Keeping the Old While Adding the New

You own a turn-of-the-century home and you love it. However; the kitchen needs to be updated, but not changed too much to keep its charm. Is this possible? With the right contractor, a kitchen rehab that will preserve the heritage look of your home; yet update it, is possible.

jpm dev.One of the first things worked on in this is usually the kitchen cabinets. To start here, you can have your cupboards redone by having them redoored. Redooring is when you have the doors and drawer fronts of your present cabinets replaced where they will still match the cabinet boxes which are already in your kitchen. Also, the hinges can be replaced as well as the doorknobs or pulls which will complete the look you’re searching for. Then when done, your kitchen can still have the unique features of the old world charm of your cabinets, but enhanced.

Another option for kitchen rehab is to use what is already there. Perhaps you have original wood floors underneath the tiles in the kitchen. Removing the old tile and refinishing the floors can bring back the era gone by look. Or maybe you have a ceiling beam that you want highlighted which has aged graciously.  Also, have you checked underneath the paneling? You could have an interior brick wall with a fireplace behind it and not even know it. Wouldn’t that make a lovely accent to your kitchen?

Since pantries were used heavily in older homes, you could have a working pantry. You could have it  installed in a space which isn’t used or even replace a large kitchen cupboard area. Instead of a regular door on the pantry too, you could have an old fashioned screen door installed. This would give it a back home country charm if that’s what you’re looking for.

Working with what you already have and making improvements where needed is also economical. You can incorporate the old while keeping the old and give your kitchen a special and unique look which is all your own. By having refurbished cabinets, reclaiming the tile floor and exposing that old wooden beam, your kitchen is then both unique and charming.

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