Inexpensive Updates to Make Your Bathroom Look New

So, you want to have your bathroom updated, but your budget’s a little on the low side. The good news is that there are many different ways to give your bathroom a new look and stay budget conscious. First of all, you need to figure out what you can afford to spend on the remodeling though. If you have a small budget, you may just want to have cosmetic changes made. If your budget is a little larger, then you can focus on having larger changes made such as new bathroom cabinets. With all this in mind, here are some ideas on where to start.

The floor
There are different ways to use tile when you’re on a budget. If you only focus on the high impact areas such as the floor here, you can save money. If you have the extra in your budget, you can also have the floor inside the shower redone if practical. Plus, if you have a yearning for a tile which has an artistic bent, use it as an accent along with less expensive tile. The upside is that when the artistic tile is used this way, it’s actually more noticeable.

Granite countertops are trendy, but somewhat expensive. Still, by using granite in the bathroom you use less because the bathroom is a smaller room. Also here, because the more popular neutral colors are more expensive, think about a color that goes beyond neutral which is less expensive; but that works in your bathroom.

The walls may be the least expensive redo if you go with paint for a new look. Now the contractor will use a higher grade of paint with a satin finish to deal with the mold and mildew from bathroom humidity. In addition, the contractor may suggest painting the ceiling with a paint that’s especially used in bathrooms that resists mold growth.

Another way to add a little sparkle to the bathroom is to have your contractor update the sink facets, light fixtures; racks for your towels and drawer pulls. What’s good is updating these items can make a big difference in your bathroom appearance for very little cost.

As you can see, redoing your bathroom doesn’t have to break your budget.

Durable Materials for the Family Bathroom

When contemplating redoing the family bathroom, there are a few things to consider when making choices for the materials. First of all, a family bathroom’s countertops and cabinets may be splattered with toothpaste specks, hairspray and makeup by bathroom occupants. Also, when the kids are sick, the thing you do with the cough medicine; in its bright shiny kid colors, is pour it into the spoon over the sink. It may make it into the sink; or not, when your child jars your hand while trying to avoid taking it. That means you will be cleaning so you want durable material used in bathroom cabinets and counters.

family-bathNow a bathroom vanity and cabinets made from solid wood is one of the best materials if it’s within your price range. Solid oak is the strongest material; followed by birch, maple, oak and poplar. These materials will support the weight of countertops and won’t warp, sag or droop over time from the countertop or sink basin.

However, if you’re on a budget, then solid plywood is another option. This material is the middle road between price and quality. Plywood is made when at least two thin layers of wood are laminated to each other. The grain lies at right angles in plies that alternate. When the direction of the grain is varied, it makes the plywood equally strong in all directions. True, it isn’t as strongly made as the solid woods, but it will last a long time if the moisture in your bathroom is under control.

Also wood veneer cabinets can be used in the family bathroom and are less expensive than solid wood cabinets. Veneer is made by gluing a thin layer of wood to a board of a medium density such as plywood or particle board. Veneer stands up nicely to rooms that have a moisture fluctuation, such as bathrooms. You can have veneer stained just like wood too; however, if you’re only having the front of the cabinet veneered, make sure the rest of the cabinet is made from wood that is similar; or it will take the stain differently.

Redoing the family bathroom may involve a lot of choices; just make sure that durability is at the top of the list.

The Best Pool Cover for Your Pool

family-poolWhen deciding which pool cover’s best for your pool, what do you consider? Well you want something to keep the weather out, the leaves and debris out and a cover which doesn’t retain too much water. So to help you select, below are three types of pool covers and the pros and cons:

  • The standard pool cover within the $75-$225 range: This cover will keep out sunlight as well as debris, but it’s only made from a tarp like material. To use this, the pool is simply covered and then the cover is held in place with filled water bottles or something similar. It doesn’t hold much rain weight though and needs to have water pumped off of it throughout the off season.
  • The security cover with in the $1200-$3000 range: This cover resembles a trampoline and is held on with spring-loaded straps. The straps are connected to the cover and then the straps are anchored into concrete to hold the cover securely in place. One type of cover here is made of mesh which keeps leaves and debris out. Plus; it will support a heavier weight load, and it doesn’t need a pump to remove the excess collected water because it passes through. However; the water will be murky in the spring and need treatment. This cover can last between 10 and 15 years.

Another type of security cover is made from vinyl and doesn’t allow water to pass through it. It does make opening the pool easier in the spring, but it does require a cover pump to remove any excess water from the weather. Solid covers don’t last as long as the mesh do either.

  • The automatic cover within the $500-$1500 range: The broad range in price is because this type of cover comes in many different forms. They do keep unwanted swimmers out of your pool, and they make great solar covers. One problem with these covers though is that the vinyl wears out in about 5 years and the replacement cost can be pretty expensive. Another problem is that they can overheat the pool causing algae. Also, these type of covers can break down .

In the end the best cover is really what your specific needs are.

The Security Benefits of a Solid Door

solid-doorA security door is just what the name states it is, a door that makes the front door to your home more secure. These doors can be simply a storm security door or a screen security door which come in a wide variety of styles and colors. A custom made security door is the way to go if you want to make sure the fit of the door is tight though.

Additionally, a well-made security door has a strong frame made from steel or wrought iron. So then, this type of frame will give you more protection from home invasion attempts. Because the frame is so strong, it will last longer than the less expensive doors made from plastic or wood too. As far as the screening, in an ordinary screen door the screen is made from vinyl, but for a security door; stainless steel or aluminum is used to provide for better security.

Another thing to keep in mind in your security door is to make sure the door has non-removable pin hinges. If a thief can’t get to the hinges, then the door can’t be removed for unlawful entry. Also for maximum protection, install heavy duty deadbolts in your doors which are opened by a key or keys.

A steel door as a security door is a good option too if you want both durability and security. Steel doors won’t crack or warp either, and they’re stronger than fiberglass or wood doors. If any dings or dents do happen, they can be fixed with an auto-body repair kit too. Now; pricewise, steel doors cost less than other security doors if you buy them without glazing or hardware. As far as body type for comparison, a steel door has an inner frame which is made of wood or steel. Inside, the cavities are filled with a high-density type of foam insulation. Too, the door’s steel surface may have a wood grain pattern which is embossed or it can be smooth.

Make sure the door you chose also has good energy efficiency properties. These types of doors have better insulation which lets them hold in the heat during the winter and the cold during the summer (same effect oak doors provide, as stated at Most of these doors, also, include weather stripping that’s built-in on the bottom of the door to keep the weather elements out.

Security doors are made so you can sleep better at night.

Custom Storage Features in Your Master Suite

You’re redoing your bedroom, and you are finally getting that walk-in closet and more storage space; things which you have always dreamed about. Now you just have to figure out how much space you need for your real wood custom designed closet. After you decide if you want electric or natural light in the closet, you also will need some type of organizing system. So, where do you start first?

master-closetHow big should your closet be?
At the least, a master walk-in closet needs to be about seven by ten square feet if two people are using it. This gives you room for shelves on the walls, more storage area and room to move around in. You can add bins to store sweaters and even small drawers to tuck away your lingerie too. Plus; if you budget extra space, you can make your custom closet more elaborate later.

Other suggested features
So you’re looking over your plans for your master closet, and you see that you have more room to expand than you thought; what can you do with this extra room? Well, with that extra room, you could put in more cabinet storage space for all those little extras. Also, how about a built-in laundry hamper or mirrored walls? You can even consider building a center island with storage underneath and a countertop for easier unpacking from trips. Additionally, there can be installed a special custom pull-out for belts, ties and scarves. You can install compartments and drawers which are lined with fabric too as well as a custom built-in ironing board for those quick “get the wrinkles out” pressing jobs. Also an accessory-plus-jewelry station to keep adorning items in one place would be quite the touch.

If safety features are a concern, consider having hidden compartments too in your closet installed as well as a fireproof safe. It would be the perfect place for expensive jewelry to be placed or important papers such as the house deed, wills or insurance papers.

As you can see, having the custom closet of your dreams can be easily attainable and the answer to all of your bedroom closet needs.