How to Get More Storage Out of a Tiny Kitchen

A tiny kitchen can appear to be messy even when it’s clean because if there isn’t enough cupboard space, then clutter will soon take over. But there is a solution for this with custom made cabinets and shelves. For instance, if your store-bought kitchen cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, the space above them isn’t being used effectively. But by having a shelf installed above the cabinet, items which aren’t used daily can be stored and hidden. This in turn will open up space in your remaining cabinets for items which are used all the time, without a cluttered look

In addition, look at your kitchen wall space. This is unused territory which can be made into viable storage space. By having shelves installed, you’ll have places to store items though. Or you could think about having a fold down table installed on the wall. This not only saves on floor space, but it’s out of your way when not being used. The table is handy when you do need it additionally.

Also, if there is space in your tiny kitchen for an island, you can have one installed. An island then will give you work and family space when needed. Plus, an island with stools does away with the need for chairs. You can just tuck the stools underneath then when they’re not being used as an added benefit. Another thought is to have a warming drawer on the side of the island to keep things steaming while you’re preparing the rest of the meal.

Or what about the backsplash behind the stove being used for storage space because this space is often overlooked for this kind of thing. By installing a shelf or shelves above the stove on the backsplash though, you can have the perfect storage place for items which are needed for cooking and have room made for other items in your cupboards too that are now on the stove top.

You can get a lot more storage out of a tiny kitchen with a little planning.

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