Air Conditioner Repair Guide – Replacing Rotten Insulation

Yet another common problem as well as an important air conditioner repair is rotten insulation of your AC. It does not matter how well you keep your AC, with time, your insulation will wear down and this calls for an air conditioner repair or replacement. However, air conditioner repair need not always be called in from outside, if you can do it yourself. Fixing this problem is simple and here is how you do it in two simple steps.

STEP 1: it is the condensation on your AC lines that withers the insulation. This also means that your energy bills have been increasing for some time now. Hence, you need to install new insulation now and the first step is to peel off the old one. Once done, you need to measure the diameter of the two tubes. Take the measurement of the larger tube as the skinny one will not need insulation.

STEP 2: Carefully measure the entire length of the AC line and cut the insulation accordingly. Cut a few inches longer, in case you need extra. Now place the foam over the tube or wire and remove the adhesive liner. Carefully press the seam together as you go, as once you have glued them together, it’s difficult to take them apart.

NOTE: Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find the right insulation for your AC repair at any regular hardware store. That’s why you need to contact a refrigeration supply service or buy them from an online supplier. You may also contact your manufacturer to determine the right kind of insulation needed for your particular brand.

Replacing rotten insulation is now easy than ever but if you do not feel comfortable doing the work yourself, or you do not have the time, you can always call an air conditioner service to do the job for you.