Why Spend the Money on Custom Made Dining Room Furniture

Making the decision to take your hard earned money and spend it on a custom made dining room suite can be a difficult one. However; if you take a look at the facts, it may not be as difficult as you think.

dining-tableFor example, when you buy a piece of custom made furniture, you’re not just buying furniture, but the experience behind the furniture. So the furniture is made to your specifications and to fit your home. The furniture maker is making you his or her number one priority too, and your special piece or pieces of furniture is the main concern of the craftsman. The craftsman is interacting with you and gaining an understanding of what you want when creating. You’re not just the third number at the third store, in a line buying what’s on the sales floor; but a person with unique desires for something special.

Now a company that mass produces furniture may take pride in the quality of their product. But craftsmen especially take pride in their work realizing that their products have that specific human touch; this is what makes each piece of furniture unique. This is because no furniture manufacturer can really specify completely to you. But the craftsman will take what you say and create a dining room suite that will fit your home and complete your dining room. Then the furniture will be what your thoughts of what a dining room suite should look like for your needs and wants.

Your handcrafted pieces could become heirlooms also to be handed down to family throughout the generations. In addition, it’s your choice of wood that is used, your choice of design, your style and what you and the craftsman have created together. Your dining room suite will have a special story behind it then to talk about for generations to come as people who stop by admire perhaps a great-granddaughter’s furniture.

Think about it too, your handcrafted china closet could then also hold the china that you inherited from your great-grandmother. The curio closet could display your collection of tea cups that you’ve searched antique stores for too. Also your treasures can then be displayed by the best workmanship there is; hand crafted.

Handcrafted furniture may be more expensive, but it may just be something to consider owning.

How Safe Are Glass Block Windows

If you’re concerned about your windows in the basement, glass block windows may give you the security you’re looking for. Plus, glass block windows let in the light from the outside while keeping the basement more secure. Also glass blocks don’t fracture easily and kids’ balls will most likely just bounce right off. Additionally, your glass window is joined with mortar and installed in the foundation wall so it will actually be nearly as strong as the foundation.

glass-blockToo, glass blocks come in clear, textured and opaque finishes which will let in the outside light while still giving you privacy. Plus; glass blocks never need painting; don’t warp, split or rot. They are almost entirely maintenance free. Whatever you need in an open window space, there’s a glass block that will fit into it.

Another point in favor of glass blocks is that they are energy efficient and have great curb appeal. So they have an aesthetic appeal which regular windows so low to the ground don’t offer. So, while allowing light into your basement; plus privacy as stated, they also add a security layer for your ground floor and basement. This is because these windows are difficult to remove for a burglar to gain entrance into your home.

Now these windows can be used for waterproofing in a flood prone area to prevent water from coming through the basement windows and flooding your basement too. Other uses for glass blocks are for making shower doors which are better than usual shower doors because they can be made in the right thickness for this purpose. These are doors are then safer, and people can’t fall through them. They can also be used as partitions in homes for extra light and in wet bars. They even come with customized etchings. Technology has picked up on this glass trend, these days the best automatic shower cleaner systems will clean and dry the panes of glass spotless after each use, which means no mildew of soap residues.

One thing to keep in mind though, having your glass block windows professionally installed by a reputable contractor is the best route. A sloppy install is especially bad because you are putting the windows into the foundation. Most companies will pre-fabricate the glass blocks to fit the spaces in your home too where needed. Also, you can get blocks that have vents small enough for air, but burglar safe.
Glass block windows are one of the best bets to have installed for both security purposes and for the curb side enhancement.

Best Lighting for an Above Ground Pool

Night swimming during the hot summer evenings is one of the best reasons to own an above ground swimming pool. But to be safe, pool lighting is something that every pool owner should have. It allows everyone to be seen in case there’s an accident; plus it does give an ambiance all of its own. So below are some suggestions on different types of pool lighting for your above ground pool:

• Overhanging lights: These lights usually come in kits and when put together, they hang over the top of the lip of the pool. Here there’s a plastic arm which is attached to each light or set of lights. The wires then run down to the bulb and are water proof. These kits aren’t very expensive and sometimes look cheap so they may detract from the appearance of your pool.

• Through Wall Pool Lights: These lights have a more professional look and are installed in the wall of the pool. The lights don’t interfere with swimming, and they don’t stick out from the pool walls either. To have them mounted properly to avoid leaks, they are carefully installed through the pool liners and the structural pool walls. It may be better and safer to have a professional install them than doing it yourself though.

• Floating lights: These light have been used in swimming pools for many years. The best thing about these lights is that they just float around without having to penetrate the liner. Also, these lights run on batteries so there isn’t any electrical wiring involved.

• Magnetically attached lights: If your pool has metal walls, you may want to consider these lights. The lights have magnetic backs which are attracted to the metal walls. This way, the lights don’t penetrate the liner, and you can place them anywhere you want

Any lights you choose to purchase; however, need to generate sufficient lighting for night swimming. So if the lights aren’t bright enough in the first install, you will need to add more or better lighting for more illumination if you want safety for your swimmers. That involves added cost so it is best to get it right the first time. Most lights though will tell you what size of a pool they will light.
Colorful and soothing lights at night can make swimming a whole new experience.

Why Should You Buy a Custom Made Bedroom Suite

bedroom-suiteA custom made bedroom suite sounds like something which only the very rich can afford, but that isn’t necessarily true. A custom made bed is not something to only dream about when you wake up sore and stiff. In addition, if you think about it, why spend one third of your life sleeping on something which hurts your back or is plain uncomfortable regardless of the little extra cost?

So what are the advantages of a custom made bedroom suite? Well, for one thing, a bed which is custom made is all about you and your preferences. So maybe you like the look of a certain type of wood or a type of upholstery which you can’t find in stores ready-made. This can be solved by your own bedroom design. Or if your bedroom is odd shaped or has awkward corners, a custom made bed can be designed to fit right in. The bed won’t be too big or too small, but just right for you.

Another thought is that by purchasing a piece of furniture which will last a lifetime, you’re actually saving money. How many times have you bought furniture which you thought would last, but had to be replaced 5 years down the road? A piece of furniture which is solidly made though will stand up to the wear and tear that is put on it. So furniture that is solid and made well is an investment that is sound.

Also for the eco-friendly minded, by buying well-made furniture, you won’t be filling the landfills with cheaply made furniture which you have had to replace. Plus, if the furniture is made from solid wood, it can be reused or recycled when its finally replaced.

Keep in mind, that when you buy hand crafted furniture from a craftsman, you’re getting the very best money can buy too. Years of technique and experience goes into each piece that is handmade and created. Plus, a craftsman take pride in his or her work and isn’t satisfied until each piece is to the craftsman specifications of perfection. Also the craftsman is crafting your comfort to help with your back problems and sore sides. So you get looks and a sound night’s sleep.

So when you buy a custom made bedroom suite, you’re buying a good night’s sleep and those beautiful naps.

The Benefits of Custom Built Cabinets

When you need cabinets you can buy manufactured furniture to meet some of your basic needs. You can also try to fit your belongings into someone else’s idea of what type of space you need. Or you can invest in custom made shelves to suit your specific needs.

rustic-kitchen-renovationNow trying to fit something into your living space that is made to fit the needs of as many customers as possible, and then mass produced, can be frustrating. You may not like the wood finish; it may not have as many shelves as you need or it could be too small or too big. This is where custom furniture may be a better choice for you and your living space.

This is because custom built cabinets made from scratch are built to your specification. You can maximize the space you have to work with then. You can exactly choose what style of cabinets you want also. It will be your choice of what species of wood that you want to use too. You can choose the color of stain, the finish and the type of moldings which reflect your style and personal taste as another plus. So the custom built cabinet is built the way you want it without trading off here or compromises there within the realm of commonsense.

To install, if you hire a professional, you can give every kind of input to better define what you want. Or you can let the professional suggest ideas that he or she thinks will suit what you’re trying to accomplish. The professional cabinet maker will know what is feasible; or what won’t work, or perhaps improve on an idea that you already have and make it more workable. Your professional cabinet maker may also suggest a type of wood that you haven’t thought of using or a finish which would match the furniture, or style of your home better.

Yes, you can buy cabinets which are premade and may do, but you can also have a professionally crafted piece of furniture that you’ll be really satisfied in having.