Functional Ideas for a Small Kitchen

3128778 - compact modern kitchen with the built in home appliancesYour kitchen is tiny, and you’d like to have it redone, but you’re not sure which direction to go. First consider this, why not have open storage in the overhead cabinets instead of kitchen cupboards with doors that shut. Without doors, it will give the kitchen an airier feeling too, and you won’t feel as boxed in. You can also have installed scaled-down appliances where less is more. So an apartment sized refrigerator can be installed instead of full sized one or perhaps a two burner stove and a single kitchen sink. Further, if counter space is an issue, you can purchase a roll away counter topped cart. It will give you extra storage; plus extra counter top, and it can just be concealed in a closet when not being used. So by having smaller installed you can have more appliances.

Another idea is using glass to open up your kitchen and give you a sense of spaciousness. You can have a contractor install patio doors for an outside view or larger windows to expand your space visually. Or install glass doors on your cabinets or reflective glass tile to lighten things up. Adding mirrors tastefully can also give a sense of space.

In addition, think about your lighting. Good lighting makes things look bigger and beautiful. So you can have custom installed lighting under your upper cabinets which will shine on your countertops. If you hang a pendant light over the eating area, it will increase the amount of light over your table or counter too. Also, on the base of your custom cabinetry, you can have lighting that will shine down onto the toe plate. This gives a starlight effect at night.

For an inexpensive choice for the floor, tile or linoleum can be used in an eye-catching color, and then that color be accented throughout the kitchen. Or if you’d like the kitchen to appear taller, using light colors or pastel colors with a mixture of white will do the trick. But also if you like bold colors, it can be very effective in a small kitchen if used correctly.

A small kitchen can be functional and beautiful regardless of the size.

Benefits of a Double Island in Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is large enough, then having a kitchen island installed gives you the advantage of having an extra kitchen working area. Also the islands can be built with cabinets which can match the rest of the kitchen. The cabinets then can be used for the storage of pots and pans and countertop appliances. In addition, you can have the island customized for your individual needs. So maybe you’d like a wine cooler or a small refrigerator for cold drinks worked into the design. Too an island can be used only for meal prep and cooking so that a small prep sink can be installed in it as well as a cutting board.

However; in a smaller kitchen an island may not be practical because of space limitations. It could interfere with walking around the kitchen or opening the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet doors. In this instance, you may consider a rolling island which can be used and then rolled away and stored.

But, what if you have an extremely large kitchen and both you and someone else in your household like to cook at the same time. Then you may want to look into having a double island installed in your kitchen. Also when you have a double island custom installed, it gives you more work space and places for you and your company to sit. Too with two self-styled chefs sharing a kitchen, then having enough storage space is very important. But a double island can give you needed storage space on both sides of the island. Here then definitely having this custom made may be the best solution. You may want a sink at the one end additionally so that there is a handy water source; plus, room along the whole counter for food preperation.

A second island also could also work for just one cook. One island could be used as the prep and cook area, and the other island could be where people sit. Some cooks enjoy having an audience when they cook too, but actually not in the cooking space; this then could work very well.

Having an island in your kitchen; and the type of island, is a matter of space, personal choice and needs.

Ideas for Hiding Valuables and Documents

When you have valuables and documents that you want to keep safe, there are actually several options instead of the standard safe. There are now different options using custom made furniture which have secret compartments. The furniture fits in with the décor of your room too. So below are some furniture ideas which can be custom built to your specifications.

  • Night stand: This can have a secret compartment that has a slide out top. If it’s made with simple clean lines, it will match most bedroom suites without a problem. The papers or valuable are placed in the top and then slide back inside.
  • Entry table: You could have designed and custom built an entry table that has a hidden compartment under the top. Lift the top and the large compartment inside is perfect for larger items.
  • Coffee table: Having a custom designed coffee table designed with a secret compartment with a touch latch would give you easy and quick access to your valuables while keeping them hidden. If the compartment is large enough for a fire proof box, you could also store valuable papers in the box and then place the box in the coffee table storage area.
  • Dresser: A custom crafted dresser could be designed with a secret drawer in the rear of the dresser. It could be covered by the back panel of the dresser and accessed by a latch located behind the bottom drawer. If the latch is pulled, then then the back panel would drop and the drawer would be able to be accessed.
  • Under the floorboards: This may sound like an obvious place, but you could have a contractor install a secret compartment in a room in your home in the floorboards. It would be difficult for a burglar to find it let alone try to figure out which room it would be in.

Now there really isn’t a perfect hiding place. But since burglars have a limited amount of time to find what it is they’re looking for, a safe is an obvious place to start. Burglars also look in toilet tanks, the freezer, under mattresses and under couch cushions.

But if you keep the installed compartments known only to you, you have then won the first part of the battle.