The Benefits of a Built-in Laundry Room

Doing the laundry is the bane of many people’s existences. Not only is it a chore, but it can take up both time and space. So having a laundry room that is both functional with custom cabinets and organized space can make the job a little easier.

laundry-roomHaving a laundry room which is organized instead of being utilitarian will also make your life a little more organized too. This is because disorganization here, runs into there. So taking away that “it’s time to do laundry” pain is an added bonus. But what a bonus because it’s a chore to try to keep clothes stain-free; sorted, clean and then dried and put away neatly. But if your laundry room has custom cabinets to organize cleaning products, a place for hanging and folding laundry right out of the dryer, then you may have an incentive to spend more time in this area. It beats folding clothes on the bed or couch and having laundry clutter around when company comes over unexpectedly.

Plus, when your laundry room is custom made to your specifications, you can have that long folding table that you’ve always dreamed about. Maybe even a place created to store unmatched socks until the mates show up. Also you can add brightness into your life. So if your laundry area is dark, white cabinetry can bring shine to the area. You could put in cheery lights or other designs too. Additionally, if you would like a touch of style and elegance, then you can always use natural wood cabinets in a wood and finish of your choice. The ideas and choices are unlimited, and a professional can help make those ideas come to life. Instead of walking into your laundry to piles of unwashed laundry and clutter, you’ll then have open work spaces and cabinets to put your supplies in.

Further, having a finished laundry room will add value to your home if you’re thinking about selling it in the future. So if your home has a well-organized and customized laundry room, it could be that extra selling point which makes your home stand out.

Doing laundry may not be your favorite chore, but a customized laundry may make it more bearable.

The Purpose of Clarifiers in Your Pool

clear-pool-waterMany new pool owners wonder what clarifiers are and why are they needed in a swimming pool. Now pool clarifiers are not supposed to be used for the entire swimming season continuously, but to clear up certain problems. Plus, clarifiers are generally used when the pool is first opened or after an explosion of algae that has been treated. It is also needed if filtering has been reduced or chlorination reduced. So this product is designed to make your pool water clear again if it’s cloudy.

Too, if you find your using a clarifier regularly then other factors could be the problem causing cloudy water. So you may want to check to see if your PH is too high, if you have high TDS or if your calcium is too high. Also problems with cloudy water can be caused by high alkalinity and cyanuric acid which is also high. Additionally, if your filtrations system is poor, if you don’t keep your pool clean or if the circulation in your pool is slow; all this can contribute to a cloudy pool.

However; if all the above is in order and your chemical levels are maintained, but your pool is still cloudy, then you will need a clarifier if you are not adding one. Now a clarifier works by trapping particles which are invisible and visible in the filter. These particles are then drawn into the filter by the circulating movement and removed from the water. So when you are treating your pool with a clarifier, run your filter for 24 hours during the period of treatment or as long as you can to improve both filtration and circulation.

As much as you want to during this, don’t over clean the filter. Clean the filter or backwash when there is a 7-9 pound reading on the pressure gauge. Also after the treatment, make sure you maintain the proper chlorine levels and water PH balance to keep your pool clean and clear.

So, using a clarifier when needed will give you a sparkling clean pool.

Should You Invest in a Media Wall?

One of the problems many homeowners face is the clutter of electronics and the accompanying accessories. A media wall can help reduce clutter though and keep everything in its place. It will also give your room a focal point by harmonizing with the furniture thus giving a feeling of warmth and hominess. So what is involved in adding a media wall to your home?

modern-media-centerFirst, you want the wall to match the architecture of the home. By matching the trim and whatever woodwork that is throughout the house, the media wall will look as if it’s always been there. You may also want a design that has a base and an upper cabinet to break up the solid mass. Plus, it will accommodate more storage that way.

The bottom of the unit can be fitted with doors or drawers to conceal any electronics or accessories for a clutter free look. For the base of the cabinet, you may want to go about 36 inches for height, with a depth of about 20-24 inches.

Second, for the upper shelves, they can range in height from 12-14 inches deep depending upon what you’re planning to use them for. Books can be arranged on these shelves as well as knick-knacks and other treasured items.

Now your TV, when sitting on the base of the component may stick out slightly. Also if you put it behind a door, you will want some type of ventilation so that it doesn’t over heat. You can have the doors fitted with grilles or even speaker cloth to help with this. Another option is to have a fan controlled by a thermostat so that when the temperature of electronic components rises, the fan will kick on to cool the electronics down.

You can install a media wall yourself, but hiring a professional cabinetmaker is a better option if you are unsure. A professional may have more ideas about ventilation, wiring and even lighting too.

So a media wall may be something that you want to invest in for a cleaner, less cluttered look in your living room.

Security Protection and Windows

criminalMany people worry about home safety because of home invasion. There are some things which can be done to and around your windows to deter unlawful entry though to help prevent home invasion. Here, one of the first things to think about is what do you have covering your windows? This is because when a thief can see through your windows, it is an enticement for breaking in to steal the items seen. So the first defense is to have 2 sets of drapes. That way what a person can see from the outside can be controlled. Now sheerer curtains will let the light in during the day and then a heavier drape can be used to pull across at night so nothing can be seen on the inside.

Also, keep all your bushes and shrubs trimmed to below the level of the windows. This way the thief can’t hide in the shrubs while cutting his way through any windows. Planting a few rose bushes or other thorny bushes can also be an another deterrent. Adding a second lock on your windows or installing a device which only allows the window to be opened a few inches is another option. Remember additionally that just because the windows are on the second or third floor, a thief may still target them.

This is because people are careless about locking upstairs and balcony windows, thinking that they are safe from being targeted. However; the thief knows that people think this, and it’s just an open invitation.

Now some issues that may make a house a target are not only windows which are left opened or unlocked, but cracks in the glass. So window strength is important. Therefore; if the windows have metal frames and the frames are corroded, their strength is deteriorated. Another red flag is if the window frames around wooden windows are broken, rotted or cracked. So the first thing to do is to replace any broken or cracked glass, repair any window frames which have fallen into disrepair. Another thought is to have stronger tempered glass installed into any windows which are vulnerable targets for thieves.

The best choice for window protection are rolling security shutters; they come in a variety of colors to match your homes exterior while keeping burglars from looking into your home.

Protection for the home isn’t just about the locks on the front doors, but how secure the windows are too.

Why Own a Custom Media Center

media-center-roomWith all the ready-made media centers at the Big Box centers, why should you own a custom made media center? There are a various number of reasons, and you may be surprised at some of them:

  • Your living room is the center of your entertaining whether it’s just for you or for friends and family. Sometimes the size and shape of your living room can cause problems for the arrangement of furniture though. So a pre-made media center may look cumbersome or just out of place. But a custom media center will give you both the right look and the right feel for your room. It is a piece which is made to fit in your room, not a piece which the room is made to fit to.
  • Therefore; a customized media center also can solve any concerns about spacing. Now whatever media components you have may look awkward or too bulky for the space you have. Having a media center made to your specifications will fit with all your media components though and still maximize the space that you have.
  • Organization is also a key factor in favor of a custom media center. So when you order it, you can choose how many shelves you want and what individual compartments will be needed for storage and organization needs. This will make the entertainment center better to fit your individual needs.
  • With a customized media center, you can hide your TV when not in use with a touch of a button. Or maybe you want some intricate backlighting to set the mood. This can be done too. Also you can have a media center made with doors that hide everything from sight when not in use or have doors made that only hide what you want to hide out of sight whenever you choose.

So a customized media center can be a beautiful piece of furniture which can add both utility and that touch of luxury to your living room which you want.