Ideas for Custom Built Cabinets for a Small Bathroom

It’s not impossible to have storage space in a small bathroom with custom cabinets designed to fit the needs of your bathroom. With these you can have extra storage space and style too. As an example, here you can have cabinets for a bathroom corner, and when custom designed; this can make the most of a corner in your bathroom while saving space. You can have your sink designed to fit a corner of your bathroom also. A custom designed vanity additionally under the sink with roll out shelves can double the storage space. It will then utilize a hidden space so you don’t have to reach back for the things that normally get pushed back in a small storage space bathroom to the back of a shelf.

Also, another place for storage is over the toilet. So, a bathroom cabinet designed to fit over the toilet with shelves can keep your small bathroom neat and tidy. Then, makeup and personal items will be out of sight, but still handy when needed.

So when you have cabinets for your bathroom custom designed, this makes the most work with the least amount of space. To use another example, perhaps you have towels which don’t have a home at the present time. You can have a cabinet designed for your towels though, as well for toilet paper and other articles which are necessary.

In addition, don’t forget about the space under your bathtub. Here, hideaway shelves can be built for bathtubs with doors which open for access. In here you can store items which would clutter up your bathroom, but are necessary for bathroom use. These shelves will give your small bathroom a sleek look then, and you will still have everything you need in tidy spaces.

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered, untidy or look like a cubby hole. With the proper cabinetry, you bathroom can have a look that you enjoy.

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