5 Easy DIY Air Conditioner Repair Steps to Clean the Evaporator Coil

It is mildly simple perform a DIY air conditioner repair on the evaporator coils as basic cleaning will usually increase the unit’s performance. Evaporator coils are not in direct contact with dust, so it is highly unlikely for these coils to accumulate heavy dust in short intervals. However, cleaning them once a year can dramatically increase their performance.

Here Are 5 DIY Air Conditioner Repair Tips To Clean Your Evaporator Coil:

  1. Insulation and Access Plate – The first step see step 5 and then proceed! To performing an air conditioner service on the evaporator coil is to remove the access plate with a screwdriver; however, the access plate is usually protected with an insulation that you need to remove first.
  2. Cleaning the Dust – Once the access plate is successfully removed, you should be able to see the evaporator coil; clean the evaporator coil with a soft brush and make sure to take your time and strive for perfection.
  3. Tray – Many people who perform DIY air conditioner repair miss the tray under the evaporator coil. This tray should be spotless to ensure flawless air conditioner performance.
  4. Cleaning Solution – As mentioned earlier, evaporator coils are not highly exposed to dirt and dust, which prevents the coil from collecting excessive dust. However, mild humidity in this area can encourage fungal growth on the coil. To prevent growth, you can use a manufacturer recommended antifungal cleaning solution and clean the coil thoroughly. The weep holes in the tray also should be cleaned with the solution.
  5. Putting it Back Together – It is important to make a note of things that you are removing. The note should mention the chorological order of the parts removed, number of screws and appropriate place for each screw. This note will help you effortlessly fit back the removed parts of your air conditioner.

These are the 5 DIY air conditioner repair tips to be followed in order to clean the evaporator coil. If at any time you feel like this DIY project is a little too much for your skill or comfort level, contact your local, certified air conditioner repair company for assistance.