovation to make the space seem larger.

One of the key problems with a small bathroom is the lack of places to put things. Think of all the things you could store conveniently in your bathroom if you had the appropriate space. You might try to make do with crates, over-the-toilet cabinets or plastic bins. These can make the bathroom appear cluttered which will make the room feel even smaller.

custom bathroomIf you do some simple bathroom renovations, you can maximize the space you have. Custom cabinetry is one of the best options during a bathroom renovation. Standard cabinetry often fits awkwardly into small spaces. It doesn’t help you make the most of unusually shaped spaces. Cabinets can be constructed that fit under counters, in small corners or in other unusually shaped spaces. You can also request cabinets on the side counters of sinks to increase space in an unusual way.

It’s tempting to use a pedestal sink in a smaller room, but this could actually cost you usable sink. If you have a custom-built vanity with a sink, you’ll have use of the storage underneath the sink. The vanity can be shaped in a variety of ways to give you as much room as possible in your bathroom. It can be curved, square or built into the corner to provide you with additional storage space. When you work with a custom cabinet designer, you can explain your needs thoroughly. The cabinet-maker can visit your home and make recommendations about how you can make more space in a cramped room.

Sliding Glass Door Protection

security shuttersSliding glass doors are one of the most common targets of home invaders. These doors tend to attract criminals because they are easy to breach. They’re often the main point of entry during a robbery because they are one of the most vulnerable types of doors. Many people try to secure their sliding glass doors with a rod, but criminals can get around these bars easily by pulling on the frame of the door. They may even smash the windows to gain quick entry. Alarms don’t always work well with these types of doors so additional security measures are needed.

Rolling security shutters can provide excellent door protection for sliding glass doors. When properly installed, they can make a home or business nearly invincible. These types of rolling shutters will often deter a criminal from bothering with your property at all because they know the shutters are impenetrable. Rolling security shutters are built into sturdy, long-lasting steel frames that can be locked securely to keep out unwanted visitors.

Besides door protection, there are additional advantages to sliding glass door shutters. You can easily control the amount of light that comes into the room. This allows you to keep the room from getting to warm due to intense light. These shutters provide excellent door protection during heavy storms and hail. You will also find that they can increase bothersome noise from the outdoors.

These door protection security shutters don’t have to clash with the architecture of your home or building. Shutters can be built into housings with a variety of styles. Shutters are available in a range of colors that will complement the design of your residential property or business. They won’t send out the negative impression that window bars give. Often, people see window bars and assume they are in a high crime area. Shutters provide stylish door protection that will look attractive for years. Rolling security shutters are a permanent door security solution. They should last for years without the need for maintenance or replacement. Most of all, they’ll provide your home with protection that will give you piece of mind.