Custom cabinetry versus prefabricated cabinetry

arizona custom kitchenWhy move from your old home because you want a modern, updated kitchen when you can easily remodel your old kitchen? A professional contractor can work with you to design a new look for your kitchen that will make you satisfied with your current living space while increasing the current value of your home.

One of the major projects in kitchen remodeling is to replace your old, dingy cabinets with new, elegant ones. There are two choices for your cabinet needs – custom cabinetry or prefabricated cabinets.

Custom cabinetry is created and installed by woodworking professionals who come to your home, measure your kitchen space, and create a unique look to serve your needs. Prefabricated cabinetry is purchased from a retailer and then installed either by you or by a local contractor (usually chosen by the retailer).

Custom Cabinetry is a great investment.

Custom cabinetry is the superior choice for your kitchen remodel for a variety of reasons. First, the professionals that create and install custom cabinets can maximize the storage space in your kitchen. They can measure the room and determine every area where cabinets can be installed, the dimensions and usefulness of those cabinets, and help you decide what is the most aesthetically pleasing. This is especially helpful if you have a smaller kitchen, a kitchen with a lot of odd angles, or a kitchen with a lot of nonstandard spaces.

Custom cabinets can be made to accommodate any style or color scheme. You can work with the professional to make sure they reflect your personal taste.

A custom cabinetry professional can also help you provide character to your kitchen by creating customized cabinets for special china, adding wine racks, building apothecary drawers or installing specialized molding and trim.

Custom cabinetry adds value to your home. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, you will get back the cost of having custom cabinets installed in the sale price.

Remember that customized cabinets can be easily renovated if you decide to update your kitchen years down the road.

Prefabricated cabinets can be a poor choice depending on your project goals.

Prefabricated cabinets may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. The sizes for these cabinets are determined at the factory where they are manufactured. Therefore, they are not according to the specifics of your kitchen, and more often than not, will not be a perfect fit, especially if you have an older home and things have shifted a bit and are not so level.

Another concern about prefabricated cabinetry is that if the manufacturer discontinues the hardware, you might not be able to replace or fix pieces that need fixed. The cabinets cannot be updated in future kitchen renovations, and will have to be completely replaced.

When initially installing prefabricated cabinets, most people have to go back to the store multiple times to get the correct sizes, materials, and hardware because it is hard to know exactly what is going to work in your kitchen until you start installing it.

Many prefabricated cabinets are of an inferior construction. The shelves may begin to sag after use or the doors will not be able to withstand hard use.


If you want sturdy, durable, and beautiful cabinets, have them custom built and installed in your kitchen. Do not waste your time and money purchasing an inferior product. Contact a professional custom woodworker today to start creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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