Lease Negotiation

When you are considering any kind of lease, be it commercial, real estate or any other sort of property lease, it’s a good idea to have a business law attorney help you during the lease negotiation process. Business law attorneys are experienced with these types of situations and understand the terms involved in the leases. There are many details in a lease that you may overlook or not understand which can lead to a frustrating situation, especially if it is a long-term lease.

A lawyer can review the documents to ensure that you aren’t being taken advantage of and that the lease is in your favor. When it comes to property leases, landlords may bury some important issues in the details that an experienced business law attorney will find quickly. These may include items like maintenance and repairs. The attorney can advocate for you to ensure that you don’t get stuck with expensive repairs on appliances, roofing or sewer lines. You do not want to be responsible for find and paying dfw roofing companies or emergency plumbers, the bills add up really quickly/.

A business law expert will be experienced with a wide range of leases. The attorney can advise you on which terms are easily negotiable with landlords. Some terms are difficult to negotiate, but an attorney will help you gain the advantages you can during lease negotiations. A property owner is much more likely to take you seriously if you are working with a business law attorney. It shows that you are professional, prepared and intend to take negotiation seriously.

Leases are full of terms that you must abide by if you sign the lease. A business law attorney can review the terms and point out any unusual or potentially troublesome issues. Attorneys know from previous experience that they need to check a wide variety of details, even some as minor as dates and names. They’ll also make sure the lease terms are written appropriately so that there are no future misunderstandings.

Sitting down with your business law attorney and the potential landlord is a good investment of your time and money. Some landlords try to sneak unethical clauses into leases and your attorney will catch this quickly. The attorney will steer you away from landlords that will present you with problems down the road.

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