Cabinetry in a Home Theatre

When adding a home theatre to your home, considering the right cabinetry is important. For example, a media cabinet will accommodate all your entertainment components. So, some things here to look for when shopping for your media center are listed below:

  • Shelving: Shelves which adjust should be your first choice. They should be able to be adjusted in 1.25-inch increments. Also, they should have high-quality threaded inserts so that you can adjust the shelving in the position you need.
  • Cabinet doors: Not only should your media cabinet have doors; they should be tinted. Doors which are tinted hide all the wires and components. Be sure though that the doors keep the cabinet IR-remote accessible.
  • Places for cables: Cables which get all tangled up can be a pain not to mention frustrating if a repair person is needed. Be sure the back panels of cabinets can be removed for easy access to any media center components.
  • Tempered glass: Tempered glass is a great safety feature especially if you have children. Tempered glass is stronger than regular glass by 4 or 5 times which is why it’s also called toughened glass. If the cabinet you’re considering has this type of glass for shelves, this will support heavy components safely too.
  • Wheels: Moving a media center can be daunting but not if it has hidden wheels. In addition, with wheels, it can be pulled out if cables or connections need to be looked over. It’s also easy to move for cleaning under it.
  • Ventilation: Another thing is to be sure that the cabinet has adequate ventilation. If there isn’t enough ventilation, then your components and amplifiers can overheat. Having a special fan installed will help here because not only is overheating bad for electronic components, it’s a fire hazard.

Choosing the right media center for your home theatre is important.

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