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DIY Air Conditioner Repair – How To Clean AC Coils Like A Pro

With summer approaching, it is a good idea to check your AC to make sure that everything is working perfectly. Prior to calling a professional air conditioner repair service to check your AC, if you feel up to the task you can inspect the unit for minor problems that can be resolved with equipment that you may already have.

Checking For Obstacles

Check for vining plants, grass, debris and other objects that can block the air flow to the intake of air into your air conditioner. Some of this debris should be removed with care to avoid them hampering the intake or exhaust system.

What To Use For Cleaning The Coils?

Air conditioner repair, especially cleaning the coils are not always done with specific coil cleaners, but people tend to use alternatives. However, it is better to stick to the manufacturer specified cleaning solutions as it will increase the effectiveness of the cleaning job. Moreover, you can be certain that these chemicals won’t harm the coils permanently.

Cleaning The Condenser Fins

Condenser fins are very sensitive areas and rough handling of this area can permanently damage your AC. Air conditioner service on these areas should be done with caution. Use a soft brush to remove the dust and dirt and use manufacture approved solutions to remove stubborn stains. However, never brush it roughly with a firm brush. Being one of the most sensitive areas of an AC, your caution plays an important role here.

While performing air conditioner repair on fins, it is common for the fins to dent. But fin combs can be used to sort this problem. Make sure that you also have fin combs readily available with you when repairing this area.

These are some of the most important steps to follow for an air conditioner repair job that includes the condenser coil.

If you do not feel comfortable performing these task, you should contact your local air conditioner repair company and they can service the unit for you; they have the knowledge and expertise to make sure the coils and fins are properly cleaned without damaging the AC unit.

One of Your Most Important Appliances: Air Conditioner

During the summer, an air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home. Air conditioner repair and maintenance are an important part of making sure your appliance runs efficiently and effectively. An air conditioner that is not running properly can be very costly, making your energy bills sore. It also will not provide the cooling that you need to be comfortable in your home. An AC system that is taken care of properly will result in much lower electricity bills and better cooling from the air conditioning unit.
You can check with your local board of contractors or chamber of commerce when you look for an air conditioner repair technician. Like any business, there are some air conditioner repair technicians that excel at their jobs and there are others that do not provide the quality of service that customer’s desire. There are some steps you can take on your own to make your unit run more efficiently before your call for an air conditioner repair.

  1. It is important to replace the filter regularly. This will improve the efficiency of the unit and will also improve your air quality. It is especially important to replace the filter regularly. You should make sure that the air conditioner intake is not blocked in anyway.
  2. Often, especially in the springtime, bushes, trees and leaves can grow over the air supply to the air conditioner and this will cause problems. If you prune the growth, you may find that your AC unit runs much more efficiently.
  3. If your unit suddenly stops running, check the circuit breaker in your home. Sometimes, an air conditioner will cause a circuit breaker to blow a fuse.
  4. If your AC unit is not cooling effectively, investing in an air conditioner repair may seem expensive, but it often pays off in the long run. The air conditioner repair will make your unit run cooler and more efficiently which is better for you, your family and your ongoing electricity bills.

DIY Air Conditioning Repair Tools You Should Store In Your Garage

DIY air conditioning repair require you to have some tools ready so that you can repair or service your AC effectively. As long as you are not a highly experienced DIY air conditioning service person, you just need some basic tools to clean your AC from time to time:

Cleaning Tools For Air Conditioning Repair

A long brush and vacuum cleaner are the essential cleaning accessories that you should have. Your vacuum cleaner should be powerful enough to suck in debris and stubborn waste. A vacuum is used inside the air handler and other areas where you can’t reach with a cleaning brush.

De-greaser and spraying tools are mandatory to eliminate the stubborn stains and grease from your AC. These tools are satisfactory for basic cleaning purposes.

Other Tools For Air Conditioning Service

You also need a set of screwdrivers to remove the panel of your air conditioner. If your air conditioning unit uses disposable air filters, make sure to carry extra ones.

These tools and accessories are usually enough for a DIY air conditioning repair job. If your AC has mold growth, you not only have to remove it but use an anti-mold growth spray to prevent further growing for years.

It is important to check your air conditioner each year, usually before summers to make certain that they will function smoothly when you need them the most.

People leave their air conditioners unattended in fall and spring, only to find a lot of unexpected troubles in summer and winter. By cleaning the AC and removing debris, particles and animal waste etc from your air conditioning unit before start using them, you not only improve the air quality inside your home but this method also helps you to improve the energy efficiency.

Air Conditioning Repair And Replacement – How To Determine The Cooling Capacity

Doing a home inspection that involves calculations of heat gain appropriate for cooling capacity may not be possible. But an external inspection on the same will give you an idea. For example, the appropriate calculation is 36,000 BTU. This calculation will not be possible to do at home, but an external inspection will not only give you this information, you can also know the absence and presence of cooling sources of the building.

Cooling capacity requirement for your air conditioning repair and replacement:

  • For cooler climates as in the Northeastern United States the capacity is one ton/400 sq .ft. for commercial and one ton/500 to 1000 sq .ft. for Residential units.

  • For Space Pak Systems, one ton/400 to 800 sq .ft. is required.

  • A 3000 sq .ft. house needs a 5-ton unit. And in case of supply outlet count – An estimated 100 cfm @ 10 outlets = 1,000 cfm . Which means 2.5 tons is needed.

  • Try to stay away from BTUs of capacity than you actually need

An oversized A/C will have too much capacity and will rapidly drop the indoor temperature to such extent that the cooling cycle will be very short to allow sufficient decrease in the humidity level. It is true that indoor comfort is a balance between temperature and humidity.

Moreover, when the A/C will be turning on and off more frequently, the comfort level will decrease and this will also be hard on the equipment. Hence, it reduces its life span.

Turning the motor on and off frequently can damage the equipment and will result in expensive air conditioning repair and replacement.

If you notice that the on and off is unusually short, or the humidity level drops, you need to go for an air conditioning repair.

Air Conditioning Repair – Compressor Installation Errors You Should Stay Away From

Many air conditioning repair services are not very open hearted in pointing the mistakes in a cumbersome installation because they are worried that it can cost their business. It is important to make sure that your AC repair service has installed the compressor professionally. This is very important to keep your air conditioning repair costs within the budget.

Air Compressor Installation And Airflow

It is important that an air compressor installed outside should only have minimum clearance to ensure adequate air flow. There should be ample space between the compressor and wall for allowing free passage of air. This is very important for the condenser coils to be cooled effectively.

Common Mistakes You Should Address During Air Conditioning Repair

Compressors installed on first floor and above are usually mounted too close to the wall and multiple units are placed adjacently. This is not a good setup for better efficiency from your air conditioner. If your wall does not have ample space for multiple compressors, consider air conditioning units that come with multiple ACs on a single compressor.

Or else, be prepared to spend money on your air conditioner compressor from time to time as its longevity will be affected.

Overgrown plants are great obstructions to the free flow of air to a compressor. This usually goes unnoticed but can cost a premium as your compressor is one last for more than a few years.

When you’re hiring an air conditioning repair professional, make sure to get your compressor installed without any obstructions as free air flow will prevent the units from excessively heating up.

Cut plants from time to time and remove nests of animals that are usually made behind the compressors. From time to time, soil will accumulate along with debris around the compressor, and this should be removed in every summer.

Air Conditioning Repair Guide – How To Choose The Optimum Air Filter

In this air conditioning repair guide, you will learn how to replace your old air filter with a brand new one that suits your requirements the best.

There are basically two types of air filters based on their filtering capacity. The former are high filtering filters that are suitable for people with allergic problems while the latter’s filtering capacity is not as high as the former.

5 Types Of Air Filters For Air Conditioning Repair

There are basically five types of air filters;

  1. Steel Air Filters or Washable Filters Although these air filters require very minimal maintenance, they are also the least efficient in cleaning the air. Their training capacity is usually just 1/20th of an advanced air filter. However, washable filters do not require cleaning as frequently as other air filters.

  2. Non-Electrostatic Plated FiltersThese filters are very similar to washable filters in filtering capacity.

  3. Non-Electrostatic Micro Plated FiltersBased on the same technology of non-electrostatic plated filters, the micro filters are more efficient in purifying the air, with at least 5 times of efficiency than the former.

  4. 3M Micro Allergen 1000 – 3M Micro Allergen 1000 is a highly efficient and advanced air filter that can capture at least 80% of allergens in air. If you are looking for pure air in your room and regular air conditioning repair to clean this air filter is not a letdown, this is the most recommended model.

  5. The 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen 1250This air filter is not recommended in homes where no one is suffering from serious allergic problems as they eliminates almost every allergen in air but requires regular cleaning.

When you consider an air conditioning repair to replace the existing air filter with a brand-new one, these are the five options you got.  You need to make a decision based on your requirements.

Hiring An Air Conditioner Repair Company – Tips To Making The Right Decision

If your air conditioner is not serviced regularly, chances are that it’s cooling ability will diminish over time, resulting in high energy bills. Calling an air conditioner repair company cannot only keep your AC in perfect working condition, but can also save you from those terrifying energy bills.

Here are a few handy tips for choosing an air conditioner repair provider:

Hire An AC Repair Company That Knows Your Area

Why is it important to hire an air conditioner repair company close to your place? Local companies have great knowledge about your climate and the countless common issues households face in your area. They can quickly rectify the problems and help your air conditioner work more efficiently.

Experience and Contract

It is important to sign a contract with your AC company so that you are protected against any damages incurred during the repair. Also, verify the air conditioner repair service technician has sufficient experience in the HVAC industry – an online search can be a great resource for reviews.

Air conditioner service

Once you repair your air conditioner, you probably won’t want to have to shell out that fee again. If an AC is serviced regularly, failing is less likely – but like all major appliances its day will come. If you are pleased with the performance of your AC technician, you may consider looking into a maintenance agreement.

An service maintenance contract can help save you money in the long run as regular air conditioner services are much cheaper compared to repairing the unit. In regular services, most minor issues are rectified and the unit is cleaned to ensure good performance.

This will bring down the stress on the unit and increase its efficiency. As a result, you can be happy with low energy bills and your air conditioner will last for many years.