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Brand your Social Media Pages with Custom Graphics

Social Media BrandingSocial media is a key strategy in most modern companies’ quests to retain current customers and gain visibility with new customers. A social media presence is important in terms of helping customers find your company, letting them know about sales and special pricing opportunities and it is one of the best ways for potential customers to find your company. Many people identify a business by their look or the graphic media brand that represent the company. That’s why good design is an essential aspect of social media, even though many people try to cut the budget by scrimping on graphic design.

Custom graphics are a way to give your social media pages a unique look that will help build brand identity for you or your company. It is important that your media utilizes a professional graphic design service to ensure the graphic identity memorable and cohesive. There are many companies competing for people’s attention and sleek, professional graphic design quickly captures people’s attention.

Because copyright laws are in place for many of the images found in web searches, you should never use an image without attributing it to the proper source or buying the rights to use the image. That is why many companies use custom graphic design work from graphic artists to represent their company. First, they do not have to worry about copyright issues, as the design will secure the necessary rights. Secondly, the artist can create a custom illustration or design to match the company’s needs. The image will represent the company in the exact way they want to show themselves to potential customers.

Purchasing custom graphic design is ideal for social media because the artist can size the art correctly. If the piece of art is not sized correctly, it will look strange or convoluted on different types of social media, such as Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. Different sizes of images need to be used for different types of media. This is why hiring an professional graphic artist to do your custom images is the best choice for your company.

Use Graphic Design To Further Differentiate Your Custom WordPress Design

custom wordpress themeCustom WordPress design is one step further into the process of a refined, unique graphic design for your online presence. There are plenty of boilerplate templates available which can only get you so far. They will not be able to do everything that your company is trying to accomplish. There will be limitations that a custom WordPress design will eliminate.

WordPress websites are easy to use

Since WordPress websites are easy to maintain they make an excellent choice for a content management system. Being very intuitive, it is simpler to get more content posted quicker, including written copy, images, or videos, no matter what the previous posting experience of the content provider. Graphic design elements already produced can easily be integrated. When creating a custom WordPress design your company will be able to have the branding that you are looking for, with the website functioning exactly as envisioned. The visitor will have an easy experience on your website.

Distinguish yourself from others in the marketplace

One of the most important things you can do is to have a custom WordPress design that sets you apart from your competition. This will lead to more visitors, prospects, and, in the end, customers. The more unique that you can make your website, by incorporating a multitude of graphic design colors, texts, images, and your already designed and recognizable logo, by customizing WordPress to fit your company’s brand you will differentiate yourself that much more.

Dream big

The graphic design capabilities of a custom WordPress design make the options for website design beyond the horizon. Committed to utilizing the WordPress platform, it is time to incorporate professional graphic design elements into your website so that it begins to attract visitors who will develop an impression of your company and its products or services and move from visitor to customer.

Graphic Design Strategies For Successful Logo Design

logo designBe prepared when beginning your logo design

When speaking with a graphic design team to discuss your logo design, have the following information available. Name, phrases or words you want used. What is your slogan? What is your industry? What do you do? Have a clear description of your company, products, industry, and general approach to business available for the discussion. Are there any existing graphic design elements already available which you would like incorporated or modernized? Is there an existing logo design?

Would you like to signify your industry in your logo? Is the logo design going to be a text based graphic design only in your signature color with no images incorporated? Is there a specific font that has always been used in your logo?

Share your original ideas

When discussing graphic design elements to be part of your logo design, include information about your company, product or service, target market and any original ideas you have. By combining that with the research of competitors, trends, and the marketplace in general the graphic design team will bring your logo design to life.

Hire a professional

By hiring a graphic design professional to coordinate your logo design, the file can be optimized to be used in the online community. By compressing the many layers of the design into a final file conducive to being on a website, your website visitor will not be waiting for your pages to load due to image file size and you will be creating a cohesive brand for consistency in print and electronic advertising.

It is the prior experience of the designer that will bring shapes, images, text, font style, size, and color to the final product presented for your logo design. The combination of expertise in graphic design software, your directives, and creativity will be the solution to your logo design needs.


Incorporate Professional Graphic Design for Children’s Book Illustration

childrens book illustrationGood layout and graphic design for your children’s book should never be undervalued

Children’s book illustration is everything. This is when children are figuring out how to read yet may not have 20 words on a page, sometimes they don’t even have any and it is all picture book. The children’s book illustration must speak to the reader. The level of detail, the consistency of the look of the characters, and the incorporation of your story with the children’s book illustration is not something to be taken lightly. You are trying to get your point across with pictures. Make sure it is effective.

Artwork is much more important the younger the audience

The youngest reader with a board book many times has more pages than words to the story. By hiring a children’s book illustration professional with an understanding of graphic design, the story will be told by bringing characters to life.

Choose a graphic design company that fits your project

By consulting with the graphic design department within a large agency you may be offered many options for design or meet with a graphic design entrepreneur treating each project as if it was her own. Any graphic design company size that fits your personality and work style will be best for you and your children’s book illustration ideas.

Trained in the latest graphic design software a professional will provide the finished design files needed for publication of your children’s book, including any book cover design that should be included.

General book layout, graphic design, type faces, and any type of picture, graphic, cartoon, decorative line art, or hand-drawn character can be used for children’s book illustration. If your children’s book illustration story is intended for a youthful audience then find someone in graphic design to help you tell your story.

Cohesive Company Branding Includes Comprehensive Graphic Design

cohesive brandingAll companies, large and small, need to have a cohesive company branding message that is portrayed to the world which begins with graphic design to bring a visual element besides simple text typed on a business card. Marketing and communications is extremely important for developing a company’s brand. Being consistent, professional, and carrying the message across all platforms can make the difference between success and failure.

Know where your are starting

So much time and money is spent managing company branding including the representation to the world in all methods of communicating first with the prospect and developing them into a paying customer. Know your organization’s position in the marketplace, your differentiating factor from your competitors, and what it stands for. Then combine this knowledge with some powerful graphic design which conveys this company branding message into a cohesive strategy that encompasses print and electronic advertising, including customized social media pages like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Who is your audience?

By identifying your audience, you will be able to utilize graphic design to attract each individual business segment. If you have more than one type of customer your marketing materials (print and online) should each be targeted to that potential segment of consumers of your product.

Hook your brand into the mind of your potential customer

Graphic design strategically created to move the customer through the sales cycle can increase sales. By maintaining certain standards in your company branding it will be easier to move forward and produce more marketing collateral material, including business cards, website design, unique social media pages and print ads. Is it time to update your logo?

Professional graphic design can take your brand from beginner stages to the leader in your industry. Whether you have a local business or an international corporate company branding mission statement issued once a year, remember that your company is only as good as the consumer perceives it to be.

Your business needs to be unique, and standout from the competition.