Converting A Little Used Room into a Pantry

Turn an unused or little used room into a pantry isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. Having a custom designed pantry for your needs can even save you money in the long run also because of being able to buy food in bulk. Custom designed cabinets can make sure you have a place for everything, and easy access too. So what makes the “perfect” pantry?

Where it’s located is the most important part of a pantry’s design. So be sure to try to locate the pantry as near as you can to the food preparation area. Four feet away is the ideal distance, but you also have to go with what works in your kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to have enough room for two pantries though, then only one needs to be near the preparation area.

If your pantry is more than 16 inches deep, then having custom cabinets designed with pullout trays, turntables or drawers makes reaching items easier. This way items which are stored behind other ones can be brought to the front easier.

The shelves which are above eye level should be have an open grid, or a coated wire grid so that you can see items from below.

If your pantry is the pull out type, then normal kitchen lighting is sufficient to see what’s on the shelves and in the bins. However; if the pantry is the type which is recessed, then it’s going to need its own lighting source. This could be an overhead light or custom LED light strips which could be placed where they would be the most use. In addition, if open grid shelving is used, then light will reach items easier.

Making an unused or little used room into a pantry can pay for itself.

Designing a Mud Room

Mudrooms are the perfect rooms to make the transition from the outside of your home into the inside. Mudrooms can provide extra custom made storage and keep storage under control also. But a mudroom should be functional and stylish.

So what is a mudroom’s function really? Well, a mudroom is a transition room from the outside to the inside that should offer cabinet space to store winter gear such as boots, winter coats and mittens in the winter. In the summer, it can store pool toys, towels and outside toys as well as pairs of sneakers. The extra storage space can also be used to store pet supplies and extra pet toys. By adding a bench, the kids can sit down to remove snowy boots or muddy sneakers so as not to track dirt through the rest of the house. A bench is additionally great for putting down grocery bags or work items such as a laptop bag. Plus; there can be additional storage under the bench, or if has a raised lid, inside the bench.

Also, hooks can be installed for hanging up coats and hats. In addition, if you can choose to install open shelves for easy access to items; it can make coming and going less chaotic. Or, if you choose to have custom designed cubbies (cubicles), each person in the home can have their own designated one. All items belonging to that person would be in the cubby and ready to grab for school, work or play.

Last but not least, what materials should you use for the design of your mudroom? Well, an easy to clean, long lasting floor is a priority option because of dirt and germs which will be tracked into the mudroom and the wear and tear. Other materials should be chosen also that will complement the design and décor of the rest of your home as much as is practical. In addition, the mudroom should add to the efficiency and organization of your home.

Mudrooms are not only efficient, but useful.

How to Maximize the Design in a Small Guest Bath

When you have a small bathroom in your home, there are ways to make it appear larger than it is without major remodeling. Because custom remodeling by knocking out walls isn’t always something you can do perhaps due to a tight budget or local codes, so you have to think of other options. For instance, using color can make a room appear larger or smaller. So using a color which is soft and pale will give the illusion of space. If bright or strong colors are used as accents such as with towels or shower curtains, this is even better.

In addition, using reflective surfaces and glass will open up the room. For example, instead of a frosted glass door or a shower curtain, a clear glass shower door will give the appearance of more space. Too, by having custom cabinets and shelves installed, you can use reflective surfaces to give it an expansive feeling. By using two mirrors on opposite walls also, their reflections will make it appear that there’s space even though there isn’t.

Additionally, if you install skylights, a large window or even glass block windows; this will provide sunlight and an open airy feeling. If natural light isn’t possible, you can also turn to artificial light. Further, by using recessed lighting you have the brightness without the feeling of something hanging over you.

Another thought is if there’s already a cabinet for storage, then replacing the regular sink with a pedestal sink will make the floor appear larger. You won’t really be able to take advantage of all its uses, but it will make the eye believe that the room is larger than it looks.

Too, if instead of shelves you have custom designed drawers for towels and bathroom toiletries, then the room won’t appear cluttered because everything is neatly tucked away.

A small bathroom can be made to appear bigger if you use some of these tips.