Different Styles of Kitchen Design

There are many different styles of kitchen design which may not have crossed your mind. When remodeling your kitchen, knowing what style you prefer is the first step too. Discussing it with your professional contractor is the next one. Below are some different kitchen styles and the pros and cons of each:

  • The U-shaped kitchen: This is a very versatile design for a kitchen which is large or small. It uses three walls, so the work stations are spaced for convenience. It has a lot of storage space on the countertops, and it’s great for people who cook frequently. However, it can look cluttered if you don’t store your utensils so you should consider installing a Lazy Susan and hiding the microwave in a wall cabinet.
  • L-shaped kitchen: This look is created by having work space and counter space on two adjacent walls. The design is flexible because appliances can be placed in several locations. Space can open into a nearby room or a table also, so the person cooking will be able to interact with individuals in another room. This layout is not a good choice for a small space.
  • Galley kitchen: This layout is only big enough for one cook. The work stations are on parallel walls which keeps the appliances close to each other. You need at least 4 feet of space between the cabinets so the drawers can be opened at the same time if needed. For more storage, stack storage options to keep clutter down.
  • Single wall kitchen: This layout has the appliances and the cabinets lining one wall. The sink is usually in the middle; the refrigerator and stove are on either side of the sink. The cook will have to walk from one end to the other, but it does save space.
  • G shaped kitchen: This is very much like the U shape because it uses three walls of the kitchen too. But, there’s an added partial fourth wall. This wall has countertops and cabinets in it. This partial wall can have a counter for a breakfast bar.


Before remodeling your kitchen, decide which style will work in your space.

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