Cabinet Ideas for the Laundry Room

When you do laundry, there isn’t anything worse than a disorganized laundry room or laundry area. Because not having a place to hang clothes which are dry and need to stay wrinkle free; or need to air dry, can be frustrating. But by having custom built cabinets, counters and shelves installed, doing laundry can made be so much easier. So below are some suggestions on how to better organize your laundry room:

  • In the laundry room: If you have counters of different heights installed, each one can be designated for a different job. For example, a counter above a front loader is the perfect place to fold clothes, while a 36-inch height for a counter is good for sorting and treating laundry. Too, a well-designed cabinet can hide your cleaning supplies as well as detergent, an ironing board and hampers. If you have open storage above a counter, extra folded linens and blankets can be stored for use in the future additionally.
  • In the kitchen: If your washer and dryer are in the kitchen, it can be concealed by a custom designed cabinet which can be designed look like a sideboard. The doors can be made to open out into the room and then slide back on tracks to reveal the washer and dryer when it needs to be used. These doors won’t be in the way or eat up floor space either, and the upper cabinets have shelves which can be used for washing supplies or as a linen storage area. Also, when the surface above the washer and dryer isn’t being used to fold laundry, this neat feature can be used as a sideboard or extra counter space.
  • The extras: If you are short on space to store an ironing board or sewing items, going custom made is a great solution. So, behind a false drawer front, you can have a folding ironing board installed. Below the ironing board a canvas hamper can be installed which holds the clothes which need pressing. In addition, an in-drawer organizer can be installed to keep scissors, buttons, thread and needles for clothing repairs. Then when you need to do ironing or repair clothing, everything is right at your fingertips.

Your laundry room can be organized, neat and well kept.

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