What are Business Torts? How can I Prevent Them When it comes to My Business?

Business torts are a basic part of business law. Tort law covers a wide range of issues. These can include personal injury, malpractice and negligence. Tort law overlaps with other types of business law such as contract law and other types of business law. Typically, people think of tort law as applying to personal injury situations. However, tort law can affect businesses significantly.

In business law, torts involve injury to the business such as loss of clients, loss of business opportunities, unfair competition, disparagement and loss of business relationships. The plaintiff in the case will have to prove that the tortious behavior has led to calculable business loss. For instance, if the issue is loss of clients, the plaintiff has to show the monetary damage this caused.  Business torts usually involve compensation to the injured party, usually in the form of financial compensation. A court might also order an injunction against the plaintiff to stop their tortious behavior.

business tortsAll businesses should have a business law attorney that they can consult for a variety of issues. It may be worthwhile to consult your business law attorney about possible tort risks for your business. The attorney can counsel you on how to avoid these situations. The attorney can also explain risky situations and advise you on how to communicate guidelines to employees.

Fraudulent representation is a common tort issue. The plaintiff has to prove that the defendant deliberately misrepresented facts and the plaintiff relied on the facts and was subsequently harmed. For example, if a financial advisor represents the buyer and seller of property could be liable if the advisor knows the property has significant defects.

Many business torts address the issue of unfair competition. The guilty party may be marketing a product that is nearly indistinguishable from the plaintiff’s product. Other business law torts can include intellectual property infringement and damage to computer hardware or software. Torts also address disparagement which involves making false statements about a business such as making false statements about the quality of the plaintiff’s services or products. Your attorney can help you understand which of these issues may affect your business and how to avoid them.

Why You Should Add Cabinets to Your Laundry Room

Custom cabinetry can enhance your home in ways that may surprise you. When people think of custom cabinetry, they typically think of bathrooms and kitchens where cabinets are common. However, hand-crafted cabinets can enhance your home in a variety of ways.
It can be extremely difficult to manage clutter in the laundry room. After all, laundry rooms are in constant use in most households. There are many different items of different sizes that are stored in a laundry room. These include detergent, softener, baskets, clothing, hangers, clothing drying lines, folding tables and ironing boards. Even the most organized person can have difficulty keeping a laundry room in order.

custom laundry room
Custom cabinetry can help you significantly improve the organization of your laundry room. You may think of all the elements of the room as separate pieces, but a custom cabinetry designer can help you design a room that incorporates all the parts seamlessly.
You can help pick out custom cabinets that will store a variety of items even if they have different sizes. Ironing boards and folding tables can be incorporated into hand-crafted cabinets so that they look attractive. If you need to conserve space, a custom cabinet design can help you achieve this goal. The cabinets will take advantage of the height, width, nooks and crannies in the room. Sometimes, you can add a significant amount of storage space by building cabinets over appliances.
Custom cabinetry can help you stay organized in a variety of ways. You can incorporate closets in a variety of sizes into the laundry room. You can include dividers in the closets that will help you separate clothes by owner or type of clothing. Your designer will work with you to address other issues. Some people include a variety of bins into their cabinets to hold dirty or clean laundry.
You may want to incorporate elements that help you hide items. For example, you may want bins with closing doors so that dirty laundry isn’t visible. Closets and doors can be constructed to conceal clothing drying lines. Your custom cabinetry designer can also help you find ways to store and/or conceal laundry baskets.

The Elements for Creating a Wine Room

Building a wine room is an fun way to enhance your home. Whether you are working with a wine room builder or designing the space yourself, there are several common issues that you will encounter. A good wine room combines many different elements to ensure that wine is preserved through temperature control, light, humidity, storage and stability. A custom cabinetry company can help ensure that you have the stability and storage space you need.

custom wine room
You don’t have to own a mansion to build a functional wine room. They can fit into almost any style of home. Stability is a critical to preserving wine. If the bottles are jostled constantly, it will affect the quality of the wine. The cabinetry in the room must be well-made to support the wine racks and other segments of the room. Working with a custom cabinetry company is preferable to finding pre-fabricated pieces. These prefabricated items won’t accommodate your specific preferences.
Storage space is an important part of a wine room. It’s important that your wine racks and cabinets take maximum advantage of the space available. This includes all the nooks and crannies that are part of the room. You will have an advantage if you work with a creative designer so that you have quality cabinets that show make the space you need while giving you the most storage the area can provide.
There are several other elements that a custom cabinetry company can assist you with. If you want to store larger bottles, you’ll need custom cabinetry and racks that can accommodate a variety of bottle sizes and shapes.
A custom cabinetry company can also help you build portable storage units, called wine carts, which are a useful feature. A designer can configure a wine cart that has bins to hold bottles of wine. The wine cart is extremely useful if you are entertaining. You can bring out a significant number of bottles at one time instead of going back to the cellar constantly.
You will want a wine cart you’re proud to show off. A custom cabinetry designer can help you create the frame and bins that make up the cart while adding your own personal touches. You can discuss wood, color and finish options so that you create the look you want.

The Difference Between Window Bars and Rolling Shutters

Window protection is an important consideration for every home and business. Many property invasions take place when an intruder finds a window that is unlocked or is easy to open. Traditionally, many people have used window bars to protect against invasion, especially on ground floor windows. However, rolling shutters are becoming more popular due to their appearance and versatility.

window securityOne of the concerns most property owners have with window bars is the appearance. They can have a negative effect on property values. When people see window bars, they automatically assume that the area has a crime problem. Neighbors might object to the bars because they are unattractive. While window bars can provide some basic security, they also present some dangers. They are difficult to remove and can become a hazard in the case of a fire. If they aren’t easy to remove, people can become trapped inside.

Rolling security shutters have several advantages over window bars. First, you can use them as needed to let in natural light or roll them down to repel potential intruders. Rolling shutters provide you with window protection against weather issues like hurricanes, heavy rains and hail. The shutters can also provide window protection against heat and cold. The shutters also minimize outdoor noise. Bars don’t provide this type of window protection.

Rolling shutters are appropriate for both residential and commercial properties. They come in a variety of colors which can complement the style of the house or building unlike window bars. The shutters can provide a professional look for a business and add a decorative touch to homes. The shutters can retract into a variety of types of housings. The housings are available in styles including curved, beveled or square housings. Homeowners can select the shape that best complements their home style.

Rolling shutters are simple to use. They can be rolled manually with a strap or pole crank. Push-up and push-down models are also available. Electric controls are available for all sizes and styles of window shutters. This makes opening and shutting the window protection easier. Customers can evaluate all the styles and types of rolling shutters to find the window protection system that works for them.

Products for Zeolite Filter Media

zeolite poolSince pools have been around, people have experimented with a variety of swimming pool chemicals to treat water. Pool filters have evolved along with swimming pool chemicals in the effort to keep pools clean with minimal effort. Sand, sand/anthracite and multimedia filters have been in use for years. Zeolite Filter Media has become more popular as researchers have discovered its highly effective filtering powers. Some tests show that Zeolite Filter Media are more effective than most other existing types of filters.

Even the best filters need care over time. When filters don’t work properly, the water will immediately begin to deteriorate. It can become dull, hazy and cloudy and generally unappealing. Swimming pool chemicals like water clarifiers can be a temporary fix for water problems, but the filter itself needs to be treated to keep water sparkling clean over the long term. It’s important to use the swimming pool chemicals that are appropriate for your filter so that you get the best possible results. The right chemicals will also protect your filter.

Bio-Dex’s Zero Filter Cleaner is especially designed to clean Zeolite Filter Media. It is one of the swimming pool chemicals that is best designed to maximize the efficiency of these types of filters. Pools don’t stay clean or run effectively when the filter is dirty. Zeolite Filters should be cleaned 30 days after you start up your pool to remove all the buildup acquired during the initial startup. If you use the product on a regular basis, you’ll find that your water stays cleaner and requires less maintenance for you.

Swimming pool chemicals for Zeolite Filter Media should perform a number of functions. The swimming pool chemicals should remove scale, mineral content and oil so that the filter functions properly. If your water has high mineral content, you should soak the filter in the cleaner for four to twelve hours. If the pool has unusually high mineral content, buildup or scale issues, soak the filter overnight. In these cases, you should also clean the filter more than once a year. Cleaning the filter every four to six weeks will prevent troublesome buildup.

Do Small Business Owners need Corporate Counseling?

If you own a small business, is corporate counselling right for you? The short answer is yes. Business law is complex and you will need support in navigating a variety of situations. Your expertise is your business, products, services and customers. A business law attorney has specific knowledge about legal situations that you may not understand without corporate counseling.

Many small businesses put off contacting a business law attorney until they already have a serious problem. It’s important that you know how to address legal issues and make the right decisions for your company and employees.

Most small businesses don’t have a copyright policy in place. That can lead to an unintentional legal situation. Employees often don’t understand the intricacies of copyright law and can unknowingly commit violations. A business law attorney can assist you in creating copyright guidelines that are clear and well-defined to guide employees.

corporate counselingOther common business law issues for businesses include employee relations, human resources and employee policy. Small businesses rarely have a dedicated human resources department and problematic issues can easy be overlooked. These include fair hiring practices, proper termination procedures and sexual harassment issues. Often, small businesses do not have clear or well-formed employee policies. Some companies don’t have anything written down to guide employee and management behavior. Without these policies, issues can easily arise. A business law attorney can review your practices and policies and advise you on how to improve these issues. Some companies hire a business law attorney to help draft employee manuals that make policies and procedures as clear as possible. This can help you avoid awkward or difficult situations.

A business law attorney should be involved when the company or entity is formed. It’s important that the right kind of entity is formed. These include corporations, partnerships and LLCs. An LLC needs an operating agreement. Partnerships need partnership agreements. Corporations need appropriate bylaws. You’ll need to work with the attorney to make decisions around the formation of your company. If you do not form the right kind of entity and draft agreements or bylaws properly, you could have significant problems down the road.

What are the Most Common Unfair Business Disputes and Practices?

Unfair business disputes and practices are a serious concern for any business. These issues can cost the business serious time and money. The best way to protect yourself and your company is to work with a qualified business law attorney who can advise you about common unfair business disputes and practices. This will protect your company from being on either end of a lawsuit. A business law attorney can also review your company’s practices to ensure that you do not unintentionally fall afoul of regulations.

business lawUnfair business practices include a variety of issues. These include misrepresentation, fraud, oppressive acts and unconscionable acts committed by businesses. A business law attorney can explain the different areas in which these types of business disputes can arise. Unfair business practices can involve debt collection, insurance claims and settlement, tenancy issues and the purchase of products and services by customers. Not all of these will apply to your particular business, but it’s important to consult with a business attorney if you have concerns about any of these issues. These issues can involve punitive damages and payment of legal fees although these types of business disputes are often settled out of court.

Each state has put in place its own business practice statues. That’s why it’s important to work with a business law attorney who has expertise in your state. The statues outline specific practices which constitute unfair practices. Some of the guidelines are designated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Many of these practices are not commonly thought of as unlawful but they violate public policy. These include unethical, immoral and oppressive behaviors that harm consumers or other businesses.

There are a variety of unfair business practices that include pyramid schemes, violating the terms of a warranty, billing fraud, bait and switch tactics, overcharging, fraud and misrepresentation. Other practices may include misleading advertising, violating unfair competition regulations and other related business law violations. A business law attorney can help support your business whether you are a victim or the accused in a business dispute. It’s important to contact your attorney quickly when one of these issues arises so that you can take the appropriate action as soon as possible.