How Foreclosure Affects Renters

rental foreclosureHow will a foreclosure affect your income property? How do real estate laws affect the foreclosure process? These are common questions for property owners who are facing difficult financial situations. Real estate law and foreclosure processes can vary depending on the situation and state. It’s a good idea to work with an attorney that thoroughly understands real estate law and foreclosure issues to help you navigate the process. It can be confusing and frustrating. An attorney can help you sort through the complex issues and recommend the best strategies for your situation.

Tenants are often just as affected by the foreclosure as the property owners. They face losing their homes which can cause difficult financial and logistical problems. If your property is in foreclosure and you cannot stop the process, you can make life easier for renters by advising them of their rights in the situation. If you consult with an experienced attorney, you can be honest with your tenants about the future.

Real estate law addresses some issues that tenants face during a foreclosure. In some cases, tenants are allowed to stay in the property until the end of their lease. In other cases, real estate law requires that the tenants receive at least 90 days of notice before they have to vacate the property. The “Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009” is the real estate law that provides this protection to tenants during the foreclosure process. If you own an income property and are concerned about your tenants, you should consult with an attorney that understands real estate law and foreclosures. This way, you can advise your tenants of their rights and what to expect during the foreclosure process.

You may be able to find out who the future landlords may be. Renters can sometimes arrange new rental terms with the future owner of the property. Sometimes, the foreclosure process is transparent to renters. A new landlord simply acquires the income property without making changes. However, if the buyer of the rental property intends to live in the building can terminate the lease within 90 days. The renters will appreciate any information you can give them about the foreclosure process so that they can understand the issues they will face.

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