Custom Cabinetry for your Kitchen Renovation

custom kitchen cabinetsA kitchen renovation is a great time to not only update your home, but to increase the quality of it as well. In order to help you make a well-informed decision we are going to look at the types of cabinetry and how each of them can help with your kitchen renovation.

The Three Primary Types of Cabinets


As the name implies, stock cabinets are your run of the mill, mass produced cabinets. The quality of these can be good, and you will even find a decent amount of variety of sizes, materials and finishes. Generally, you will find these cabinets available anywhere between 12 and 60 inches wide, and available in 3” increments. If you need to renovate on a tight budget, stock cabinets are a decent choice, you will not get as much of a home value increase though. This should be considered carefully when planning your kitchen renovation.


This type of cabinet is very similar to the stock category. The sizes range from 12” to 60” as with the stock cabinets as well. The real benefit of this group is the ability to make mild changes to the look and functionality. Featuring added goodies like “no slam” drawers is just one nice feature. You can also opt to have features such as a “lazy Susan” incorporated as well. Besides the aforementioned, you can also add customer dividers, finishes, and features. If you have a little extra money in your kitchen renovation budget, semi- custom cabinets may be a good choice. Like the stock cabinets, the value added to your home will be less that with custom cabinetry.

Custom Cabinetry

Do you have fine tastes and a pining to create a dream kitchen? Maybe you are just looking to make an investment in the value of your home for the future or to sell at a profit, either way custom cabinetry in a great choice for your kitchen renovation. Custom cabinets are made just for your kitchen, which means that they will take advantage of every inch of available space in your kitchen. They also include unlimited options in terms of finishes, functionality, and design. If you want a truly special kitchen, and are looking to see a great return on your kitchen renovation, custom cabinets are an excellent choice.

Now that you know a few of the pros and cons of each type of cabinetry, you are ready to start planning your kitchen renovation.

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