Creating a Functional Office Space in Your Kitchen

More and more people are working from home while still dealing with immediate family needs. So sometimes an office in your kitchen is the answer where you still have efficiency and also have a smooth flow for dealing with work and family. An office/kitchen is an especially good idea too if you just don’t have house space. Now if you are interested in doing this, the first thing you need to find out is how much space you have to work with and then to figure out how much storage and desk area potential you have. To help in all this, this is how you proceed:

  • Create some type of boundary between your work area and the kitchen work area. Here, visual boundaries work well because it gives a definition of space. So maybe you can put the office area behind a half wall or an alcove or a folding screen which can hide the office when not needed.
  • You may also want to have custom made upper cabinets to hide outlets for your computer, fax machine and cell phone chargers. Another idea is to have a narrow shelf installed above your desk to help keep your desk cleared of these items. Another great tip that will avoid you a stressful call to a place like Don’t Panic IT Solutions is to consider your desk a no spill zone, since water can devastate your computer parts very easily. Speaking from experience, don’t drink at the computer, take small break, stretch your eyes out a little at the same time.
  • Be sure to have proper lighting. You can have a contractor install lights under custom built cabinets to keep your work area well-lit.
  • Think about cabinets with special storage options to help keep paper, supplies, your computer tower as well as the fax and printer out of sight. Also keep in mind that pull out shelves take up less space than opening doors. A pull out shelf can store the bulkier items that you have too such as a printer or fax machine. This will allow you to have more of your workspace clear.
  • A closet is another option to store your printer, computer and fax machine in. You can have outlets installed where needed with everything on shelves; ready to go, to use it when needed, and then you just close the door when you’re done.
  • Another place for storage is an island counter in the kitchen. You can store office supplies products in an empty drawer and keep them out of sight with this.


Having an office space in your kitchen isn’t impossible with some planning.

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