DIY Air Conditioning Repair – Instruments Used To Measure The AC Temperature

It goes without saying that the first sign of an upcoming air conditioning repair job is the steady drop in your AC’s heating or cooling temperature. If the drop is significantly lower, it may not give you a hint that an air conditioning service is slowly approaching but you can still find out if your AC’s efficiency is getting lower by checking the energy bills.

To verify the drop in your AC’s output air temperature and decide the type of air conditioning repair to be performed, you need specific instruments:

  • Dial Thermometers – Dial thermometers are extremely inexpensive but these simple tools are capable of judging your AC’s cooling capacity. Dial thermometers are known for their inaccuracy but this can be easily calibrated. Another tip to improve the accuracy is choosing a thermometer with needed temperature range. When the temperature range increases, dial thermometers have the tendency to be more inaccurate.

  • Digital Thermometers – If you want to avoid all the hassles of analog monitoring in your air conditioning repair, buy digital thermometers! They work the same was as dial thermometers but has a digital display where you can read the temperature. These have operated on battery and are more accurate.

  • Air Flow Thermometers – If you want a close to perfect temperature rating of the blowing air, consider getting an air flow thermometer. This is a bit difficult to use as you need larger openings on your air conditioner duct. However, they can give you an accurate measurement and are used widely by professionals.

If you’re planning an air conditioning repair, you need a thermometer with you so that you can easily judge the drop in temperature. This will usually give you a hint on what type of problem should be expected and how to resolve it.