Luxury Master Bathrooms

Some homeowners have interesting ideas for luxury bathrooms. Not a simple shower stall and a plain tile floor, they like to relax in comfort. Below are some descriptions of what a contractor can do for the wealthy:

  • For a touch of the royal, what about gold accents, tiles in a mosaic pattern and crystal chandeliers? Top this off with bathroom cabinets in zebrawood and bathroom furniture which is streamlined but comfortable. Perfect after a long day at the office.
  • What about marble floors and walls finished in Venetian gold for luxury? The ceilings can be arched with stone columns with embellishments. Also, what about having a soaking tub in front of a fireplace for a romantic rendezvous.
  • For a tropical touch, soak in a free-standing, red bathtub surrounded by all white walls and high ceilings. A painted mural on the wall will bring the tropics into the room, with succulents and driftwood added as decorations for the perfect accents.
  • A touch of the East in a luxury bathroom may include wallpaper in a bird pattern. The floors can be yellow with a lacquer room divider for undressing behind it. An elevated white bathtub with Chinese lanterns for lighting rounds out the room’s feel.
  • The Victorian Era may bring a white slipper bath to the front and center. It can be surrounded by wallpaper and décor in shades of pink with rose accents; floral touches will abound. The tiles can be marble in a warm shade of brown to bring it all together. Fluffy towels and ankle soft bathroom rugs complete the picture.

Freestanding baths, showers with multiple showerheads like falling rain, exquisite lighting, and soft fluffy towels are hall marks of a luxury bathroom. Lots of room for storage of personal needs and nothing shows which shouldn’t be out.

These types of master bathrooms are truly for comfort and relaxation.

Luxury Closet on a Budget

You’re thinking about redoing your closet, but your budget is a little on the slim side. However, with the help of a reliable contractor, you can do an overhaul without spending the big bucks. Below are some suggestions to think about when redoing your closet:

  • Add a touch of gold: Have the contractor add a touch of gold metallic paint to the ceiling of your closet, or paint any metal trim for a touch of flair.
  • Mirrors: Adding full-length mirrors can let you see how you look in those pants. Plus, it gives the room an airier feel, making the room seem bigger.
  • Replacing the handles and knobs: If you have the handles or knobs replaced with decorative accent handles or knobs, it can bring a sense of uniqueness.
  • Add a faux fur rug: Having something soft under your feet feels luxurious. Plus, it’s easier on your feet when you’re trying on fashion shoes or those chic boots.
  • Crown molding: When you add crown molding to your closet, it frames your closet like a picture in a frame. Because space is small, you can choose something which sets it off for a feel that gives luxury at a low cost because you aren’t framing in much area.
  • Lighting: The right lighting and lighting fixture is crucial in a luxury closet. It could even be a small crystal chandelier which will give it a high-end look.
  • Hangers: Something as simple as hangers which match can add to the look of your closet. Find a type which appeals to you, buy a batch and donate the mismatched hangers to a good cause.
  • Bins and baskets: These are great to organize all the loose odds and ends. Try to stay in groupings of matching threes’ or more. Too many different styles and colors will make it look cluttered.


Everyone has their ideas, but hopefully, these will give you more.


How to Build a Luxury Bathroom on a Tight Budget

You have a tight budget, but you want a bathroom that is luxurious. Here, all it takes is planning and the right contractor. So, you need to research your project and contractor and plan on how it’s going to be completed, and ask questions. By discussing your budget with your professional contractor and asking for advice where you should stay firm, you’ll be sure to stay within it. So, what would be some luxury features you may want in your new bathroom that your contractor can help you decide upon?

Luxury features on a budget

If you have the typical 5×8 bathroom, you can still add some luxury. You just have to use the space you have correctly. So, a nice bathroom is possible. Then one of the first steps is to install a whirlpool/steam tub/shower unit.

If you don’t have room for that, then replace your tub with a deeper soaking one. You can also have several pulsating shower heads that massage your whole body. Additionally, you can create a feeling of luxury by using the right the materials and add ons in the bathroom. Install decorative moldings, marble vanity tops or even a skylight. Install rollout trash bins to avoid taking up extra floor space. Or, extend the vanity top across the top of the commode. It will give you extra counter space for necessities.

What else?

You can make the most of what storage space you do have with the perfect vanity. If it has a vanity toe kick, then a low voltage light can be installed to provide a touch of class as well as work as a nightlight. In addition, plan to have lots of lighting around the vanity mirror for putting on makeup or shaving if this is the case.

If you plan and shop carefully, you can have a custom-made and elegant bathroom on a small budget.