In-law Suite’s and Adding a Small Kitchen

inlaw-kitchenWhen considering a multi-general household, there are some important factors to consider. One of the easiest way to make changes is to add an in-law suite on to the house you’re already living in. You can have a professional contractor to help you plan to make a separate living area that will easily accommodate one or two people. When considering the plans for the in-law suite, you may want to consider a separate bathroom, bedroom, a living area and a separate entrance. Where the problem may lie though is if you install a separate full kitchen.

Because in some states, if you install a full kitchen, it may cause a zoning problem issue. Some zoning codes consider an addition with a full kitchen as a rental. If your neighborhood isn’t zoned for rentals and just for single family residence, this could pose a major problem. However, there are ways to get around that particular problem and still be able to have your parent or parents cook.

The idea is to actually install a kitchenette if your area is zoned residential. A kitchenette is everything but a cook top-oven. It would include having a dishwasher, refrigerator, a sink and a microwave. You can have table and chairs and countertops and cabinets for storage. The kitchenette would be very functional except for items needing baked in an oven. For that, you can always have your parent or parents use your oven and then, their microwave for reheating the food item when necessary.

Another option is not to include a kitchenette but to have your parent or parents use your kitchen when needed. However, the convenience of this suffers on both sides. You may want to cook when your parents do or they may want to use the kitchen when you’re using it. Plus, it isn’t convenient for late night snacks or for entertaining if they have guests.

You can make an in-law suite work for both you and your parents, all it takes is some construction and decisions.

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