Is Your Will Going to Survive Probate?

estate planning coupleWhen estate planning, it is important to create a will. The purpose of creating a will is to insure that your feelings and wishes are upheld after you have passed. In your will and also through your other estate planning, you should have made it clear who is inheriting what assets.

Your will needs to be as clear and thorough as possible if you want to avoid a long and drawn out probate process for everyone involved. One of the best ways to ensure that your will is going to stand up in court is to seek some legal advice. There are many ways to create a will at home and online, but it is important that you speak with legal counsel to insure that your will will be upheld.

Even though lawyers can be expensive, it is well worth the investment to protect your assets and everyone included in your will. When estate planning it is important to make sure that your will contains a few pieces of vital information so that it will be considered a valid will. The important information to include is a thorough list of all of your assets, a complete list of beneficiaries, and detailed plan of your wishes for distribution. The next step is to then have it reviewed by someone who is knowledgeable in probate. The last important step is to keep it up-to-date.

After you create your will, you still need to keep it current. If something major changes in your life concerning your assets or beneficiaries, it needs to be documented into your will. The beneficiaries that are listed in your will could change because of relationship issues or death. Not keeping your will up to date can cause major problems after you pass, leading to a probate battle. Estate planning can be a very stressful time in your life. It is sometimes difficult to make decisions about the assets that you have worked hard for over the span of your life. It is important to have your final wishes heard and upheld. By creating a will, keeping it updated, and having it reviewed by a legal representative is the best way to insure your will survives probate.

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