Why Should You Install a Pantry

When you are going over plans to do a kitchen rehab, consider also adding a pantry into your plans. So why is adding a pantry so important? Well, adding a pantry not only makes good sense, but it can work well within a functional layout dealing with your kitchen remodeling plans. This is because a pantry can hold all the foods which you use most frequently. It’s also an excellent place to stockpile food for an emergency situation such as a job layoff or a natural disaster. Another reason too is its sheer convenience. Just imagine having everything you need at your fingertips and not having to go to the grocery store every time you need an ingredient you thought you already had. But with a pantry, you know what you have or don’t have.

Where to put the pantry

You may be surprised at the places that you can put a panty. First, when doing a kitchen rehab, a pantry can be added to an area where there would be wasted space. Or perhaps, instead of having broom closet, enlarge it and make it a pantry instead. But there are other places that can be used for smaller pantries for extra storage:

  • A small pantry can be built on a basement landing. You would leave the drywall off on the wall not facing the stairs and just add shelves.
  • An unused closet can be an excellent pantry by adding shelves on the walls and racks on the door. The door racks can hold aluminum foil, plastic wrap, storage, garbage bags and things of this nature.
  • Under the stairs is another great location for a small pantry. You can store canned or bulky dry goods which will give you more space in your kitchen pantry here.

What type of goods should I store in my pantry?

This is a matter of personal preference, but there are some basics you should always have on hand:

  • Dry basic cooking ingredients: sugar, flour, instant dry milk, rice, noodles, baking soda, baking powder; all types of pasta noodles, brown sugar, cornmeal
  • Spices: salt, pepper, basil, onion and garlic powder; season salt, etc. Also include cooking oils and shortening.
  • Baking ingredients: cocoa, chocolate chips, peanut butter, jellies, jams, vanilla, walnuts, etc.
  • Any canned goods such as vegetables, tuna, ham, spaghetti sauce and assorted soups

This is just a general idea of what you can put in your pantry so you always have what you need.

The Expense of Owning a Swimming Pool

Once your swimming pool is installed you may think that the expensive part is over, right? Well, now you have the maintenance and upkeep so the costs are not over. Also, if you want pool accessories such as a diving board, lighting for the pool or maybe an added pool slide later; it all adds up. So what is the average pool maintenance cost? It will depend on the quality of your pool, how large it is and what type it is.

What is the maintenance cost of a standard pool?

swimmingYou will need to keep the pH balance of the water by using chemicals. By using sodium hypochlorite is will raise the pH; and granular acid will lower it. The pH needs to be tested at least once a week to keep it at 7 which is what the pH of water is. You may also have to add additional chemicals if you see algae growing; if it has been extremely hot or there has been a storm.

You will also need to add additional chemical to keep the water clean. Chlorine is often used, and it comes in a powder, liquid and tablet form. So an average cost for chemicals for a standard pool will cost around $180 a year depending on how large your pool is and how long it is open.

If your liner becomes ripped from kids, pets or rough housing; sometimes it can’t be repaired. A new liner will cost about $700 with the labor costing the most. The liner itself is only about $200, but most people can’t replace it themselves so the labor is needed.

Pool covers are another item that really should be in your budget to help prevent evaporation. A low-end pool cover will cost about $140, but if you want to have a higher-end one installed professionally, it may cost around $1300.

What extra costs are there with an in ground pool?

Besides the cost of chemicals to keep your pool clear, pH level correct and algae free, you may need to resurface a fiberglass pool. If your pool is gouged, chipped of cracked, not only does it look terrible but children won’t be safe using it. The cost for resurfacing can average between $650 and $750.

To close, in order to keep your maintenance costs down, monitoring the day to day behavior of family and guests in your pool can affect the costs positively. Everything does experience wear and tear, but keeping your pool maintained and also not damaged by carelessness is one of the best ways to keep ahead of them.

Unique Kitchen Features

There are many ways to make your kitchen your own when planning a kitchen rehab. Beautiful custom cabinets are usually the first item on the remodeling agenda so you can start here. You can have cabinets designed to suit whatever needs you have and also made to your specifications. Even clear down to the specially designed spice rack hanging to the left of your stove.

white-kitchenAlso, because a kitchen can be an expression of you, don’t be afraid to put your personality into it. You can mix styles and unique features which are all you if you do this. So maybe you want a double-decker pot drawer or a vegetable bin which is ventilated, cool and dark. Or how about installing a cutting board which you can pull out over a garbage bin which then saves messes from collecting on the counter. Just cut up what needs cut and brush the remaining garbage right into the garbage can.

Too, walls can be another way to express your personal taste. You can decide to use wallpaper or paint; the color and patterns are all you. You want to keep in mind easy care and cleanup though. Too, use colors that inspire you or colors from places you’ve been. Maybe you enjoy the ocean as an example. Well you could hang up a fishing net complete with seashells and a starfish as a background wall. Or perhaps you’re more country and want the rough knothole barn look, complete with window boxes for fresh easy to reach herbs.

If the high tech streamlined look is more you, install stainless steel appliances and glass surfaces with an island in the middle for cooking and eating. To complete the look, industrial light fixtures for that clean techno appearance are good. Or maybe a more country niche is what you’re about with roses and flowers everywhere. Or fluffy curtains at the windows, old fashioned wooden kitchen table and butcher block counters. Perhaps, an open faced jelly closet in your kitchen with your best china on display as well as jelly glasses on your window sill is you.

A kitchen can be an extension of you and the style or styles you enjoy. When deciding on a kitchen rehab, don’t be afraid to put what you want in your kitchen.

Custody Rights Under Family Law

One of the main issues during a divorce is usually who the children will live with under the divorce decree. If an agreement can’t be worked out, then it’s left to the courts to decide what is in the child or children’s best interest as far which parent has custodial rights.

custody-battleThe types of custodial rights
There are several different types of custodial rights which can be awarded through the courts.

  • Physical and legal custody: The parent who is awarded both of these has the sole right to make decisions which deal with the wellbeing of the child or children. That parent is also the person who the child or children will live with the majority of the time. If the legal custodial participation is shared between the two parents; however, the non-custodial parent too has the legal right to makes decisions about what affects the child or children’s welfare.
  • Joint custody: In this arrangement, the child or children spend the same amount of time with both parents. This is worked out by the child going back and forth from one household to the other. The parents have to be in total cooperation dealing with the child’s or children’s best interests in order for this method to be successful though.
  • Split custody: This option is less favored by the courts because it splits up the children where one or more children live with one parent and then the remaining child or children live with the other parent.
  • Unmarried parents: Most states will award sole custodial rights of the child or children, if the parents are unmarried, to the mother. The father can sue for custodial rights, but if the mother is a good parent, it’s rare that he wins this type of suit.

What factors do the courts consider when making the custodial decisions?

The courts take many factors into consideration when making this decision. The child’s best interest is always put first. Plus one of the other main factors here is who is the child or children’s primary caretaker. Also if the child is of an age to make his or her wishes known, the court will take that into consideration.

Although some parents can settle custodial issues without an attorney, to make sure your rights as a parent are handled properly, hiring a family law attorney is really the best choice.

Why Window Security is Important

Preventing break-ins is on every home-owners mind. Home invasions are frightening for everyone involved. Some home invasions involve robberies which can lead to significant property loss. Other times, home invasions can lead to violence if someone is in the house. There are many factors involved in home security but one of the most important is window security.

midwest-homeWhy is window security so important? Many home invasions take place through windows. Windows provide easy, quick access for thieves. They can pry the window off through its frame or simply break the window if no one is nearby. People often think about securing their doors properly but they often forget about the importance of window security.

In some neighborhoods, you’ll notice bars on the windows to prevent break-ins. While these bars provide security, they are unattractive and can have a detrimental effect on your property value. They give the impression that your neighborhood is unsafe. There are other ways to protect your windows without make them unattractive.

Rolling security shutters are a great way to protect your windows. They are attractive and very difficult for home invaders to breach. How do the shutters work? The shutters are attached to boxes that are placed on the exterior of your home. The boxes are attractive and attractive. The shutters allow light into your home so you don’t have to worry about a drab and dark interior.

The shutters are available in a range of colors that will complement the exterior of your home. You can also choose from several different operating systems such as manual controls, strap cranks, pole cranks and manual push up and down. Electrical systems are also available. These are the easiest operating system because they allow you to simply flick a switch or push a button to open or close the shades.

When the shutters are pulled down and locked into place, they make it virtually impossible for someone to compromise your windows. The shutters also offer advantages in addition to security. They protect your home against weather damage. They also reduce outside noise and protect the interior of your home from extreme heat or cold temperatures. The shutters can also prevent sun fading on carpets and furniture.

Keeping the Old While Adding the New

You own a turn-of-the-century home and you love it. However; the kitchen needs to be updated, but not changed too much to keep its charm. Is this possible? With the right contractor, a kitchen rehab that will preserve the heritage look of your home; yet update it, is possible.

jpm dev.One of the first things worked on in this is usually the kitchen cabinets. To start here, you can have your cupboards redone by having them redoored. Redooring is when you have the doors and drawer fronts of your present cabinets replaced where they will still match the cabinet boxes which are already in your kitchen. Also, the hinges can be replaced as well as the doorknobs or pulls which will complete the look you’re searching for. Then when done, your kitchen can still have the unique features of the old world charm of your cabinets, but enhanced.

Another option for kitchen rehab is to use what is already there. Perhaps you have original wood floors underneath the tiles in the kitchen. Removing the old tile and refinishing the floors can bring back the era gone by look. Or maybe you have a ceiling beam that you want highlighted which has aged graciously.  Also, have you checked underneath the paneling? You could have an interior brick wall with a fireplace behind it and not even know it. Wouldn’t that make a lovely accent to your kitchen?

Since pantries were used heavily in older homes, you could have a working pantry. You could have it  installed in a space which isn’t used or even replace a large kitchen cupboard area. Instead of a regular door on the pantry too, you could have an old fashioned screen door installed. This would give it a back home country charm if that’s what you’re looking for.

Working with what you already have and making improvements where needed is also economical. You can incorporate the old while keeping the old and give your kitchen a special and unique look which is all your own. By having refurbished cabinets, reclaiming the tile floor and exposing that old wooden beam, your kitchen is then both unique and charming.

Divorce: Under Family Law Who Gets What?

divorceWhen two people divorce, dividing up the community property can become a very touchy issue. Everything that’s owned together in the marriage is considered community property. This includes any money that’s earned by either of them from the beginning date of the marriage regardless of whose account it is in. Also, it can include any property jointly owned that was bought with “community” money such as the home.

Too, the debts incurred together throughout the marriage until the separation date are community debts. This means that each spouse is liable for these kinds of debts such as the home mortgage, joint car loans and joint credit cards; for example. In this line then, it’s very important to close bank accounts to avoid cash issues; any joint accounts and joint credit cards as soon as filing for divorce has been decided upon. Also, just removing the names from the joint accounts doesn’t relieve a spouse from liability either.

However, property which is separately owned is another issue entirely. Anything which is owned separately by a spouse belongs to the spouse whose name it’s in. This would cover any property or belongings which were owned before the marriage. Also, if there was an inheritance or a gift received during the marriage, it belongs to the person it was presented to. Keep in mind too; any monies earned after the date of separation belong to the spouse who earned it.

Sometimes community property can get mixed in with separate property though, and a family law attorney is needed to straighten out the legalities. As an example, a car’s down payment may be made with community money, but the car is owned by only one spouse. Too, if a debt was acquired before the marriage by one spouse, then that debt belongs to that person in the divorce.

Now when there’s no intention on either party’s side to stay together as a husband and wife, then that date is the date of “separation.” This is important because it’s that date that’s used to determine the end of the community property. Proof of moving out of the home or another form of proof may be asked by the court to affirm the final breakup of the marriage though.

In the end, to make sure that assets are divided fairly, it’s always best to have an attorney to help with the legal issues.