DIY Air Conditioner Repair – How To Clean AC Coils Like A Pro

With summer approaching, it is a good idea to check your AC to make sure that everything is working perfectly. Prior to calling a professional air conditioner repair service to check your AC, if you feel up to the task you can inspect the unit for minor problems that can be resolved with equipment that you may already have.

Checking For Obstacles

Check for vining plants, grass, debris and other objects that can block the air flow to the intake of air into your air conditioner. Some of this debris should be removed with care to avoid them hampering the intake or exhaust system.

What To Use For Cleaning The Coils?

Air conditioner repair, especially cleaning the coils are not always done with specific coil cleaners, but people tend to use alternatives. However, it is better to stick to the manufacturer specified cleaning solutions as it will increase the effectiveness of the cleaning job. Moreover, you can be certain that these chemicals won’t harm the coils permanently.

Cleaning The Condenser Fins

Condenser fins are very sensitive areas and rough handling of this area can permanently damage your AC. Air conditioner service on these areas should be done with caution. Use a soft brush to remove the dust and dirt and use manufacture approved solutions to remove stubborn stains. However, never brush it roughly with a firm brush. Being one of the most sensitive areas of an AC, your caution plays an important role here.

While performing air conditioner repair on fins, it is common for the fins to dent. But fin combs can be used to sort this problem. Make sure that you also have fin combs readily available with you when repairing this area.

These are some of the most important steps to follow for an air conditioner repair job that includes the condenser coil.

If you do not feel comfortable performing these task, you should contact your local air conditioner repair company and they can service the unit for you; they have the knowledge and expertise to make sure the coils and fins are properly cleaned without damaging the AC unit.