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Remodeling a Bedroom on a Small Budget

When you want a new look for your bedroom, but you have a small budget, change is possible. One idea is to rearrange the furniture. You could put your bed on the opposite side of the room for instance. Or in a corner, it will give the room a more intimate and roomy feel. Plus, you could add a small chest with drawers as a bedside table for extra storage.

Because storage is a concern in a small bedroom too, you raising your bed up on blocks is also an option. You’d then have more storage under the bed for blankets or other items. Additionally, you could purchase a storage ottoman for at the bottom of your bed, or for under a window. Extra sheets and bedding could be placed in there as well. Or, purchase a small corner cabinet for storage of bedroom items.

Or just painting the walls is fine; it doesn’t even have to be a different color. Putting on a fresh coat of the same color will freshen it up. Or perhaps you can add a wall paper border up near the ceiling or around the middle of the room for an old-fashioned look. You can also stencil a design or two to make an attractive border.

Plus, you can change the bedding. So buy yourself a set of new sheets, a duvet, comforter and a bedspread in a new color and style. Shams also add a little touch of class so if you can afford them, buy those too. If you can’t afford all of this, then buy only the new bed covering and matching shams.

You could hang some new prints on the walls additionally. It could be artwork you’ve painted, or framed posters or prints. It doesn’t have to be something very costly, just something that pleases you. Something that you’d like to see the first thing in the morning when you open your eyes.

Remodeling your bedroom is about having items and colors in it that you like.

Different Storage Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

When you cook in a small kitchen without room to move around it can become frustrating. But there are some ideas for a kitchen which has limited space and few cabinets. So, below are some thoughts which might make moving around in your kitchen a little easier:

  • If you’re cramming everything into your cabinet space, you need to stop. Overcrowding and stuffing things into your cupboards can cause you difficulty when you’re trying to find a much-needed item. Instead, have a pullout shelf added to your cabinet. This way you can reach everything you need quickly.
  • Put your pots in and pans in a well-designed bottom cabinet. This way they’re easier to reach, and you won’t be searching under the sink or in a dark recess of a cabinet for them.
  • A roll-out trash bin will give you more floor space. It can be concealed inside a cabinet and pulled out when needed, then rolled back in.
  • Place a magazine rack on the inside of a cabinet door, or your sink door. Then put your aluminum foil, plastic wrap and sandwich bags in the rack. This frees up a drawer which can be better used for something else.
  • If you have open space under your cabinets, install a toe-kick drawer. It will give you extra space to store dishes you don’t use much, or other less used items.
  • Have you thought about a drawer organizer? If you reach into a drawer to pull out a spatula and three other cooking utensils fall on the floor, you may need one. Also, you may want or clean out and organize your junk drawer. Get rid of anything which isn’t necessary to make room for what is needed.
  • If you check between your refrigerator and the wall behind it, you’ll usually find a gap of about 4-10 inches. You can use this for a slide out pantry for canned goods and use the space your canned goods are taking up for something else. Be sure that the refrigerator isn’t placed too close because the back of it can be quite warm.

To get more space for your small kitchen, look around and see what is usable.

Different Types of Master Bathroom Ideas

If you’re tired of having an old boring bathroom, here are some different ideas to spruce things up. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be four walls, a tub with a shower and a sink. It can be something a little more exciting. Something to lay back and relax in, or smile satisfied in while blow drying your hair. Below are some ideas which may work for you:

  • Natural Bathroom: A natural bathroom could have tiles that are shades of gray and brown. Walls in cream with tile accents would bring it all together. Plants are hanging from the windows and cabinets in shades of green with lots of storage space. The tub/shower area could be finished in the same color of tiles. To top it off you might consider having fluffy green towels hanging from the racks for easy access.
  • Cottage Style bathroom: A cottage style bathroom would have wainscoting, lots of cabinets and double vanities. The tub would be a pedestal tub deep enough to sink in and relax. There would be an area for candles to add a romantic flair. There would also be a comfy chair at a dressing table for putting on makeup and doing your hair. It would have the air of relaxation and English timelessness.
  • Spa bathroom: A spa bath would have a large soaking tub. The shower would have an oversized head on it so that it would bring water like the summer rain. Large windows would allow in light to dance on the marble tile floor. There would be shutters on the lower windows for privacy. Extra storage could be under the ledge of the tub for towels and bath products. Plants placed on trays and shelves and artwork on the bathroom walls would give it an old-world spa feel.

Making your master bathroom to suit you is one of life’s pleasures.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

We could all use more room in our bathrooms. It never seems as if we have enough room for all the necessary items and not so essential ones. So below are some ideas to get more storage space in your bathroom:

  • Sink skirts: If your sink is a pedestal sink, then you can attach a sink skirt. It will let you stack baskets of containers under your sink without them being seen. You can even put your trash can under there, and no one will be the wiser.
  • Stacked baskets: This is an efficient way to add places to put items. Baskets can fit in corners, under sinks; plus you can buy attractive ones too. Whether you use structured cloth baskets or wicker, placing extra towels and toiletries for quick access is easily done.
  • Storage ladders: Storage ladders are ideal for vertical shelving. You can put containers, baskets or spare towels on the rungs. You can also paint them the color of your bathroom or an accent color for contrast.
  • Peg rails: Peg rails are a good idea. They can be hung on walls or on the back of a door. Some of them even have shelves on the top of them to hold toiletries, hair brushes and the like. If on the back of the door, another option is to hang your best towels there.
  • Mounted baskets or crates: This idea is to purchase baskets or containers from your friendly craft store. Paint them to match or accent your bathroom and then mount them on the wall. It will give you more floor space and add depth to your bathroom as well.
  • Custom shelving units: You can also have custom designed bathroom shelves made. It is especially a good idea if you’re a bathroom is shaped oddly. With custom shelving, you can have as many compartments and shelves needed to fit perfectly your bathroom.

If you are having a problem with storage, try some of the above solutions.

Cabinet Refinishing vs. Replacement

So, you’ve decided that something must be done about your kitchen cupboards. You’ve been looking at the same ones for years, and you are either going to refinish or replace them. Which one is the better option? There are several things to think about if you choose either one.

If you’re only replacing drawer fronts and the doors on the cabinets, then the price will depend on what materials you want. If you’re just refinishing the pieces, then the cost would be whatever the cost of the stains or paints are. Add more to the cost if you’re replacing the hardware.

But what if you’re going to reface the fronts and doors? Well, there are multiple types of materials used in refacing. Rigid Thermo-foil or RTF is one of them. RTF is the durable and affordable. Plastic laminate is another. It has a wider range of finishes and styles than RTF. Wood veneer is the other. It is the costliest but also known to last the longest.

If you decide to replace your cupboards because they’re too far gone, then you can also go with a new kitchen layout. So you may choose to switch the stove with the sink and put the cabinets in different places then. It will cost more when something this major is involved.  

There’s additionally the time factor too. A contractor can replace doors and fronts in a couple of days. If there’s stripping and repainting or staining, it may take a little longer. If you plan on having everything replaced, then your contractor will need to tear out the old ones. It’s more time consuming for everyone since your kitchen will be ripped apart. You’ll be storing items which were in your cabinets somewhere else, and the kids will be happily eating only in front of the TV.

So it comes down to what you want to do with your kitchen, refinishing or replacement.

Types of Cabinet Which Can Be Refinished

Your kitchen cabinets simply put are the main part of the kitchen. Their look can set the mood and style of your kitchen. So, if you have to replace them, refinish or refurbish them; it’s something that you don’t want to have to do again soon. It’s a difficult job too so only a professional remodeler should take on a project like this.

Cabinets are one of the largest investments when remodeling. They are also the biggest budget item as well. You should frankly love them after they are installed. You’ll be staring at them for a long time unless you have money to burn.

But what if the cabinets you have are on the beat-up side, but you really like them. Can they be refinished? Well, you should look closely at them. If the cabinets are metal and rusty, or falling apart; you can’t refurbish them. If they aren’t built sturdily or are off kilter, they aren’t a prime candidate either for using in your upgrade.

Also, cabinets which are laminate, melamine or metal are all hard to paint. A special paint needs to be used on kitchen cabinets too. If it’s not used, then they can chip and peel. Another determination to see if the cabinets are worth the time invested in refinishing them is to check the joinery. The joinery needs to be in good condition and reliable. So look for excessive wear and imperfections.

Now for wood cabinets, find a piece of wood which hasn’t been painted over to see what kind of wood the cabinets are made from and inspect the rest of the cabinets to see how sound the wood is. Not all wood is pretty once it’s given a look over or when the paint or varnish is off. If there is no bare wood, you might want to strip an unnoticed area then just to see what’s underneath.

If all seems right after inspection, be honest about what kind of repairs would be necessary. You don’t want a refinishing and refurbishing dream to turn into a nightmare.

Importantly, be true to yourself using common sense to guide you. You’ll be living with the cabinets for some time to come.

Cabinetry in a Home Theatre

When adding a home theatre to your home, considering the right cabinetry is important. For example, a media cabinet will accommodate all your entertainment components. So, some things here to look for when shopping for your media center are listed below:

  • Shelving: Shelves which adjust should be your first choice. They should be able to be adjusted in 1.25-inch increments. Also, they should have high-quality threaded inserts so that you can adjust the shelving in the position you need.
  • Cabinet doors: Not only should your media cabinet have doors; they should be tinted. Doors which are tinted hide all the wires and components. Be sure though that the doors keep the cabinet IR-remote accessible.
  • Places for cables: Cables which get all tangled up can be a pain not to mention frustrating if a repair person is needed. Be sure the back panels of cabinets can be removed for easy access to any media center components.
  • Tempered glass: Tempered glass is a great safety feature especially if you have children. Tempered glass is stronger than regular glass by 4 or 5 times which is why it’s also called toughened glass. If the cabinet you’re considering has this type of glass for shelves, this will support heavy components safely too.
  • Wheels: Moving a media center can be daunting but not if it has hidden wheels. In addition, with wheels, it can be pulled out if cables or connections need to be looked over. It’s also easy to move for cleaning under it.
  • Ventilation: Another thing is to be sure that the cabinet has adequate ventilation. If there isn’t enough ventilation, then your components and amplifiers can overheat. Having a special fan installed will help here because not only is overheating bad for electronic components, it’s a fire hazard.

Choosing the right media center for your home theatre is important.