Bathroom Storage Ideas

We could all use more room in our bathrooms. It never seems as if we have enough room for all the necessary items and not so essential ones. So below are some ideas to get more storage space in your bathroom:

  • Sink skirts: If your sink is a pedestal sink, then you can attach a sink skirt. It will let you stack baskets of containers under your sink without them being seen. You can even put your trash can under there, and no one will be the wiser.
  • Stacked baskets: This is an efficient way to add places to put items. Baskets can fit in corners, under sinks; plus you can buy attractive ones too. Whether you use structured cloth baskets or wicker, placing extra towels and toiletries for quick access is easily done.
  • Storage ladders: Storage ladders are ideal for vertical shelving. You can put containers, baskets or spare towels on the rungs. You can also paint them the color of your bathroom or an accent color for contrast.
  • Peg rails: Peg rails are a good idea. They can be hung on walls or on the back of a door. Some of them even have shelves on the top of them to hold toiletries, hair brushes and the like. If on the back of the door, another option is to hang your best towels there.
  • Mounted baskets or crates: This idea is to purchase baskets or containers from your friendly craft store. Paint them to match or accent your bathroom and then mount them on the wall. It will give you more floor space and add depth to your bathroom as well.
  • Custom shelving units: You can also have custom designed bathroom shelves made. It is especially a good idea if you’re a bathroom is shaped oddly. With custom shelving, you can have as many compartments and shelves needed to fit perfectly your bathroom.

If you are having a problem with storage, try some of the above solutions.

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