Converting a Guest Room into An Office

You’ve been trying to work from home ever since the office is letting you telecommute. But, having to work on the kitchen table amidst all the noise and bustle of family life is getting to be a challenge. So, what about converting the guest room into a home office?

A home office

Turning a guest room into a functioning home office isn’t difficult. Planning is an important part before you start though because you have figure out exactly how the room will be used. Will it only be your office? Can you have it all to yourself or will it be used as a guest room too? How much space are you working with for the office and whatever else is in the plan?

So to start with, look at the room as if it is was empty with what can be moved then moved out. Make a rough design of where you want to place your desk, filing cabinets, storage cabinets, and anything else you think you’ll need. In your plan, note where the electrical outlets are, which way the door swings, where the closet is if there is one and where the furnace vents are. Plus, if you’re planning on using the guest room remember that they are often smaller than they look, so you want to use your space effectively. So rough plan first to see if it’s feasible, then take accurate measurements if it is so, then buy what will fit.

Also, if you do have a closet in the room, you can install wire shelving to hold office supplies. Install wall shelving though for extra storage space and equipment which is lightweight. Another thing to consider is purchasing a corner desk unit even if you have a desk. Since a corner is often underutilized, it could be the perfect idea. Plus, it can be used as a second workspace if you have another person is using the room.

What else?

You will need a comfortable office chair to support your neck and back. It should be adjustable and have lumbar support. Don’t even think about using a kitchen chair for your desk because you’ll regret it after a long day.

If you do need to use the room as an occasional guest room, you can install a Murphy bed or use a futon. A futon will give you extra seating in your office if you want to take a break.

Having your office in your home has many benefits.

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