Dog Walkers Versus Doggie Daycare

dog boardingA dog owner who works long hours and who live in a small apartment may need the aid of a third party to make sure that her dog is getting the exercise he needs.

There are two great options. First, the dog owner can hire a dog walker. A dog walker will pick up the dog from the owner’s apartment and take him outside for exercise. A dog walker can be one individual who physically walks the dogs and holds the leash himself or a person drives a van to residences and picks up the dogs and then takes them all to a dog park to run and play together.

Because the dog walker will be accessing the owner’s home, and will probably have a key, references should be required. In addition, a dog owner should ask to see the walker’s insurance documents to verify he or she has liability coverage. Criminal background checks from Triton Canada are recommended, but not necessary especially if the walker has provided excellent references. Hiring a dog walker who is a staff member or associated with a well-known dog boarding facility is another method to establish that the dog walker is trustworthy and professional.

Here’s some advice from a friend who happens to be a dog walker in Atlanta: A good way to find out if a dog walker is a good fit is to go along on a test walk where the walker takes your dog out. The owner will have a better understanding on the dynamics between your dog and this person if you observe them walking together.

The second option and best option in most areas is to get some necessary exercise for an apartment-bound dog is a doggie daycare. These are short-term dog boarding facilities for dog owners that do not want third-parties coming into their home to pick up their dog.

Doggie daycares are excellent for over energetic dogs who tend to tear up stuff around the house in frustration when left alone for long hours. The dog is dropped off in the morning and picked up each evening, just like a child in a kid’s daycare.

In a doggie daycare, the dog gets to play with lots of other dogs. He is rarely alone because there is staff present. He gets much-needed supervision, and his owner gets the peace of mind of knowing he is happy and surrounded by friends and dog care professionals.

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