Can I Hire a Teenager to Work in My Business?

teenager-employmentMany companies elect to hire teenagers, especially during holiday and summer seasons. When managers need a significant amount of workers for a short period of time, teenagers can be a great resource. Other companies hire teenagers for entry level jobs that require basic skills. These employment arrangements can be advantageous for everyone involved. The business owner gets low-cost labor and the workers gain valuable experience. However, before hiring young workers, it’s important to understand how business law affects hiring in these situations. If you don’t understand employment law thoroughly, you could make costly mistakes.

Business law protects teenagers from being exploited in work situations. Regulations such as The Fair Labor Standards Act provide some recommendations and guidelines when it comes to young workers. Some states require proof of age and work permits before the employee can begin work. It’s important to have a thorough understand of the business laws in your area so that you can comply with all regulations.

Many employers turn to a business law attorney to help them establish company guidelines for hiring teenagers. A lawyer will thoroughly understand the issues that affect employers; they can advise you on age restrictions and wage guidelines. In addition, some states have restrictions on the number of hours that teenagers can work. Attorneys can help you plan out a strategy that will enable you to hire teenagers while complying with local, state and federal regulations.

You cannot have teenagers perform hazardous jobs. In most cases, you cannot hire anyone under the age of 14. There are other restrictions that apply when it comes to hiring teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18. Business laws may require different restrictions on work hours during the school year versus the summer. Your attorney can help you understand the state laws that apply to these situations.

There are always upfront costs involved in hiring a business law attorney. Employers find that the investment in a good attorney prevents many problems. They are less likely to inadvertently violate local, state and federal laws when it comes to hiring teenagers. When you have guidance from a qualified attorney, you can be confident that you are doing the right things for your business.

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