4 Ways to Use Social Media to Help Your Business Grow

Facebook1. If you haven’t already done so, create a Facebook page for your business

If you do not have a Facebook page and you offer a product, create one immediately. Facebook has more active users than any other social media platform on the web. Facebook has pages specifically designated for businesses, which allow customers to fan follow your business. If you’re fan is active on your page (liking, commenting or sharing your posts), they will see your posts on their newsfeed. You can use these posts to sharing industry related tips and new, and advertise your products and promote any sales you may be having. Many businesses run promotions on Facebook to capture user interest and involvement; they use giveaways and/or contests to attract attention to their page and consequently, their business.


2. Start Tweeting

Does your business tweet? If not, it should, but your business’ personally and expertise should be reflected in the tweets if you hope to have interaction. Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites. It is an excellent way to communicate with your clientele. You’ll want to start by developing a content strategy. Think about your business and your target market. You have plenty of valuable knowledge to share with them. Start with practical solutions to problems they might have. For example, if you are a professional organizer, offer trips for optimizing space in a small closet.


3. Use photos in your posts

Photos are an excellent way to attract attention to your posts, which is why Pinterest has become so popular. Statistics show that people are more likely to read a post with a picture. Images will make your posts more interesting and fun. It is also a great way to communicate your message without making the user read a bunch of text. An infographic is very powerful and communicate more than an paragraph with a singular picture.


4. Don’t forget about Google +

When thinking about social media for business, people tend to forget about Google+. One of the biggest perks of Google+ that people don’t realize is the higher Google ranking their business page will receive. If people type in a keyword for a business, they are more much likely to see a Google+ page than a Facebook or Twitter page. Another great option they offer is linking, which allows you to link your other social media pages to your Google+ page which helps to increase your traffic on all avenues in the land of social media.