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Rolling Shutters for Security

Protecting your home from a home invasion is a number one priority on your list. Windows can be one way that a burglar can gain access to your home. However; if you install rolling security shutters, you’ve cut off an access for a home invasion. Now rollaway shutters can protect a large window, your porch and openings to your patio as well as sliding glass doors. Rolling security shutters can even protect your home while you’re away so that you can leave and enjoy yourself with better peace of mind.

Why rolling shutters

rolling-shutterRolling shutters don’t have bolts to remove, screws to strip or locks to pick so access is better denied. The shutters can also be opened and closed from the inside of your home with installed opening devices. As another plus, these shutters act as noise filters by minimizing the outside noises of sirens, barking dogs and loud traffic. They create a barrier for a peaceful home environment from the noisy world outside.

Another added bonus is added energy savings. The shutter creates a dead air space that is between your glass window or door and the shutter. This will help to insulate your home from the heat of the day and the coolness of the night. These shutters can make for then a significant reduction on your heating and cooling bill, which over time, will pay for your shutters in savings.

Weather protection

Another added asset of the rolling security shutters is the protection they offer from violent weather. With the weather being so unpredictable and storms appearing out of nowhere, these shutter will give you a wall of protection against the elements. Blizzards, hail, high wind; whatever nature throws at your home, the rolling shutters will add security and safety. Intense rain which can beat against your windows, seep through window seals and cause interior damage, but with the rolling shutters, these can seal out rain, snow and hail and give you maximum protection against nature’s threats.

Rollaway security shutters have many uses from protecting against security breaches, to weathering bad weather to decreasing your utility bill. That’s why rollaway shutters are a very good choice.

Advantages of a Security Door

Making your home secure and deterring a home invasion is perhaps the top priority on a homeowner’s list and a strong security door can help with this issue. This is because a security door is strong and can much better withstand and deter home invasion than a regular door. As a plus too, these doors are designed specifically to endure yearly changes in climate, rough winds and natural disasters; and they can add to the energy efficiency of your home as many doors are designed with this feature

But to address home invasion. According to research, most home invasions are actually made through doors, not windows as it is believed by most people. So a security door is the first line of defense against an illegal entry into your home. Plus, by providing this better protection it gives added peace of mind; especially if you are elderly.

security-doorIn addition, security doors don’t have to be ugly. They come in many designs and materials, so they can add beauty and style as well. These doors can also can be customized to your individual needs. As a choice for example, steel doors can come in single or in double panes with choices in how you want them to be locked. Additionally, they can be painted. You can even have fashionable security glass in the doors; glass which is specifically designed to be strong as well a pretty.

The doors can be made out of composite material which has the strength of steel. They come is all sizes also and can be special ordered for the size you need for an added cost if you have an older home that was perhaps built with a door entry that is not a standard size used by today’s home builders. All the doors which are true security doors also have keys that are made for each individual door by the way, so your door key is unique and not just a mass made factory key which another door may have.
To close, a security door can add beauty, strength against the elements and best of all, it will add to you added peace of mind.

How Safe Are Glass Block Windows

If you’re concerned about your windows in the basement, glass block windows may give you the security you’re looking for. Plus, glass block windows let in the light from the outside while keeping the basement more secure. Also glass blocks don’t fracture easily and kids’ balls will most likely just bounce right off. Additionally, your glass window is joined with mortar and installed in the foundation wall so it will actually be nearly as strong as the foundation.

glass-blockToo, glass blocks come in clear, textured and opaque finishes which will let in the outside light while still giving you privacy. Plus; glass blocks never need painting; don’t warp, split or rot. They are almost entirely maintenance free. Whatever you need in an open window space, there’s a glass block that will fit into it.

Another point in favor of glass blocks is that they are energy efficient and have great curb appeal. So they have an aesthetic appeal which regular windows so low to the ground don’t offer. So, while allowing light into your basement; plus privacy as stated, they also add a security layer for your ground floor and basement. This is because these windows are difficult to remove for a burglar to gain entrance into your home.

Now these windows can be used for waterproofing in a flood prone area to prevent water from coming through the basement windows and flooding your basement too. Other uses for glass blocks are for making shower doors which are better than usual shower doors because they can be made in the right thickness for this purpose. These are doors are then safer, and people can’t fall through them. They can also be used as partitions in homes for extra light and in wet bars. They even come with customized etchings. Technology has picked up on this glass trend, these days the best automatic shower cleaner systems will clean and dry the panes of glass spotless after each use, which means no mildew of soap residues.

One thing to keep in mind though, having your glass block windows professionally installed by a reputable contractor is the best route. A sloppy install is especially bad because you are putting the windows into the foundation. Most companies will pre-fabricate the glass blocks to fit the spaces in your home too where needed. Also, you can get blocks that have vents small enough for air, but burglar safe.
Glass block windows are one of the best bets to have installed for both security purposes and for the curb side enhancement.

Security Protection and Windows

criminalMany people worry about home safety because of home invasion. There are some things which can be done to and around your windows to deter unlawful entry though to help prevent home invasion. Here, one of the first things to think about is what do you have covering your windows? This is because when a thief can see through your windows, it is an enticement for breaking in to steal the items seen. So the first defense is to have 2 sets of drapes. That way what a person can see from the outside can be controlled. Now sheerer curtains will let the light in during the day and then a heavier drape can be used to pull across at night so nothing can be seen on the inside.

Also, keep all your bushes and shrubs trimmed to below the level of the windows. This way the thief can’t hide in the shrubs while cutting his way through any windows. Planting a few rose bushes or other thorny bushes can also be an another deterrent. Adding a second lock on your windows or installing a device which only allows the window to be opened a few inches is another option. Remember additionally that just because the windows are on the second or third floor, a thief may still target them.

This is because people are careless about locking upstairs and balcony windows, thinking that they are safe from being targeted. However; the thief knows that people think this, and it’s just an open invitation.

Now some issues that may make a house a target are not only windows which are left opened or unlocked, but cracks in the glass. So window strength is important. Therefore; if the windows have metal frames and the frames are corroded, their strength is deteriorated. Another red flag is if the window frames around wooden windows are broken, rotted or cracked. So the first thing to do is to replace any broken or cracked glass, repair any window frames which have fallen into disrepair. Another thought is to have stronger tempered glass installed into any windows which are vulnerable targets for thieves.

The best choice for window protection are rolling security shutters; they come in a variety of colors to match your homes exterior while keeping burglars from looking into your home.

Protection for the home isn’t just about the locks on the front doors, but how secure the windows are too.

Are Rolling Shutters a Good Investment?

Roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. This is because they offer the option of security, but they are more attractive than other options along this line. So below is some information about rolling shutters.

Advantages of rolling shutters

One of the advantages of rolling shutters are that they offer protection from both the weather as well as burglars. With weather, they are both a barrier and a deterrent against rain, wind, hail and storms as well as brushfire embers. With burglars, they make entry through them very difficult.

These shutters also come in an array of colors, as well as materials, designs and textures. They are practical too because they are easy to open and shut so you can decide how much light to let into your home. Some of these shutters are also electrical also so you just push a button and they go up and down easily.

In addition, these shutters are simple to install along with the ease of use. There aren’t any dangling cords to entangle a child or pet. Plus because of the many styles, these shutters can be used with curtains, drapes or by themselves. Then you can customize your look however you choose.

Disadvantages of rolling shutters

If you have a Victorian house, these shutters may not be a good idea. Since the shutters have a contemporary look, they wouldn’t be suitable for a house that has a historical look to it.

The mechanism that moves them up and down could fail and would need to be fixed, a warranty may be a good idea. The alternative is though is to have the shutters which shut manually.

When weighing the pros and cons, it’s a great method of security when you want to feel safe at home.

Advantages of Security Storm Doors

18630722_sThere are many advantages to having a security screen door. One advantage is that storm doors provide extra insulation for front doors. This is good because a front door has cracks that run along the bottom and top as well as the sides of the entry. This is usually the main source of an air leakage in your home. A security door which is installed properly though will make a seal that will keep the warm air in and protect against ice, snow, rain and wind from causing damage to your front door while insulating it from these outside elements.

Another advantage of a security storm door is that it will increase natural light in the summer months if the front door is left open, but you will still have security. Also, it lets you see who is at your front door safely when you open it. Too it allows you a full view of the outside which can come in handy if you’re monitoring children or outside activities. Then you can leave your front door open, lock your security door and see what’s going on outside with your air conditioning or heating system running.

Additionally, which is what makes this door better than just a regular storm door, a security screen door has a secure locking device that is another barrier to unwanted entry or unwanted visitors. So you can open your door safely and screen your visitors before allowing them to come into your home. This is also ideal for unwanted solicitation; then you can refuse what is being offered and still shut your front door without getting the classic foot stuck in the opening.

Too, a security screen door can be installed quickly and easily. These doors can be installed in any number of doorframe materials also. These storm doors are designed to hold in place securely and fit into any frame surrounding your door. So whether your door frame is brick, wood, or vinyl; there’s a security storm door that will fit it.
As you can see, there are many benefits to installing a security storm door.

The Difference Between Fiberglass and Wood Doors

When trying to decide which type of security door to buy knowing the difference between a fiberglass door and a wood door can be helpful. Both doors can look very much alike in appearance but there are several differences between the two. It’s very important to research and find out which door is the best door for what you want it used for.

Both wood and fiberglass doors can be refinished, sanded and painted and when finished, it can be difficult to tell which is which. However, a wood door can fade or peel over time and a fiber glass door doesn’t have this problem. However, some people just like the feel of real wood especially when it needs to match trim and other wood areas.

Installing a wood door is usually a fairly easy process. If the door doesn’t fit it can be cut to fit, planed down or shimmed to fit almost any opening. A fiberglass door can be a little more difficult to work with. The door has to be ordered the exact size to fit. It can’t be planed or sanded down to fit into an opening. Adding hardware or deadbolts are also more difficult to install.

Fiberglass is very strong and it will last longer than wood. Fiberglass won’t bubble, crack or peel. However, a wood door may absorb water and become warped or form bubbles on the door. Also if a wood door isn’t properly maintained, it can rot. Fiberglass doors are hard to scratch and dent plus its energy efficient.

Other comparisons
Other comparisons between the two doors are that fiberglass won’t expand and then contract. This means that when the weather changes, a fiberglass door won’t stick to the door frame and it also won’t allow either hot or cold air to escape outside. Wood doors can move which cause unfinished area to show. The unfinished areas then may crack if exposed to unseasonable weather. These cracks may also allow cold or hot air to go through the cracks.

When choosing either a wood door or a fiberglass door, make your decision wisely for the area that you are deciding on.