Ideas for Hiding Valuables and Documents

When you have valuables and documents that you want to keep safe, there are actually several options instead of the standard safe. There are now different options using custom made furniture which have secret compartments. The furniture fits in with the décor of your room too. So below are some furniture ideas which can be custom built to your specifications.

  • Night stand: This can have a secret compartment that has a slide out top. If it’s made with simple clean lines, it will match most bedroom suites without a problem. The papers or valuable are placed in the top and then slide back inside.
  • Entry table: You could have designed and custom built an entry table that has a hidden compartment under the top. Lift the top and the large compartment inside is perfect for larger items.
  • Coffee table: Having a custom designed coffee table designed with a secret compartment with a touch latch would give you easy and quick access to your valuables while keeping them hidden. If the compartment is large enough for a fire proof box, you could also store valuable papers in the box and then place the box in the coffee table storage area.
  • Dresser: A custom crafted dresser could be designed with a secret drawer in the rear of the dresser. It could be covered by the back panel of the dresser and accessed by a latch located behind the bottom drawer. If the latch is pulled, then then the back panel would drop and the drawer would be able to be accessed.
  • Under the floorboards: This may sound like an obvious place, but you could have a contractor install a secret compartment in a room in your home in the floorboards. It would be difficult for a burglar to find it let alone try to figure out which room it would be in.

Now there really isn’t a perfect hiding place. But since burglars have a limited amount of time to find what it is they’re looking for, a safe is an obvious place to start. Burglars also look in toilet tanks, the freezer, under mattresses and under couch cushions.

But if you keep the installed compartments known only to you, you have then won the first part of the battle.

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