How Lap Pools Improve Health

A lap pool is usually about 50 feet in length; is long, narrow and has a rectangular shape. If you have a shallow residential lot or a narrow one, this type of pool is perfect for you. This type of swimming pool is built to be used mainly for health and fitness in the privacy of your own backyard.

lap-pool-constructionSo how does a lap pool improve your health and fitness? Well, by swimming in a lap pool you can do aerobic exercise without the harsh impact on your muscles and joints. This is especially helpful with older people dealing with arthritis or some other type of joint injury. Using a lap pool will also help to increase your strength and your muscle tone as well as giving you improved flexibility. Additionally, exercising daily will help you control your weight and manage weight loss. Plus; last but not least, it will help to lower your stress levels.

So when you swim, it not only increases your fitness level; but it can, when combined with healthy eating help you to lose weight. Additionally, when you are swimming laps, the resistance you encounter is 12 to 14 percent greater than if you performed the same exercise out of the water which is great for added strength. Also as you swim laps daily, by improving your stroke you can increase your speed which will burn more calories. Now if you want to build up your lower body and increase the flexibility in your ankles, try using swim fins. Swim fins will help you to increase your speed and in a shorter time you’ll be able to swim more laps too.

If you decide that a 30 minute workout is perfect for you, you’ll need to divide the 30 minutes by how long it takes you to finish a lap. This will tell you how many laps you’ll need to swim to make the 30 minute quota. Plus, if you work at increasing the length of your strokes and how often you stroke the water, this will let you travel through the water faster. You will find yourself swimming more laps in a shorter amount of time.

Owning a lap pool can help you increase your stamina, lose weight and get your health back on track.

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