Air Conditioning Repair – Compressor Installation Errors You Should Stay Away From

Many air conditioning repair services are not very open hearted in pointing the mistakes in a cumbersome installation because they are worried that it can cost their business. It is important to make sure that your AC repair service has installed the compressor professionally. This is very important to keep your air conditioning repair costs within the budget.

Air Compressor Installation And Airflow

It is important that an air compressor installed outside should only have minimum clearance to ensure adequate air flow. There should be ample space between the compressor and wall for allowing free passage of air. This is very important for the condenser coils to be cooled effectively.

Common Mistakes You Should Address During Air Conditioning Repair

Compressors installed on first floor and above are usually mounted too close to the wall and multiple units are placed adjacently. This is not a good setup for better efficiency from your air conditioner. If your wall does not have ample space for multiple compressors, consider air conditioning units that come with multiple ACs on a single compressor.

Or else, be prepared to spend money on your air conditioner compressor from time to time as its longevity will be affected.

Overgrown plants are great obstructions to the free flow of air to a compressor. This usually goes unnoticed but can cost a premium as your compressor is one last for more than a few years.

When you’re hiring an air conditioning repair professional, make sure to get your compressor installed without any obstructions as free air flow will prevent the units from excessively heating up.

Cut plants from time to time and remove nests of animals that are usually made behind the compressors. From time to time, soil will accumulate along with debris around the compressor, and this should be removed in every summer.