Common Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are brought against individuals and businesses all the time. It’s something you need to consider carefully because these cases can have a devastating effect on your finances if you are the defendant in a personal injury case. Life is very stressful for victims as well. They can end up with a mountain of medical bills and loose significant income due to their inability to work. It’s important to understand the common personal injury cases so that you can avoid these situations.

SONY DSCThe most common causes of personal injury cases are accidents. These can include car wrecks so that applying to the car accident lawyers assistance, tripping accidents, accidents that happen in the home and assaults. Businesses are vulnerable to many personal injury claims that include occupational stress, occupational dermatitis, product defect accidents and repetitive strain problems such as carpal tunnel system.

There are also a wide variety of personal injury cases that involve medical issues. These can involve medical procedures, dental problems and medical negligence. Industrial disease cases are common which can include exposure to asbestos, pulmonary diseases, asthma and bronchitis that are caused by exposure in the workplace environment.

These types of cases can involve serious financial damages. The injured party may be entitled to a variety of forms of compensation. Parties are compensated for actual physical injuries including burns, broken limbs and a wide range of other injuries. The most costly injuries are severe like severed limbs, brain damage and other catastrophic injuries.

Some other costly injuries are those that affect a person’s ability to perform his or her job over the long term. For example, if a steel mill worker loses an arm, he or she will not be able to continue working at that job. An office worker with carpal tunnel syndrome will not be able to continue working or will need significant surgery to resume work. People can also receive compensation for pain, suffering and post-traumatic stress disorder in some cases.

It is not unusual for personal injury cases to go to court. Sometimes, settlement is reached among the involved parties before the case goes to court. Many businesses have liability insurance that will cover some of the legal costs and damages in the situation. The insurance company may determine whether a settlement is appropriate. It’s important to consult an experienced attorney from Cohen Law Group Orlando immediately to help protect your interests.


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