Air Conditioning Repair Guide – How To Clean The Air Filter On Split A/Cs

Although, there may be many reasons for your A/C to not function properly, one of the main reasons is dirty air filter. Dirty filters can cause a lot of problems including:

  • It can reduce the incoming air flow

  • It can cause dirt and dust to accumulate on the fan blades, which in turn can burn your energy.

  • It increases the operation costs for the functioning of the heating or cooling system of your A/C.

  • Causes allergen or mold problems due to excessive dirt build up inside the duct which again calls in for an outrageously expensive air conditioning repair or replacement.

  • Can cause total block or reduced air flow in the system due to frost build up in the coils.

  • Reduce the effectiveness of the system by completely blocking the cooling coil. This possibly will lead to costly air conditioning repair.

  • It can also allow the dirt to pass the filter, where it may block and soil the blower fan, leading to more costly replacements.

  • A blocked or clogged HVAC system can be extremely dangerous. If the flower fan gets overheated and jammed, there is an actual risk of the equipment catching fire.

Cleaning the A/C Filter

Window air conditioner and split system air conditioners have more than one removable filter. These filters are designed to be easily taken out and cleaned periodically. You can take out these filters and clean them using plain cold water. You can either take the filter outside, or just wash them in your kitchen sink. Washing them in your sink may again cause clogged drainage, so it is best you take them outside for a thorough wash.

Simply rinse the filter with cold water and leave it to dry outside. Although, washing and cleaning may seem as a very negligible air conditioning repair, it cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. A simple and timely wash can save you expensive air conditioning repair as well as increase the functioning of the system.