How to Eliminate Algae in Your Swimming Pool

Algae is one of the most problematic issues in owning a swimming pool. Pool owners struggle with it throughout the swim season, especially when they are first opening the pool. It’s also a problem when the weather changes rapidly. Fortunately, there are swimming pool chemicals that help pool owners manage even the worst algae problems.

eliminate pool algaeAlgae become extremely unattractive when it begins to grow. It gives the pool water a greenish tint and leaves a film on pool stairs and the sides of the pool. Often, pool owners can manage algae by the appropriate use of regular swimming pool chemicals like chlorine. However, algae can get out of control if the pool is neglected. That’s when it’s important to use the appropriate swimming pool chemicals to treat the algae before it gets worse.

The first step in dealing with algae is to use a brush and thoroughly brush the sides of the pool and other surfaces, such as stairs, where it has built up. It’s a bad idea to vacuum the pool before using the appropriate swimming pool chemicals to treat the water. This will simply spread the algae instead of killing it. Instead, you should use a good algae treatment like Aqua Pure to kill the algae. This type of treatment can be used as a three-month treatment which kills the original algae problem and prevents algae from returning as long as the appropriate chlorine levels are maintained in the pool.

Users should apply the algae treatment all around the edges of the pool. They should then mix the swimming pool chemicals in the water so that the algae treatment thoroughly mixes with the water. The appropriate dosages of algae treatment depends on the size of the pool and the degree of the algae problem. The next step is to add chlorine in the appropriate amount for the pool. Next, the user should run the pool filter for one to two days.

Often, bad algae problems require a second application of algae-killing swimming pool chemicals. This application should be followed by additional chlorine. Then, run the filter again and check the results. The dead algae should float to the bottom of the pool and can then be vacuumed.

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