Keeping Your Pool Toys Safe

19773831_sPool toys can add to your summer swimming fun. Whether it’s floating on a raft in your swimming pool or watching your kids playing “battle of the noodle,” a fun time can be had by everyone. But something to keep in mind is that your pool toys need regular inspecting and cleaning too so they are safe to use.

Inspecting your pool toys
The first thing you want to do is to inspect each and every pool toy for signs of wear. So make sure that the plugs on the inflatable toys can be fastened securely, and there aren’t any holes ready to happen or happening already. Now you could patch any holes, but sometimes it’s better to replace the toy just to be on the safe side. So if you have any concern about a pool toy, it’s better to just toss it in the trash and replace it rather than having an accident happen.

Cleaning your pool toys
The chlorine in your pool usually does a good job of keeping the pool toys clean if you are up on your pool maintenance. However; sometimes the toys may still get a slippery slimy feeling to the touch. The slippery slimy sensation is usually caused by some type of mold or algae. When the toys are dirty and your family members play with them all the time, the bacteria can cause an earache; or lung or skin infection. So the toys need to be cleaned regularly.

The easiest ways to clean the pool toys is with a solution of water and bleach. Also when you are getting ready to clean the toys with this solution, wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear. It’s not a bad idea either to wear protective eyewear when you make the solution. Now to make the solution, put a gallon of water in a bucket and add 16 ounces of household bleach. To clean, take a scrub brush then, dip it in the bucket and scrub the offending toy until clean. The best place to do this procedure in on concrete or on a gravel surface because the bleach solution will kill the grass. Rinse everything with a garden hose thoroughly when done scrubbing including cleaning utensils.

Always keep in mind that clean inspected pool toys are safe pool toys.

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